Stella @ 4 Months

Oh lil' angel...why is time going by so quickly! We've had a really crazy 4 months- and last of the two, but I'll say this, you are a trooper but definitely let us know when enough is enough!

You had your 4 month check up and weighed in at 15 lbs. Were still kinda tiny in the weight, but moving up there. You're about 80% in height now and 60% in weight. (this coming from the boys who were always off the charts- just funny to me!) You also had 2 shots and you were quite unhappy, then you ran a fever the next day. My poor star...

You also have your first tooth! I knew it would come around this time...all the boys were right around 4 months as well. It actually popped through before you hit 4 months! So you've made it extra fun- you've started bubbling and making those little spitting noises. You LOVE grabbing Daddy and Papa's hands and chewing (which is not fun for them with that little tooth!)

Towards the end of January you started maxing out those 6 month clothes and you absolutely LOVE the laugh when I start running with it. You also LOVE getting in the baby bjorn with Daddy- you kick kick those legs and get all excited, or you just fall asleep (apparently pretty comfy).

We've had a busy busy time between 2 and 4 months! We had our first Christmas! Full of friends and family, lots of dinners out (you eat and then fall right asleep in your carseat), and parties (you're happy to go to just about anyone!). We had our first out of state trip - actually two- we went to Little Rock, AR (stayed with our cousins the Mendelsohns) and then to Memphis, TN (to see your darling cousin Hollace at St. Judes). Must say you do quite well in the car, but you are still notorious for blowing out that diaper and your whole outfit...thank goodness mommy has extra sets of clothes!

We did have a bit of a rough time after our Memphis trip- you ended up getting RSV and it was super scary for Mommy and Daddy. We were on house time with breathing treatments and steam showers multiple times during the day for at least 10 days. It was by far the saddest little cough. Thankful that you are all better now!

You're sleeping so well. At 10 weeks you were sleeping 8 hours then another 3-4 (which gives Mommy some extra time in the morning to help the boys get off to school!). Yes, you are still nice and cozy in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom- just where you need be! And still at 16 weeks you are still sleeping like that. Champ for sure!

We did start you on cereal, just about a week before your 4 months. You just seemed ready. Well, here's why. We had a good start on the bottle and then I went hiatus on it for about a month so NOW, of course, you want NOTHING to do with it. Scream actually when anyone tries to give it to you. So we started our rice cereal. You're not the biggest fan, but liking it more each day. (You can even ask cousin Mia and Aunt Olivia how much you hate that bottle- my luncheon for Theta was not kind on them because you went on strike eating that bottle and were miserable!)

You also LOVE those boys. I love watching your little eyes follow them around and I cannot imagine quite what you think of them. Especially Phil because you seem to think that he's pretty funny...I mean we all do, but I love that you see it at such a young age. They are all so sweet and attentive with you. Well, Phil can be a little tough and rough sometimes but all out of love. You are so loved baby sister! Happy 4 Months and many more to yoU!
She loves her little swing- especially if it's next to the fire! 

God love her little tiny self! 

Oh Stell! These boys are funny and sweet and love you! 

Daddy time! 

Baby's 1st Christmas! 

All the girls! :) 

3 Months! 

Yep...first time in the bumbo and ready for cereal! 

Bath time with Daddy is the best! ...and you love looking at your self in the mirror too

From football games to basketball...this is life! 


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