Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stella @ 4 Months

Oh lil' angel...why is time going by so quickly! We've had a really crazy 4 months- and last of the two, but I'll say this, you are a trooper but definitely let us know when enough is enough!

You had your 4 month check up and weighed in at 15 lbs. Were still kinda tiny in the weight, but moving up there. You're about 80% in height now and 60% in weight. (this coming from the boys who were always off the charts- just funny to me!) You also had 2 shots and you were quite unhappy, then you ran a fever the next day. My poor star...

You also have your first tooth! I knew it would come around this time...all the boys were right around 4 months as well. It actually popped through before you hit 4 months! So you've made it extra fun- you've started bubbling and making those little spitting noises. You LOVE grabbing Daddy and Papa's hands and chewing (which is not fun for them with that little tooth!)

Towards the end of January you started maxing out those 6 month clothes and you absolutely LOVE the laugh when I start running with it. You also LOVE getting in the baby bjorn with Daddy- you kick kick those legs and get all excited, or you just fall asleep (apparently pretty comfy).

We've had a busy busy time between 2 and 4 months! We had our first Christmas! Full of friends and family, lots of dinners out (you eat and then fall right asleep in your carseat), and parties (you're happy to go to just about anyone!). We had our first out of state trip - actually two- we went to Little Rock, AR (stayed with our cousins the Mendelsohns) and then to Memphis, TN (to see your darling cousin Hollace at St. Judes). Must say you do quite well in the car, but you are still notorious for blowing out that diaper and your whole outfit...thank goodness mommy has extra sets of clothes!

We did have a bit of a rough time after our Memphis trip- you ended up getting RSV and it was super scary for Mommy and Daddy. We were on house time with breathing treatments and steam showers multiple times during the day for at least 10 days. It was by far the saddest little cough. Thankful that you are all better now!

You're sleeping so well. At 10 weeks you were sleeping 8 hours then another 3-4 (which gives Mommy some extra time in the morning to help the boys get off to school!). Yes, you are still nice and cozy in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom- just where you need be! And still at 16 weeks you are still sleeping like that. Champ for sure!

We did start you on cereal, just about a week before your 4 months. You just seemed ready. Well, here's why. We had a good start on the bottle and then I went hiatus on it for about a month so NOW, of course, you want NOTHING to do with it. Scream actually when anyone tries to give it to you. So we started our rice cereal. You're not the biggest fan, but liking it more each day. (You can even ask cousin Mia and Aunt Olivia how much you hate that bottle- my luncheon for Theta was not kind on them because you went on strike eating that bottle and were miserable!)

You also LOVE those boys. I love watching your little eyes follow them around and I cannot imagine quite what you think of them. Especially Phil because you seem to think that he's pretty funny...I mean we all do, but I love that you see it at such a young age. They are all so sweet and attentive with you. Well, Phil can be a little tough and rough sometimes but all out of love. You are so loved baby sister! Happy 4 Months and many more to yoU!
She loves her little swing- especially if it's next to the fire! 

God love her little tiny self! 

Oh Stell! These boys are funny and sweet and love you! 

Daddy time! 

Baby's 1st Christmas! 

All the girls! :) 

3 Months! 

Yep...first time in the bumbo and ready for cereal! 

Bath time with Daddy is the best! ...and you love looking at your self in the mirror too

From football games to basketball...this is life! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jack's 10th Birthday!

I'm so off on this one...I mean 6 months off actually! But I love doing these posts for their yearly markers. And I do have a good excuse- Miss Stella was born just 9 days before Jack's birthday so you know...I've been a bit busy.

Okay, so how in the world do we have a 10 year old? I mean it doesn't seem possible. It just feels like he was born a few days ago- he's my first born and I have so many memories of just him and I together. Actually he was my little buddy for so long in Shanghai when it was just the two of us- making new friends and exploring the new city. We did everything together. I love it- we'll always have that special bond. 

So BIG Boy (and when I say big I mean big...were rolling in at 115 lbs and size 9 MENS) that's what I mean. He's going to be bigger than me before I know it...and bigger than his Daddy (and I think that scares Jason a wee bit). 

He's still the same sweet boy we know and love. Biggest heart and if I tell him he's disappointed me and he sees my pain he's broken. He's always been that way. He's a protector of his Mommy and bestie to his brothers. Though were still working on NOT aggravating. For some reason, no matter how sweet he is, he still loves to annoy his brothers. He calls Phil "chunky" and still has to touch Henry all the time (which kills Henry). 

Last year at Jenks Southeast and I'm not quite sure this Mama will be able to handle it. Going to the 5th/6th grade center next year- merged with new kids, lockers and out of our little bubble here. I know he will do fine- he makes friends easily and is a great leader. Of course, like any parent, I just worry here and there about him being able to say "no" and stand up when things aren't right. They are definitely getting to an age now where they can get into trouble and come across other kids that say or do inappropriate things. I pray he has the strength and passion to stay on the right path. All I can do! 

This has been a big year with Football Cards! Good gosh! Cannot even tell you how many we have. And I always ALWAYS call them baseball cards. I'm sorry, my brothers grew up with baseball cards! "Come on Mom, they're FOOTBALL cards"! So they collect them at school and then he comes home and organizes them. I mean HOURS spent doing this. And the kids knows ALL The facts about the players. If only he could commit these memory skills to his homework! 

And, of course, still loving Football. Everything in football really. They started practice again in August and Jack cannot wait til the season starts. It's a love. Passion. Commitment. I love that he loves it so much and that him and Jason share this bond together...and LOTS of time as Jason is one of the coaches too! 

Big boy Jack is also wanting to sleep in later...and go to bed later. He says he's older and needs to stay up later than the younger two. The sleeping in later is something I thought would never happen...he's always been my early riser! 

Is a family boy at heart. That was always one of the toughest parts about being away. Jack loved it and thrived because he can have fun with anyone but he so loves his family. He's a his Mommy...loyal and true. We've gotten to be around my cousins the last few years too and it just means the world to him! 

We had a birthday dinner for Jack and I was saying our prayer for dinner and blessing Jack and started crying- something I NEVER do. I just got so wrapped up in my emotions (okay and I had just had Stella) but I just love this boy and who he is. I'm sad in some ways that he's growing up (I mean we have had some temper tantrums and he once told me he didn't love me because of something I told him he couldn't do) but I'm also excited. We share some really deep and meaningful conversations sometimes and I'm super proud of the young man I know he's becoming! 

Always a special place in my heart for this boy! 
Lunch at Wild Fork- one of our favorite places! 

He has many talents- musical this summer and he was Shrek! He was so adorable and funny! 

Right before he became a big brother for the 3rd time! 

Now he's the oldest of 4! 

How is he 10 already! 

Gosh I love this boy and all that he is! 

And he's been blessed with the best grandparents! 

Times two! :) 

His darling 2nd cousin- only 6 months apart!...little bit in height though! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Stella @ 2 Months

You know I thought about doing a post at 1 month but that has come and gone and so has 2 months so we're merging! Lil' miss will have to learn that even though she is our shining star she's also the 4th and this Mommy doesn't have a whole lot of time!

Stella couldn't be more of an angel- she is just the easiest baby that we've had so far. Actually right now she is sleeping- she went to sleep at 10:30 and woke up at 6:30, nursed, then went back to sleep and it's 10:20 now. But this is normal and has been for the last 2 weeks at least- sleeping really for almost 12 straight hours. DREAM!!! She knows she's the fourth and has to just roll with it.

But with that being said the poor little thing is jerked up here and there during her sleeptime- hurry gotta rush to piano, or football or whatever it is that we have going on. She barely fusses about it. Thank you Lord for this sweet baby and her chill temperament.

She's finally in size 1 diapers! ha ha! Did you know I've NEVER had a baby in Newborn diapers- ever! So that means she's also fitting into her 0-3 month outfits too. Tiny petite little thing. I call her "tiny". I actually said it to her in the grocery store and some lady goes "oh is her name tiny". No. But then again I guess you really never know these days.

I still can't believe that I have a GIRL! I mean I look at her and I think "is this real"? She looks so much like the boys (I see little traces of them in her all the time) yet she has those finer and more petite features. Her eyes are so deep blue. I'm curious to see if they will change colors or not. And we've lost some hair- actually we lost just the middle section- Jason is ornery and keeps calling her George Castanza (off of Seinfeld)- don't worry- he gets smacked every time he says it.

And just as I suspected we have a really big sucker- called Daddy! He couldn't be more smitten. Well, I'll just say that ALL of the boys are. Jack and Henry rush home from school and want to see her. Henry asks to hold her every night at some point or another and gets really upset if it's not a good time. She does take a bottle really well too- though she definitely prefers her mommy. And she's a sucker for her carseat- she has a major blowout in it EVERY SINGLE TIME we go out- so Mommy always has to have an extra outfit ready to go. (Did I also mention I forgot how much laundry you do with a newborn?)

She did wonderfully well at her 2 month appointment- no shots this time and weighing in at 11.8 lbs (only 53% in weight) and only 61% in height. What? I'm laughing because the boys have always been OFF the charts in both height and weight...that's why she is still my tiny! She still has the bluest of beautiful blue eyes. And still no hair, so I'm always putting bows on her even though Daddy says they bother her. Little does he know, she loves them!

She also had her 1st Thanksgiving- out in Pryor at Aunt Dana & Uncle Nash's. She was the perfect party guest and she got to meet more family members! Including Jim & Jane from Denver and cousin Julie. Actually we've had lots of visitors and dinners- and she is wonderful with everyone! Not to mention many football games that we've gone too! I mean she goes where we go and doesn't fuss too much about it.

Stella is taking a bottle- now she doesn't exactly love it but she takes it okay. Auntie Olivia watched her while we went to the Christmas train (we were gone about 6 hours) and she did fine. She just won't take a bottle from me.

No hair don't care! 
I'm also thoroughly enjoying her watch Phil. She's moving her little head around and eyes and totally taking him in. I mean what in the world is she thinking of him? Because he's a mess. I can't wait to watch them when they get older- they're only 2 1/2 years apart, which is our closest babies. He doesn't really care for her too much now.

Seriously she likes to keep warm. Daddy always lights the fire for her

Not too happy but you know! My tribe! 

Meeting Julie & Jane for the first time! 

This is what she does in the morning with Daddy while he works! 

1st attempt at a Christmas photo! 

Henry always wants to hold her and be next to her! 

You know how much she loves looking in the mirror at herself while she bathes?