Henry's 7th Birthday

Oh my little white Tiger! Cannot believe that you are already 7! Feisty as ever too...and I swear it only gets more dramatic...I seriously cannot even fathom teenage years!

We had a great time celebrating your 7th birthday- a fun little get together and FIRST sleepover with your besties...Solomon, Foster and Corbin! Your Dad and Nick took you all to Sky Zone and then you came back here for pizza and dessert. You all did fabulous- no issues and all fun! (of course I didn't get ANY pictures though...sad). We also had a family birthday dinner for you on your actual birthday- few missing family members but wonderful memories all together. 

So you're doing wonderfully well at school- your Chinese studies continue to amaze and you still really love it. You love math just like your Dad and brothers. We've never had any issues- always well behaved and polite which is nice to hear. Can definitely say there's a little bit of an ego with this year- I mean we know you're an incredible athlete and good kid but sometimes I think it goes a bit too much to your head so we've been working on being humble and a good team mate.

You are our little tiger though- the sweetest and then switches really quick and can be the most cunning and sly. I've never seen a personality switch so quick- it's really quite amazing. And woo- the most dramatic. I laugh when Jason said he never wanted a girl because girls are dramatic and scream too much- yet you take the cake on both of those! Yet you really know how to charm- when your ready you slide in and know just how to give your mommy the best hugs and those eyes of yours are hard to say no to.

You have some wonderful friends- two of which have been your besties since pre-k, and you've added on some new great ones through basketball, football and your Chinese program. I'm so incredibly grateful for good friends for you and their sweet spirits. I know how much they mean to you. I pray you always have a good set of friends around you.

We've had a busy year leading up to 7- first flag football league (which you dominated in and absolutely loved- waking up on Saturday mornings and ready to go -even though the game was hours away), another great basketball season, a new baby sister (actually you are the most doting and love it when she pays attention to you and smiles at you), piano lessons, summer trip to Branson and your first trip to Little Rock to see my family there. I'd say it's been a big year!

Happy #7 to our Re-Re (as Phil calls you! )

1st Flag Football! 

Look at that beautiful face! 

Proudest one brother! 

He loves his some Uncle Max! 

Look at those eyes- my little Valentine boy!

Happy #7 to Henry! 


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