The Boys Junk Boat Trip!

So apparently one of the must to do in Hong Kong is to take a junk boating trip- (see attached pictures below) and the boys got to do just that on Sunday. And Jack says it was "one of the best days of his life". (I'm sure he loved it but the child tends to be quite dramatic at times- I have no idea where he gets it from!?!?)

I'm pretty sad I didn't get to go, because Jason said it was such a fun day and a really fun way to experience Hong Kong by water. BUT I did just have a baby (Phillip is now 1 month old) and I haven't been cleared to get in the water yet. So I thought it best if I just stay home- boo! (I should have just gone- it was overcast and apparently just perfect weather!) Ah well- another time!

My good friend, Fiona Bailey, put the trip together. And I know it was hard work- relentless hours I'm sure organizing the 4 boats and all the families that were partaking- including bus trips for everyone, organizing separate water sports for each boats, payments, food, drinks, etc., Cheers to her for a fab job! I think most of the families were from the Australian school. Some of the gals I know from my Mandarin group, but it was Jason's first time meeting all of them (except for Fiona). And if you know anything about Australians- they are always fun and always up for a good time!

The boys left here about 9 a.m.- and took a bus (with some of the other families from our area) to Sai Kung. There they loaded up on the boats (about 10:15ish)- there were 4 boats so you can imagine all the people and families. And were out on the water all day- they didn't get back into the Sai Kung pier until about 5ish. So I had some exhausted boys when I got home but they were full of energy when they told me about their excursion!

A full day on the water- and they were served drinks (alcohol of course for the adults) and food all day! Full service- 3 waiters for each boat I think.  Jason said they were just handing out food and drinks all day. Jack came home and quickly told me that he had 2 cokes and 2 sprites - great Jason- thanks for keeping up with his sugar intake. (The child knows when Daddy is around that those rules are all out!).

Since I wasn't there I got the rendition from the boys- all of them- and how both boys got their first jellyfish stings. Neither one of them cried apparently, so that was good. Lots of dancing on the boat and swimming in the water. Jack came home singing some song about "butts"- all I could do was laugh!

As a mother I did worry a bit but the only thing I could be upset about was their little sunburnt faces- and those healed quickly. Jason actually was the most sunburned when they arrived home.

Great outing for the boys- sad Phillip and I didn't get to make it though! Here are the pictures that Jason took on his phone- as you can see- the boats look fun so you know it's a great outing for Hong Kong!


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