Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pregnancy Post: 3rd Trimester!

WOO HOO! Almost there! :) Although it really does feel like this pregnancy has flown by. Nonetheless, I'm in the last stretch. Hoping this wee one isn't a week late like the other two, but I've given up on an early or on time baby.

So I hit 28 weeks on Tuesday- the week of my 32nd Birthday and I must say that I feel really good. I am having a bit of trouble sleeping at night- I just can't seem to find a great position, but I'm sleeping, so that's still good.

Sadly I have given up my bootcamp and cardio tennis. They are both done on the tennis courts and it was just too hard on my legs- too much pressure and strain- so much that my legs ached for a good two days after that. BUT I'm still working out (despite the odd looks from the Chinese). I'm just keeping to light running/walking, elliptical, biking and weights. I have two good DVDs that I do, so that will have to work until after lil' one comes out. Plus Jack has told me that I've become quite slow while running (thank you my sweet one).

I'm not in a huge rush for this one- as in I don't feel like I need to have his room/nursery fully together. His room is actually our current guest room so I've decided not to put his room together until after he arrives. I have a bassinet and pack and play that we are going to use while he's in our room- then I'll get to that later. Guess that comes with the third child right?

Now what about names?!??! The question I get all the time. NOPE- don't have one yet. Have we thought about it- yes, but we really haven't nailed one down yet. Here's the deal, I give out suggestions and Jason either says no way or maybe. He is the MOST difficult when it comes to naming our children. Yet, I asked him the other day if he had any suggestions and he said no. Typical. Ugh. However, we won't reveal until the lil' one is born. I like to look at them first and make sure it fits perfectly.

I am wondering quite a bit about this one- for some reason I feel like this little one is going to be a big boy. I have nothing to go with though as both of my boys are completely opposite when it came to their birth weight- Jack was a whopping 8 lbs. 10 and Henry was only 7 lbs. (and I know 7 lbs is a very good size baby, but after almost a 9 pounder, that was tiny!) Makes me a bit nervous- though all the Chinese nurses here like to comment on the big baby and how I have big hips. Thank you, what every pregnant woman wants to hear. :)

On the subject of my chinese nurses, I will say that my last appointment was pretty funny. She was doing the initial scan for the heartbeat (before I met with my doctor) and lil' one kept kicking the wand and the nurse laughed and said, "Oh he's a naughty boy". I immediately laughed. All Chinese call children naughty- in their sense they mean more ornery. But I thought to myself- no, he just doesn't like you poking around on him.

Anyway- I have another appointment in 2 weeks. We shall see then how lil' one (or big one!) is progressing. My belly is progressing though- ugh. So hard to lean over and put on my bloody shoes. I will not think that I still have 2 1/2 months to grow....big big big

Here are a few pics- need to document this growing belly!

Last week at the gym- you should see all the looks I get from working out. :)
I sent this to Jason- guns and belly!

Taken before church on Sunday- Gap dress! 

And this was taken on Tuesday- exactly 28 weeks. :) 

I'm sure by my next post I could possibly be miserable- this may be the last of the niceness in this pregnancy. I hope I don't complain too much- especially because it's starting to get HOT here! Oh well- I'm being patient (somewhat) but I can't wait to meet our newest lil' man!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Henry's 4th Birthday!

It's bittersweet really because I can't believe my little "baby" is now 4. And now he says he's a big boy. Which I know it's true. He really is and is going to be a big brother soon, but he's been my baby for so long that it's hard to let go. Jason keeps telling me that I have another baby coming so he doesn't know why I"m so upset....well why would he...(no offense) but he's a man. (And I think it's different because it's his son, not a daughter).

Anyway- we had a nice little celebration for our little tiger. We opted not to do a party this year- (next year!) and his big celebration will be at DisneyLand here in HK next weekend. I do feel a little bad- Henry has really only had one party, which was his 1st. When he turned 2 we had only been in Sydney for about 4 months- Henry wasn't in school and didn't really have too many friends his age. Then last year (when he turned 3), we literally had landed in HK 2 days before (he actually fell asleep on Jason's shoulder as we were walking to dinner for that birthday!). I know it's not that big of a deal- I mean he's so young he will probably not remember. Honestly he's happy being with his family and getting his gifts- we don't always need a big hoopla!

So on Sunday morning (the day before- yes!) we opened his gifts and had his favorite cinnamon rolls (all the way from the States) and eggs. He was thrilled- though he's always trying to give Jack some of his presents - and only because Jack tries to con him in to switching or giving them to him. (Henry would do anything for his big brother!)

He looks so tiny standing up on the ottoman- I don't know why! :) 


Oh his Skylanders- his favorite!

Then that afternoon we had our old neighbors over for nibbles and cake. The most wonderful cake too! My friend Joanna made it and not only did it turn out fabulous looking but it also tasted amazing as well. She has her own business here in HK so contact her HERE . You will not be disappointed! 

Here are some pics of our afternoon and the fab cake: 

And on his actual birthday, Monday the 17th, we went out to his favorite dinner at Din Tai Fung- that tiger of ours LOVES those dumplings! (I should have known- I was eating a steamed bun from there the first time I felt him kick- and he was pounding the xiao long bao before he was 1). We had a great time celebrating our little one- and looking forward to celebrating at Disney next weekend too! :)

Henry and the best big brother Jack- wrestling in bed on the night of Henry's birthday- nothing says love like a big brother hug! :) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chinese New Year Holiday: Part 2

Well, that has come and gone! Woo! Sent the boys back to school on Wednesday of this last week and I was certainly glad for a little break. Being pregnant and keeping 2 boys busy is quite exhausting!

Nonetheless, we had a great time...and I do cherish my one on one time with them. We spent the first four days of holidays with Jason, and then it was just us (for the next 4 days of the week, then another 2 out of the next week!).

As you saw in our last post, we had amazing weather for the first part of the holiday, then the last bit it turned rather cold on us. Well really cold- enough for gloves and scarves. :) But there are lots of indoor activities and we enjoyed staying in some of the days and just taking it easy. The boys are funny that way- sometimes Jack says he just wants to stay home "and take it easy" and most of the time I don't argue with that. :)

Here are a few pics of some of our outings!

We took a trip to Ma On Shan to FUNZone and took Jack's friend Conlan! 2 hours of play! 

Jack and Mommy's morning at Tai Po Waterfront park- he used his scooter and I ran

Yep! Lego Movie all the way! 

Jumping on the tramp and eating Mamee noodles! 

Jason and I's date night- out on Queens Road in Central- CNY decorations

Jack and I's last day together- shopping for Henry's birthday and lunch at Pizza Express

Mommy knows how to run these boys ragged some days! 

Date night in SOHO @ a fab french bistro! (much needed break for Mama after a week with the boys by myself- and this was after my hour foot massage!)

Big boy having his very first coke- well, by himself

Took a trip to the Science Museum and saw the Dinosaur Exhibition

AH! Worst puzzle ever- so hard it drove me nuts! But I finished it! 

Our neighbors and friends at the museum! Followed by lunch at good ole' Outback! 
And that pretty much sums up all of our Chinese New Year break. Now on to school, activities, birthdays and such. Next holiday is in April- two weeks! But thankfully my mother in law will be here to help! :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Celebrating 1 Year in Hong Kong!

Yesterday marked another anniversary for us...1 year in Hong Kong! In fact, it's gone by so quickly that when I asked Jason what marked today (February 15th) he had no clue. Then when I told him he said it couldn't possibly be because it's gone by so quickly. And it has. It's amazing how quickly a year can go by when you have multiple visitors, you take a trip to Thailand, you get boys started in school, go home for Christmas and then wind back up at a year.

We've celebrated Jason and I's 7th year anniversary, my 31st Birthday, Jason's 32nd Birthday, gotten a new dog, celebrated Jack's 7th Birthday and also marked our 5 years of being abroad. ALOT has happened this year!

This time last year we were spending Valentine's day night with some of our good friends- then the next morning we took our trip. Our new move- once again to a country and city that I had never been to. Sight unseen is what Jason likes to say (and by the way this is the 3rd country now that I've moved to "sight unseen").

Even though we're still getting adjusted to life here, making friends and getting the boys situated, we love it! We're quite settled in our life here and as now, we couldn't imagine being anywhere else. :)

Here are a few pictures to wrap up our year...

Now we have another year to begin- starting with Henry's 4th Birthday and a new arrival in a few months of baby brother. It will be another quick year as well, but we are so very blessed and fortunate to have this adventure and live this life. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pregnancy Post: 26 Weeks

Well, technically I'm almost at 27 weeks, but you know the 6 1/2 month mark is pretty big....that means I'm almost in my 3rd trimester! I think I can say that this pregnancy has FLOWN by more than the others- I guess that's what happens when you're too busy with boys and a foreign country to have time to think about it.

This is a pic I sent to Olivia- it was right at 25 weeks. She always likes to see how the belly is progressing! And "boyfriend" pants from Victoria Secrets...they are comfy!

I have noticed a significant difference in the pressure in my legs. I know part of it has to do with the fact that we have marble floors and our bedroom is on the 3rd floor (that's a total of 4 sets of steps to get up). My legs definitely have alot more strain on them than they have before, so when I can I elevate them and rest (but that doesn't happen too often!)

I'm still doing bootcamp and cardio tennis (though we've been on break for Chinese New Year) and I'd like to make it another 2 weeks or so....we shall see. I've been running but I'm quite slow and it puts alot of strain on my bladder and legs. So I run about 1/2 a mile, then walk 1/2 a mile and usually do about 2- 2 1/2 miles. Lifting weights and doing other excercises is not a big deal. Actually, the other night I was doing crunches (still important to keep those abs strong!) and Jason laughed saying I looked ridiculous and why was I even bothering!?! :) I think I may start doing more swimming though....

I do have to post- this this one (and no name yet!) is a mover and a shaker. The lil' stinker moves ALL THE TIME! Well, he does let me rest at night (or I can't feel it as much). He always kicks if I'm starting to get hungry and right after I eat, then just random times during the day. Alot of times it is when the boys are around. Jack actually got to feel him kick the other day- it was hysterical. I was laying on the couch with Jack watching TV and I put his hand on my tummy. Of course Jack wasn't watching my tummy but the TV and then there was a giant kick. Jack's face was priceless! He has a shocked look- mouth wide open- then a huge grin. He told me he couldn't believe he was that strong. AH- special moment I won't forget! :) (Jason has felt him too- just not Henry)

I can't say that I have any cravings really- just the same food I always eat. And here and there I need some good red meat- dumplings are always a favorite and there are a few good steak places around that we go too. Every morning I have a coffee and a piece of toast then about an hour or two later I have to have some oatmeal or protein (usually scrambled eggs or over easy with avocados). I do have a few of my go to snacks that I brought over from the States- so I'm having to have my Mom send more (only because I have two lil' rascals that keep eating them). They're just when I need something sweet- I try not to eat too much sugar. And it's hard- you know how us pregnant ladies like to have our sweets! So I opt for my bars and I love this honey greek yogurt and I mix strawberries or bananas in it. :) (So different from my 1st pregnancy when I had Jason go down to Braums all the time for my twist yogurt...ha ha! )

Yum! I love these and the strawberry ones! do the boys! 

I'm obsessed with coconuts and almonds so these are my favorite right now! 
I did have a minor panic last weekend- it got really warm here in Hong Kong. Why would I panic- well because pregnancy and heat don't work out well (I swell up!) and I have NO clothes. So I did an emergency order from Gap Maternity for some dresses and a few pairs of shorts- even though there aren't alot of summer things out yet. Come on! But thankfully it's dropped down again so I"m good for now.

This is from last weekend- this is a dress from Gap (not maternity) but it works for now! Cool and enough room to expand! 
Though I have been rather depressed- it's so humid here in Hong Kong. Any socks I wear leave marks on me because I'm already starting to get water retention. Ugh. Miserable.

I have an appointment this week with my doctor...then right around the corner from 3rd trimester! Guess we should start thinking about names and finding a crib! :)
And this is from this morning- getting ready to go workout. Yes, my northface is getting a bit small and yes, I have my toothbrush in my mouth! :) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese New Year Holiday: Part 1

Well the Year of the Horse has arrived! Xin Nian Kuai Le!! (Happy New Year in Mandarin)

What an exciting year- as the Year of the Horse, 2014, the year of our littlest man!

I don't know that I necessarily believe in the zodiacs, but I do think that it's extremely interesting and important to learn about other cultures. Jack and I have been talking about it alot- he's been learning a bit at school and we likes talking about what signs we all are- we have 2 dogs (a fire dog- Jack, a water dog- me), we have a metal rooster-Jason, a metal white tiger- Henry and now we will have a wood Horse. :)

We chose to spend the weekend around our area- it's hard going out around the city, as ALOT of mainlanders come in from China. So our usually crowded city is even worse! We ended up having the best weather though- so lots of trips outside and long afternoons on our patio. It was wonderful!

Friday we went to the Tai Po Waterfront Park- lots of great walking and riding paths along the water, kite flying areas, play areas for kids and snack joints. It's a great outing (and it's only a 3 minute drive from our house!)

Here are a few pictures:

I took a run by myself further down while the boys were playing with Jason- really great run/walk!
This is part of the path along the water- hot day though! 
Saturday morning we ventured out to Sai Kung. I love that place- it's on the water as well and the town centre is all based outside (think of a Chinese less upscale Utica). But there are fab little cafes and restaurants along the waterfront or a little square area for the kids to play in.

Dogs are welcome (though we left Bosco at home) and scooters too, so it's a fun outing. We had brunch and let the boys play, then we walked around the old Sai Kung town and strolled near the temple. - a great website from the Sai Kung magazine- has great information!
Here are some pics:

The Sai Kung Temple- we didn't go in- we've seen plenty of temples

A BBQ joint (and actually pretty good)- advertising for the upcoming Superbowl! LIVE 7:30 a.m.! Lovely!

Brunch at Classified! Yummy food and delicious coffee. Kids can play and scoot around while you eat! Perfect!

One of the many waterfront restaurants and their selections of fresh seafood. Any takers? 

No Chinese New Year is complete without the kumquat trees and red lanterns! 

Sai Kung waterfront- including the many junk boats you can rent for a ride! 
Sunday- we did NOTHING special. Did I mention how hot it was this weekend? Do you know what that does to a pregnant woman's body?- especially since it's been cold! I wore shorts all weekend- in February! I was dreading life and how awful it's going to be when I'm nice and big and it's hot and humid here- those combos don't work out too well!

So we stayed in- enjoyed the boys riding up and down on their bikes and scooters and playing with the neighbor kids. I caught up on some cleaning- which is customary for the New Year anyway- you should always clean to rid yourself of the "dirt" before the new year!

Monday we stayed in and watched the Superbowl- of course! First time in 6 years we've been able to watch it live. Then we went out to Tai Mei Tuk (it's another fisherman's village about 3 minutes from us). Tai Mei Tuk information

I wanted to go on a hike, but some of the ones in Hong Kong are quite strenuous and long- and that's hard with a 3 year old. But they have one right near the Bradbury Camp that's a "Family Walk". It goes up the mountain and then just back down- so only about a 30-40 minute walk. It was perfect for us.

Here are some pics:

The start of our walk! 

The pier right before you get to Bradbury Camp...snacks anyone? I just love the sound of "fish balls"

View from the pier- and you can see our housing complex WAY over there in the distance! 

Everyone had to have a picture with their zodiac sign- Henry is our little white tiger! 

And our strutting rooster! 

And last- our two dogs! 
We ended our 4 day weekend by going to our favorite Vietnamese place in Shatin- Nga Trang. Always yummy in the tummy! :)

Now Jason is back to work and Mommy is busy entertaining two boys that are still off from school! :)