Friday, June 27, 2014

Booked...One way To Tulsa!

Yep...that's right! We're booked on our way to Tulsa..which means...

After 6 1/2 years abroad we are heading home to the good ole' USofA! It's all happened quite quickly but I think we are ready. It's hard really because I have so many mixed emotions. Part of me is ready (trust me you've read my posts and know how difficult it can be with a baby over here in HK) and we have missed our friends and family, but we have so loved our adventures and all the fantastic people we have met along the way. 

So to sum it up, Jason and I did start talking about this a few months ago. We had started talking about how we wanted to make a change within the next 6 months. I think part of it was because of the boys. We want them to be able to enjoy their grandparents and the experience of living in America. And honestly it was my 2nd baby to have overseas and that's hard being away from family during those fun and memorable times. Then, Jason's work commute was putting a strain on us. I mean- one hour commute in the morning and another at night. He didn't make it in most nights til the boys were in bed. These are critical years with boys right? And Jason was missing out. We were so used to the laid back Aussie lifestyle- he was home every night by 5:30/6. As much as we love Hong Kong, I think it was just a bit of a strain on us at this point in our life. 

The way life has worked for us seems to be quick and timely (always God's funny sense of humor) in the changes and opportunities that are thrown are way. I know that God has everything planned but it seems to be that once we start feeling a bit settled, we are thrown a loop. So then about a month before Phillip was born, Jason starts telling me of major changes that his company is trying to make and we both decided we didn't want to be a part of it. So what to do? That's when opportunities started making their way towards us. BUT do you think I wanted to talk about it? NOPE! I had one thing on my brain- getting that lil' boy out! So I told Jason I wasn't prepared to talk about it (that would stress a person out right? Thinking about having a baby and then moving? Seriously?) and we could talk AFTER I gave birth. 

So that's pretty much what happened. About a week after Phillip was born all the changes we needed to decide on, figure out, were sorted...somewhat! Then we just confirmed about 2 weeks ago that this was our plan- moving back to Tulsa! But the tricky thing is- getting it done quickly because we have to get the boys sorted for school back home (not worth staying over here a few more months and pulling them out midyear).And there was no sense in us going home for summer and then coming back and moving home. So, that's why when we head home on the 8th we will be moving home. All of our items will be packed up, Bosco will be on his way home and we will say goodbye to Hong Kong! (Jason will be back shortly to finish out his job here and close out everything else). 

LOTS to do for this Mama! Everyone over here that knows keeps telling me how calm I am...well...that may not always be so. I still have a newborn and boys that just got out of school! WE have a million things to sell (including car and odds and ends), contracts to cancel, movers to sort, Bosco to get shipped out, flights still to sort (don't get me started on American Airlines!!!), friends to say goodbye to, kids to sort for summer activities in Tulsa, new school, new home, new this and new that. Ek! I'm just trying to breathe and take it one step at a time. 

BUT...we are moving home...and that's exciting! Although it does make me nervous and I know for some this is not relatable, but I've heard repatriating home can be the most difficult. Honestly I can see it- I think I'm more anxious than I was when we first moved to Shanghai. We've been gone a long time and we are a totally different family than what we were when we left. Not to mention different people. It will definitely be interesting to see how we all fit in to Tulsa again. :) But so very grateful for our fantastic friends and family that have already offered so much support. 

See you soon Tulsa! The boys are ready for football games (American football! had to clarify!) and snow cones (that's what Jack said!). I'm ready for Oklahoma in the fall and being with family on the holidays (other than just Christmas). The list goes on and on for what we are excited for....then I also think of all the things I will miss here (and then the tears come streaming!)...I'll have to write another blog on that later...

And here are a few pictures that represent our first and last for each time spent in each country...Shanghai to Sydney to Hong Kong...and now to home. Do you know the tears I've cried over how our life has changed and all the happy memories over these last 7 years!?!?! But I know our journey is not over...this is just another stage in life..and another adventure for the Wiltshire's! 

Our first few months in Shanghai! Jack was only a year and a half! We arrived with one son...
...and left with one more. Jack was 5, Henry was just 1 when we left Shanghai!

Then on to glorious Sydney..

...a short year and a half...but full of fantastic memories! 

And our last stop...Hong Kong! Jack was 6 and Henry just turned 3! 

And now we are leaving with Jack being 8, Henry is 4 and we have a new son to add to our clan! Who knows what will happen after Tulsa...I never thought I would ever even live outside of the US...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Phillip @ 1 Month!

My lil' one and I- taken at 1 month old! 
Ah how time flies by too quickly! It just seems like yesterday that I brought our little pookie home and now he's 1 month old. And let me just tell you- this guy has already been through quite a lot- though thankfully for him he will not remember a bit of it!

He did have his 1 month appointment yesterday. The porker has put on 3 1/2 lbs since birth! The doctor laughed hysterically. She is Asian (though perfect English) and she just thinks he's too funny. She noted that (yes just like the other boys) he's 90th percentile in height and weight. She again told me not to tell anyone about his nightly sleeping either- Phillip is sleeping 6 hours (last night it was 7), then wakes up for a short feed, then down another 3-4 hours. So he's a fantastic sleeper! But the "little" problem is- during the day when he's awake he wants to eat ALL the time. ALL THE TIME! I'm breastfeeding and then he has about 6-8oz. of formula as well. Jason and I have decided that we think he will be the biggest of the boys- he's packing on the pounds because he's been listening to the other 2 and knows he has to keep up!

Let's see- he's had all the major milestones that most babies do at this point- he has more awake time during the day. He's tracking our movement (I love it when he watches Jason), he's smiling, he's making little cooing noises, and he's grabbing on to things. His smiles are so cute (of course) and Jack gets so excited when he does. He screams "Oh he's smiling at me Mom", and he gets so excited. It's precious. He also loves now when Jason makes little noises at him- he coos and smiles at him and watches him forever. That's sweet too. Little moments like these I love.

He's already traveled quite a bit around the city- he's been to my Mandarin lesson in Tsim Sha Tsui (with all my Aussie gals), he's been to Central a few times, to Admiralty to see Daddy near his work, he's been to Sai Kung, to Shatin (twice now for dumplings, even though he's obviously not old enough to partake), to quite a few malls, etc., He's a city traveler here in Hong Kong!

We did just get his passport back today- that was not a fun day! As mentioned in my previous post- it's quite the task to get things done here in Hong Kong. So Jason and I spent a good few hours going to and getting his passport issued, then I had to hop in a taxi and head to an appointment for his circumcision. Yes, it was not done in the hospital. Unlike the US, it's not really standard practice here (or other countries).

That's a story in and of itself and I'm certainly glad Jason was not there. He would have been scarred again. The doctor asked me before he started if I would be okay in the room and wanted to make sure I wasn't "scared" (again, good thing Jason wasn't there). Very traumatic for the little guy, but at least he won't remember a thing. I did however watch the whole thing and I could see why a guy wouldn't want to watch that. (NOTE: when trying to find the best surgeons I asked around on different forums, etc., Some ladies obviously gave me great information and others wrote things like, "How could you mutilate your son like that", etc.,). Different world were living in over here...

I also was told something I didn't know (and who knows how many actually do this), but when I asked him if Phillip could sleep on his stomach after the surgery (yes my son sleeps on his stomach and not his back- that's a whole other blogpost!), he started in on the stats of how it's not good, etc., etc., So I just sit there shaking my head, thinking "okay okay". And then he proceeds to tell me that I should do as the Chinese and put Phillip on his back to sleep BUT put a bag of rice on either side of him (to keep him from rolling over I guess?!?). So then I just looked at him. Right?!? I'll rush right home and do that! ha ha!

Getting his passport photo was another fun treat- a glorious trip to the mall. Where, of course, right as I'm going into the photo shop, Phillip has a major blow out in his outfit. All over. So I go to change him and she tells me that none of the outfits I have will work because they all have too much white in them. The only one I had was a little sleeveless onesie that says "I LOVE MUMMY". So that's what he has in his passport photo. Then I had to hold him up, with his head up (balancing) and the girl had the audacity to ask me if he would smile. Seriously? He was 10 days old. Then she told me that my fingers were in the way. So I had to, and not so politely, tell her that he couldn't hold his head up all the way. So on this goes for a few minutes. My arm is killing me from holding him up. And I finally tell her to get someone else. Ah well- we got the photo and now we don't have to worry about doing that for another 5 years!

I laugh at these little stories now- they are so different than what I experienced with Jack or Henry. And I know I will love that I've written these for him to read one day.

He's such a joy to all of us- and has been cuddled over and over by so many people here. Lots of my girlfriends that have older children are getting their baby "fix". I can already tell though that he's quite spoiled- he likes to be held. Oh yes. And our helper holds him every chance she gets. I constantly have to remind her that it's okay if he fusses a bit and doesn't always need to be held, though I find myself doing the same thing!

Well, time to put the little man to bed. He's had his bath- every night Daddy gives it to him- and he knows what's next. He has a little time on the bed to snuggle with Dad. Then I wrap him up nice and snuggy (Jason calls him his little "larva" because that's what he looks like), I nurse him and then he's out! Okay, I snuggy with him a bit longer after he's fallen asleep...
Henry keeping him company- 1 week old! 

10 days old- lunch at our Country Club- had to sit inside because it was way too hot! 

He he! In progress to becoming a fat budda baby!
And this is how he likes to cuddle with Jason- he gets in his arms and just passes out! 

I love this one- first taxi ride- it was obviously stressful for him too!

Ha! Jack loves to hold him, but only for a few minutes! Phillip is trying to figure out what's going on! 

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Boys Junk Boat Trip!

So apparently one of the must to do in Hong Kong is to take a junk boating trip- (see attached pictures below) and the boys got to do just that on Sunday. And Jack says it was "one of the best days of his life". (I'm sure he loved it but the child tends to be quite dramatic at times- I have no idea where he gets it from!?!?)

I'm pretty sad I didn't get to go, because Jason said it was such a fun day and a really fun way to experience Hong Kong by water. BUT I did just have a baby (Phillip is now 1 month old) and I haven't been cleared to get in the water yet. So I thought it best if I just stay home- boo! (I should have just gone- it was overcast and apparently just perfect weather!) Ah well- another time!

My good friend, Fiona Bailey, put the trip together. And I know it was hard work- relentless hours I'm sure organizing the 4 boats and all the families that were partaking- including bus trips for everyone, organizing separate water sports for each boats, payments, food, drinks, etc., Cheers to her for a fab job! I think most of the families were from the Australian school. Some of the gals I know from my Mandarin group, but it was Jason's first time meeting all of them (except for Fiona). And if you know anything about Australians- they are always fun and always up for a good time!

The boys left here about 9 a.m.- and took a bus (with some of the other families from our area) to Sai Kung. There they loaded up on the boats (about 10:15ish)- there were 4 boats so you can imagine all the people and families. And were out on the water all day- they didn't get back into the Sai Kung pier until about 5ish. So I had some exhausted boys when I got home but they were full of energy when they told me about their excursion!

A full day on the water- and they were served drinks (alcohol of course for the adults) and food all day! Full service- 3 waiters for each boat I think.  Jason said they were just handing out food and drinks all day. Jack came home and quickly told me that he had 2 cokes and 2 sprites - great Jason- thanks for keeping up with his sugar intake. (The child knows when Daddy is around that those rules are all out!).

Since I wasn't there I got the rendition from the boys- all of them- and how both boys got their first jellyfish stings. Neither one of them cried apparently, so that was good. Lots of dancing on the boat and swimming in the water. Jack came home singing some song about "butts"- all I could do was laugh!

As a mother I did worry a bit but the only thing I could be upset about was their little sunburnt faces- and those healed quickly. Jason actually was the most sunburned when they arrived home.

Great outing for the boys- sad Phillip and I didn't get to make it though! Here are the pictures that Jason took on his phone- as you can see- the boats look fun so you know it's a great outing for Hong Kong!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Learning to get Hong Kong...with a baby...

The title post alone is enough to do me in- oh just thinking about this crazy city and getting around BY MYSELF is enough. I remember when we moved it was quite the ordeal figuring out the train system, and the taxi's (there are red and green taxis and each only go to a certain part of HK so you have to watch for that) and that was hard enough with a 3 and 6 year old. NOW I have a bloody pram (yes I say pram and not stroller!) and it's so very difficult with everything you have to tote around with a baby.

I think I almost forgot what all you have to take out with you when you have a baby. IN fact, one morning I almost left with the diaper bag and no diapers (can you imagine). I mean, it's only been 4 years since my last baby- surely I"m not that out of it?!?

When I think back at Jack and Henry- they were a piece of cake! No offense to my Tulsa friends, but easy easy easy with a baby! And even in Shanghai- we had a driver- so I was dropped off everywhere (usually pretty close) so I didn't have to walk far or take the train or a taxi.

So my first trip into Central (about 3 weeks ago)- for Henry's 1 week appointment was so exhausting!! First of all- the office (and yes it's necessary because I want international and good care) is about 45 minutes away. Luckily Jason was with me part of the way- but we drove in, then had to take the train (which was about a 10 minute walk from the car). Do you know how awful it is to have to walk that much after having a baby- :( and then we had to get on the train and then Jason got off at his stop and left me all by myself! Yes, I say that. Luckily I made it though- and out into the Hong Kong dreadful heat. I almost fainted when I walked outside.

And for those of you that don't know Hong Kong- there are quite a few hills- so I had to trek for about another 15 minutes through the train station and then up a hill. Thank goodness the staff all speak English and it's a great facility- otherwise I would have cracked! Do you know when I finally made it home I slept for 2 hours- that's how tired I was.

I think this post feels like I'm complaining a bit- but I really want to remember how very hard it is to get around here with a baby- and compliment and praise those that either do it on a daily basis or have gotten used to it.

The worst was 2 weeks ago- I had an appointment with my doctor (same location). But I didn't want to walk a lot, so I parked in our spot, then thought I would get a taxi over. Do you know that I asked 10-12 different taxis (on Canton Road- a very popular spot) to take me over (a 10 minute drive) and they all said no. Yea. UNBELIEVABLE. See they do that sometimes- they don't want to go over the bridge- or they don't want to go into Central- or whatever. I almost cried. And cussed. Finally I walked over to one of the hotels (where you just get in and they can't tell you no) and got one. Finally! Feat one accomplished.

Jason met me after my appointment (it was later in the afternoon) so he was going to go home with me. I kinda thought about stopping for happy hour but by the time I was finished with my appointment I was so exhausted that I just wanted to get home. So we get to the car park and I can't find the parking stub (I'm sure in the manic of the afternoon and all it dropped somewhere when I was getting things out of my bag). So I think, no biggie- they've got cameras EVERYWHERE! and surely they know and tracked me when I came in.

So I tell the lady at the shroff's office and she says she is going to have to charge me $2000HK - um, excuse me? That's almost $300US. Jason hears this, and we both start arguing with her and he says, "Over my dead body". We proceed on down to the carpark and search manically for the ticket- no where. Jason looks at me and says, "You go cry or do what you have to do to not pay that money". Luckily I actually think the lady knew how upset and mad we were because miraculously when I went up she told me I only had to pay $200 plus my parking fee (which ended up being a total of $300HK). Alright- crisis over- and now home.

That trip- friends- let me tell you (from door to door) was a 5 hour trip. And what did I do? I went to one baby store (for 15 minutes), made a small stop at Starbucks for a water and to nurse Phillip (maybe 15 minutes), and had my doctors appointment. Seriously? Can you see why I then come home and go to bed at 9:30? ha ha! :)

And the funny thing about all of these trips (within the last 3 1/2 weeks) is all the wonderful stares I've gotten. Because you know- most of the Chinese believe that the mother and certainly the baby should not be outside for at least a month. At home resting. So I've gotten wonderful stares, bad looks and things said to me (always in Cantonese so I don't understand) about me being out with Phillip. Obviously it doesn't bother me but it is quite amusing. Good thing Phillip was a bigger baby and didn't look ridiculously tiny, otherwise they would have really flipped!

Ah one of those things in life that you learn to adapt to, but I tell you- it's never far in the back of my mind how easy some cities are to get around in and how accommodating people are!

Thus, I think I'm getting along though- my trip to the mall the other day wasn't too bad- and I've learned to just push people out of the way with my pram. I mean why not- they do it with their big suitcases?!? I can't promise that I'll be patient every time I'm out and I may curse here and there in my head at having to get around, but it's a work in progress and I'm definitely getting there. My saving grace is that Phillip is such an excellent baby that he really sleeps through most of the nonsense- thank goodness! Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm going to do it with the 3 boys all together- especially since were heading back to the States soon and I'm doing it by myself! :) Ah- I think I'll think about that tomorrow...

This is a video I took of our trip to the mall on a Sunday- Phillip was 2 weeks old- he wanted to go participate in his first dumpling dinner! Even with all the crazy crowds! 

Fell asleep while waiting at the doctors office- 

First train ride! Luckily it wasn't too crowded- and he's clearly got plenty of room! 

First taxi ride- he's asleep but you know- he looks bothered- he could feel my frustration! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby Phillip Arrives!

Yes, my little darling is now 2 weeks old and I'm just now doing this blog, but you know what, I'm enjoying all my time with him! This is my last little baby and I'm obsessed with all my moments with him- because we all know how quickly time passes with our children! Plus, I do have my other two boys and my hubby so it's been interesting trying to figure out everyone's new role.

Anyway- I suppose I should write about lil' one's rather dramatic arrival. I think enough time has passed that I can talk about it, though Jason is still not ready to talk about it. (And not that he didn't before but he certainly has a new found respect for me and what I went through to get his son born into this world!).

Funny how the day worked out and how God was definitely watching over us. I had been somewhat panicking because Jason's office is a good hour away and the last thing I wanted to do was take a taxi to the hospital (if no friends were available). Anyway, Thursday morning (the 22nd) I told Jason I was bored of waiting and knew he wasn't going to come so why not go out that night for dumplings (yes my favorite). So I drove to school to pick up the boys (I was having a bit of contractions but not too bad). However, when we picked the boys up, Henry was not feeling too well. He said his ear hurt, so I told Jason to scrap the dinner idea and we'd do it the next night.

So we came home and I'm sitting here with little Henry watching Alladin and the contractions start getting a little more intense. I still didn't think much of it and didn't call Jason. This was about 4:00 p.m. We watch the movie and then I tell the boys it's time to go upstairs and get a bath. So about 5:30 I'm up there thinking okay, these contractions are getting a little more intense and closer together. (I actually downloaded one of those nifty contraction counters on my phone and was keeping track). Then it starts to hit me that this is actually happening- and pretty quickly. So I send Jason a message and tell him he needs to come home. So he immediately leaves.

Henry and I watching the movie (as I'm having mild contractions) and he's, of course, laying on the belly! Maybe a little bonding time before Phillip came out! :) 

BUT they start coming quicker and quicker and my messages to Jason are getting more frantic - I honestly had no clue how quickly this baby was going to come. FINALLY he makes it- I'm sitting on the stairs waiting (Tina had already packed the car up and, of course, made Jason a sandwich). He runs up the stairs, changes really quick and then were off. And ugh- dealing with HK traffic was ridiculous- on top of being in active labor- not the funnest!

We make it to the hospital right at 7 p.m. and let me tell you how fun it was trying to walk the halls to the maternity ward and stopping every 3 to 4 minutes and bending over in pain. All the lovely stares I got from the Chinese walking around- as if I want to be stared at while in such pain. Enough of the staring!

Finally we get checked in and I'm only dilated to a 3! Ugh. SO I get in my gown- though they made me wear two tops- and I don't know why- but I was a hot sweaty mess! Of course the first thing I ask for too is an epidural (I had with both Jack and Henry!) and they tell me it will take a few hours to get it. What? WHY? I'm sure I was screaming at them at this point. So about an hour goes on and in between my trips to the bathroom I see all these other girls on my floor that are just hanging out- reading, sleeping, eating and playing on their phones! I was in the first preterm labor ward- they moved you in stages, so once you got to a 5 they moved you to the next ward, then obviously to the delivery room after that.

So about two hours of this go by and I'm finally yelling at my nurses that I need something for pain and that my contractions are coming quicker and quicker and quicker. Finally one of the nurses gives me this electromagnetic pulser that goes on your back- it's supposed to "trick your mind" and distract you from the pain. Good lord- it did nothing! I tell her it did nothing and she says I can have the gas but I can't have it til I get to the next labor ward. Oh dear! (Mind you this whole time Jason has to stay out in the hallway- husbands aren't allowed til the delivery room).

The whole frustrating thing about this point (and after) was everytime they came to check on me they asked me questions or asked me to move this way or that RIGHT in the middle of a contraction. Can you talk or do anything but focus on the pain during contractions? Of course not. So there I am putting my hand up signaling "Don't even talk to me right now". What a trip!

So then at about 10:30 I make another trip to the bathroom- and what happens- my water breaks as I'm in the stall! And as I mentioned before I had epidurals with both older boys, so you think I knew anything about the pain that suddenly surged through my body. What did I do? Oh I screamed and I screamed loud! Straight out of a movie! Jason later said he could hear me screaming (and as I was the only foreigner there at the time he knew it was me). Crazy foreign lady can't control herself is what the other gals probably thought - because you know the Chinese don't really through a fuss and keep their cool in times like these.

The nurses come running into the bathroom and start yelling at me through the door. Then I have to get on a bed- again, one of the nurses tells me to do this during a contraction- as if I can move! Quickly I am wheeled out into the hallway- past Jason (he's yelling at the nurses that he needs to be with me)- I'm thinking I don't care where you are I just want this baby out!

And then it happened so quickly- I went from breaking my water and then this little angel arrived at 11:06 p.m. (all within 30 minutes). Once I was wheeled into the delivery room they got me the gas (I don't think it helped at all and it made me want to throw up!). As I mentioned before too- straight out of a movie- I'm screaming, trying to breathe, trying to focus, begging my doctor for something more for pain- you name it I said it. I told Jason later that I survived a natural delivery- I didn't rock it like a pro- but I survived and managed and that's all that mattered (no matter how loud or rowdy I was!). I even grabbed my doctors arm at one point and she said, "Emily, I can't help you if I don't have this arm!". ha ha! :)

Then it was funny ( I can say this now) but when I got to the 10 and was ready to push, they asked me if they wanted me to go get Jason. (Apparently it took him awhile to get in there because he had to get properly dressed). I said, "No, just get this baby out of me!". Again- it was a dramatic and eventful delivery- one I'm sure the hospital won't be forgetting for awhile! Crazy laowai (mandarin for foreigner)!!

I will say (and it might be a little TMI for some) but I think the "best" part about the actual delivery was feeling his head. Like I mentioned, I had an epidural with Jack (Henry was a c-section) so I felt nothing when Jack came out. But with Phillip, I could obviously feel everything and it was somewhat surreal and special feeling his little head coming out. And after that it was fine because I knew I could do it- only 3 more pushes and he was out. That was it. It did it. It was over and this beautiful little angel (that barely made a sound) was laid on my chest. I just sat there holding him and looking at this sweet little mushy face that was finally here. I could finally see what he looked like and hold him- one of the best feelings in the world! :)

Jason actually came into the room right as he was coming out- and of course, walked in and saw everything. AND if anyone knows my husband, they know that he doesn't do "blood" and all that fun stuff too well- the man can barely get a shot without getting woozy (my big tough football hubby!). So I remember him coming over and stroking on my head and asking me if everything is okay, and telling me to breathe (I was still in alot of pain). He's looking at our new little one on my chest and were both in complete awe over this new little guy. (I forgot to add- and I still think this is hilarious- but when he came out, they raised him up in the air bum facing me and said, "is this a boy" and all I see are big boy parts and I'm thinking, is this a joke? so I just reply, "yes" because I was really at a loss of words). ha ha!

The nurses then try to ask us if we want to take a picture together- and I'm so not in the mood for a picture- not to mention I'm half undressed. Jason tells the nurses no, but of course, they ask about 3 more times. All we wanted to do was share this moment together and not worry about any pictures. Then about 2 minutes later he looks at one of the nurses and says he has to step out of the room for a moment. Come on! I'll laugh now but honestly- he says that he saw too much and the room was too hot. He says he didn't need a full time out but a "20 second break" from the game. Good gosh! Again- this is why God did not intend for men to have babies! :)

Lil' Phillip (my hungry boy!) started nursing straight away. I've never done that with my other babies- I was always back in the room. But I was there still in the delivery room and they told me to start nursing him. So I did. And he took to it immediately. In fact, he nursed on both sides for at least 10-15 minutes. Right out of the womb and already a big eater!

Now I will admit the room was bloody hot- I had totally stripped myself of both of the gowns they had on me (from the waist up). (WHY on earth the Chinese always feel like you need to be stuffed full of heat- no cold air for mommys or babies). However, it took time for Jason to come back in because apparently once he left the room, they made him change outfits and masks all over again! ha ha again! :)

And that was it- that was our delivery story. Jason says he's still not quite ready to talk about it all (apparently too traumatic for him!). But I will say that he was the best Mr. Mom afterwards. School runs, grocery runs, etc., and made sure I had everything I could have possibly needed. Even with full time help it's nice knowing your other boys are well taken care of, so I could spend the first 36 hours bonding with my new little one.

So Phillip Hunt Wiltshire has been fully welcomed into this crazy household- he's a blessing (just like our two others) in every way that we could have possibly imagined. We are truly blessed- and we can't wait for our friends and family back home to meet this snuggly bear! :)

Shot of the little guy in his bed- he stayed with me the majority of the time. 

Snuggle time with Daddy! 

Our view outside of our room- delivered at Prince of Wales Hospital 

Look at them long feet! And super long toes like Mommy too! 

Ready to go home- all strapped in and trying to beat the HK heat!