Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soaked Saturday!

Yep- rain or shine- we have to make it to those sporting events! Guess that's what it's all about sometimes though- thankful for not having to do it alone though- so thankful yet once again for a great husband and Daddy that is able to share in the fun!

Of course it had been a beautiful Friday- sun shining and a warm 65 degrees! Then Saturday morning it starts raining just as we got off the train- we took the train because the field was about 20 minutes away and right next to the train stop. Public transportation more times than not is the way to go in the big city!

Anyway- don't you know that when we arrived we were stuck with the MUDDIEST and WETTEST field there was!!! I looked over and saw it and thought, "please don't tell me that's our field". YEP! Dream for those boys right- just mucky themselves all up!

Look at that awful field! Jack loved it! There was one little boy that ran around the puddles the entire game- fully avoiding them! 

After game talk- then Jack was awarded the trophy!

It was a great game-....and Jack even won the trophy for the 2nd week in a row! So proud of my super socceroo! He had one goal and hustled like a mad men- and you know how much he loved romping through those mud puddles!

It was our turn to bring treats for the game, so we brought orange slices for the break/half time, and yummy rice krispie treats for after. They were a hit. They normally don't do rice krispie treats here- they have these that are popular:

Oh- and they are not Rice Krispies, their Rice Bubbles! 

Easy easy- made them then stuck popsicle sticks in them and dipped them in chocolate!

Henry enjoying his treat!
It was funny though- they don't have regular marshmallows here- they have mixed white with either raspberry or chocolate. So I chose the raspberry ones. They were pretty good- Jason preferred them- I didn't. Anyway- great little treat for kids- and adults. :)

We were soaked and all muddy when we got home- so we cleaned up and spent the rest of the day cuddling! Perfect wet and rainy day to stay inside with those you love the most!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mums n' Bubs

So I've been so awful lately about getting out- doing things with friends, meeting new people, etc., Well, part of it was because I was sick for about a month- just nonstop congestion, feeling really tired, tension headaches, etc., It was too much- so I didn't really want to get out. Then I burned my leg- so I was wearing loose pants everywhere! ha ha!

Anyway- I've really enjoyed going to Sisterhood on Thursday mornings. I went for the first time in February. It's a women's worship time that's run through Hillsong Church. If you all haven't heard of Hillsong- you need to look it up! It's amazing- they have church sites all over the world! I went to their Women's conference in March- one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Well, this is not a small church by any means, and either is Sisterhood morning. The first time I went I thought- well, this is going to be tough meeting people. But 5 minutes after I got there- and as I'm checking Henry into the kids center, I met Amanda. Really great gal- and she's actually from the States too. So she invited me to be a apart of their playgroup- Mum's n' Bubs. Don't you just love it?? Still cracks me up though- I'm constantly trying to explain to Jack why they say "Mum" instead of "Mom".

They had a lunch on Wednesday though- and it was so nice to get out and meet some new Mom's and just have some playtime with the kids. It was out a little bit- about 45 minutes from us, but worth the drive!

There were about 7 Mom's there- one from Germany, one from South Africa, and the rest Aussies. I love meeting people from all over the world- listening to their different accents, how they describe things, their different "slang" and just meeting new friends. It was a fun time. One Mom had 5 BOYS- and all under the age of 6! WOOO- made me take a deep breath just when she told me. ha ha!

We were all asked to bring a little something to share for lunch so I brought a Thai Chicken Salad. I found the recipe off of Betty Crocker- last minute (did it that morning before leaving) and super simple! It was a hit. :)

Shredded Thai Chicken Salad

cups shredded deli rotisserie chicken (from 2- to 2 1/2-lb chicken)
cup julienne (matchstick-cut) carrots
cup broccoli slaw mix
large green onion, chopped
tablespoons creamy peanut butter
tablespoons rice vinegar
tablespoon vegetable oil
tablespoon honey
teaspoons soy sauce
teaspoon red pepper sauce
Fresh cilantro, if desired

* I added sliced almonds on top for a bit more crunch. 

This was yummy and such a great salad to serve because it doesn't get soggy once you put on the dressing! :) 

1st Sleepover

Well, we successfully managed our first sleepover!- and with two extra boys! It was actually quite easy- the only hard part was keeping Henry away at times. It's so hard because he wants so badly to be a big boy, but sometimes the bigger boys just need their alone time.

I offered to have the boys come over- their parents are good friends of ours and they wanted to have a night out to celebrate a birthday so we offered. We had been promising Jack forever that he could have his first sleepover- so he was over the moon!

One is in Jack's class, Adam, and then his older brother, Ben (grade 2) came as well. They are both really good boys and do exceptionally well with Henry as well. Isn't it funny- some boys are not very tolerant of toddlers, but these two are!

Anyway- Jason (a saint!) took the boys for about an hour and a half down the pool in our apartment complex. This was a lifesaver- it really tired them out. :)

After we had pizza and cupcakes and watched Happy Feet Two. Then, of course, we had to put Henry to bed. Little guy was so upset that he didn't get to sleep in the big boy room- :( I can't wait til he gets to have his own little friends over.

Jack & Adam- and Jack holding his soccer trophy- he was the pick of the week at that morning's soccer game! 

And all four- including lil' Henry! Ben the oldest had just lost one of his front teeth that morning-
so we got to be the tooth fairy! :) 
Great success- really easy- and I know Jack will look forward to his next one! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Australian Slang- a different language!

So I had to post about this because it really just cracks me up and I find it quite hilarious!

We've lived in China for the last 3 1/2 years and obviously had to struggle at times with the language barrier- after all, Mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn. So, when we moved to Sydney, I thought, well this is going to be great because everyone speaks English! Well, for those of you that haven't been to Australia, they do speak English but have a totally different slang/words that at times can be totally foreign!

I should have known this really- I had two friends in Shanghai that were from Australia and I often found myself in conversations with them and saying, "what in the world is that?" or "what does that mean"?

Here are ones I picked up from them:

Thongs- are flipflops, not underwear. They only say thongs for sandals.
Clucky- feeling maternal;wanting another baby. My friends Jas and Jacinta said this to me when I had Henry in the hospital- just cracked me up. They said, "oh looking at him just makes me so clucky" :)
No Worries- no problem. I say this one all the time and have for the last 3 or 4 years. Just like it better than no problem
Nappy- think this one is more british, but it's a diaper. They usually don't say diapers
Dummie-not sure if this is how they spell it, but it's a pacifier.
Arse- your bottom
Barbie- of course, a barbeque! and it doesn't mean bbq sauce meats, etc., just means grilling and cooking out
Hundreds and Thousands- what they call the balled sprinkles (like you put on cupcakes), makes sense though if you think about it.
Mum- Obvious it's Mom. But they don't say "Mom", it's all Mum. I still am trying to explain to Jack why they say "Mum" and there's a U instead of an O
Mates- is a friend. "How's it going mate?" and funny because Jack calls all of his friends "mates" now instead of friends
Vegemite- it's a vegetable extract used as a spread on Toast. I've never actually tasted it, but they use it all the time over here!

Anyway, those are just some that I learned before we moved over here. They are so many more though.

But, when my Mother-in-law was here, we found this little book and not only is it ridiculously funny, it's also kind-of a life saver. :)

It has some pretty funny stuff in it- the "Essential Guide to the Australian Sense of Humor". It says, "due to the high density of flies that inhabit ever nook and cranny of the entire continent, Australians have developed a highly efficient method of speaking that involves opening the mouth just enough to speak the words while minimising the risk of flies intruding the mouth cavity". :)

Here are some of my favorites from the book:

Airy fairy- fancy; vague- "don't give me that airy fairy bull****"
Ankle biter- a small child
BYO- "bring your own" beer or alcohol to a restaurant- I don't know that OKlahoma has any places that does this, but everyone does it here
Chew & Spew- take away food
choppers- teeth
Dog & bone-  telephone
"Good on ya Mate"- positive exclamation, well done- we hear this all the time!
Jarmies- pajamas
Knickers in a knot- upset. "don't get your knickers in a knot"
Narky-short tempered - "He's really narky today"
Nut Chokers- men's underwear! ha ha! :)
"Off like a bride's nightie"- to leave quickly
"Play funny buggers"- messing around- "Stop playing funny buggers with me"
"Shark biscuts"-new surfers
"Shoot a fairy"-to fart- "He's just shot a fairy"
"War Paint"-women's cosmetics

These are just some of the many- and you can see why I often find myself saying, "what?" or "what is that?". It's not as difficult as Shanghai was and most of the time very entertaining. So get your "slang" dictionary before you come over to the Great land of Oz! :)

Saturday Night Rituals

Does anyone have Saturday night rituals? Or a weekend night they do something when they don't have plans out? We do...I think it more started here in Sydney and I actually really look forward to it. It's our family night- and it's such good quality time. I know we won't have much longer before the boys are out with their friends on the weekends or parties, etc., Maybe when they get older we'll move it to a Sunday night- have something every weekend that we commit to having and spending together just as a family.
I hope I stick with that- I think it's so important for children to remain close to their parents and have quality time together- no matter how old they get or how busy life is!
Anyway- we like our family dinners on Saturday night- I either cook or we order pizza (we usually split it up...2 Saturday nights is pizza and 2 I cook). If we haven't had too crazy of a Saturday, we usually go downstairs to the pool. We have an indoor pool and a hottub- the boys love it. Sometimes Jason takes them by themselves- a little boy time, and sometimes we all go.
After dinner we get baths and get all cozy in our pjs- yes, even Jason and I, then we watch Australia's Funniest Home Videos. Jack ABSOLUTELY loves it- we have to tell him to calm down and not laugh so hard (is that bad?) because he works himself up so much! It's just too funny! I think I'm going to have to get tickets to the show and take him- they have the show recorded live right here in Chatswood (the suburb Jason works in). It is a pretty funny show though- just the same as in the States.
It's over at 7:30, and the boys are tired but they like feeling like "big boys" and want to stay up a little later (they usually go to bed at 7:30 during the week). So we find something on the television to watch for about 30 minutes before we read books and say our prayers.
Our dinner- white chicken chili and sweet cornbread! Yum!

They are obsessed with Jason on the weekend- it's all "Daddy time"

Jack is telling me that I'm in the way...

This morning- a few of our friends on our porch that we feed. And yes, these are pj's from Xmas!

Aren't they pretty! I don't know what kind they are, but they're so colorful!
Funny how seasons change our rituals though- our Saturday nights used to consist of getting home about 4:30/5 from the beach (we would spend about 5 or so hours there), then we would come home, shower, unpack, put on our pj's, order pizza, make a big blanket pallet and watch a movie. :) Guess we'll switch back to that when it's beach weather again- in about 5 months!

We so love our family nights though and hope we get to always have them!