Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Disney Weekend! :)

This is now 2 weeks late- but I swear I have a great excuse! Jason actually got me a new Mac desktop and I've been busying myself with it- learning the ends and outs of it. And not to mention busy with life- we've had a lot going on the last two weeks. :)

However- we LOVED our Disney trip and had such a great little weekend away. Well- it's technically here in Hong Kong but like Jack said, it felt like we had left Hong Kong. :) We got up and went Saturday morning- checked into our hotel- and then off to the park we went. Honestly I think it was quite perfect- in more ways than one. First off, we had PERFECT weather. It was warm, but the sun wasn't shining so none of us were hot and miserable. Second, it wasn't actually too crowded. We waited max 15 minutes for a ride. And lastly, it's a smaller park, so we could do a lot in the time we were there. 

We spent about 5 hours at the park, but trust me, we had quite a few snack stops, restrooms stops and lunch. The boys loved every minute of it. Henry rode the first of his big rides and Jack rode his first roller coaster. However, I will note, both of my boys are so opposite when it comes to rides. Henry was all about the roller coasters and high rides and Jack was absolutely terrified. After he went on the Grizzly Gulch roller coaster with Jason, I find it hard to believe that he will be back on one anytime soon. Henry was itching to go though- too bad he's not quite tall enough.

Even though I really didn't get to ride too many of the rides (big pregnant belly and all!), I absolutely LOVED seeing the boys excitement as they enjoyed them. That was the most fun for me. The pure thrill and joy in their faces was absolutely toxic and classic- I could have watched them all day. Not to mention Jason looked like he enjoyed quite a few of them. 

Here are some pics from our day at DisneyLand Hong Kong:

We ended our afternoon at the park (about 4 p.m.) with the Flights of Fantasy Parade that went through most of the park- all the characters were there and Henry spent the entire time on Jason's shoulders waving to ALL of them. Then we went to our hotel- Hollywood Hotel and spent some time relaxing and unwinding by the pool. It was March 1st so I actually think it was the first day the pool was open. I didn't get in, but the boys would have gotten in whether or not it was cold or not. 

Of course we ran into a funny incident while there- and worth mentioning. Obviously there are lots of mainlanders that come into Disney- they freaking love it. I mean adults will stand in the lines more than the kids for pictures with the characters. It's silly. Anyway we were sitting by the pool and a Chinese man and his son come out. Of course they are in 4 layers of clothing (even though it was probably 70/75 out) and he goes to undressing the kid- all the way down to his skivvies. Eh. No bathing suit. So I kinda brush it aside, but then look over a minute later and the kid has fully stripped and is trying to get into the pool naked (he's probably about 7 or 8). Seriously? So quickly a scene emerges where the lifeguards and staff rush over- telling him, "hello, no this is unacceptable". The man and his son look baffled. Jason and I just look at each other and shake our heads. Then about 2 minutes later we see the man just behind the lounge chairs having his son pee in the bushes (in front of everyone of course). SO yet again, all of the lifeguards and staff are running over to tell him that is not allowed either. 

It is funny and it is sad at the same time. I tried to explain to Jack that they honestly didn't know better. Yes, even though there was a bathroom about 20 steps away, they still don't think about it. A lot of areas in China don't have working toliets- they are still using "squatty potty's" or going wherever they can find a spot. We were really used to this in Shanghai- we saw it all the time. Here not to so much. Just a funny tidbit that you PROBABLY wouldn't get at any other Disneyland. :) 

We were planning on going back to the park that night for the fireworks display- but you know what?- we had two tired boys. They could barely keep their eyes open during dinner. And I must say Jason and I were both exhausted as well- little reading and off to bed for all of us. :) 

Here are some pictures of our hotel- we enjoyed a nice walk around the grounds before dinner! :) And includes pictures of our breakfast with Chef Mickey- including Henry pinching his nose! 

After breakfast we took a bus (it is only a short walk but not that short) to the Disney Hotel. It's swanky. Henry said it was Minnie's house and Mickey's was our hotel, the Hollywood. We enjoyed a nice walk around the park and pier and then went to the gift shop- of course the boys needed a souvenir of their weekend. And I wanted to buy a few gifts as well. :) 

Here are pictures of the Disney Hotel- and site HERE

We honestly had such a great little weekend- away from work, activities and responsibilities. It was just what we needed. Of course the boys keep asking when we will go back- I'm sure soon enough! ...maybe when little one is here....or with visitors! 

Leaving here with some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. :) Bye Disney!