Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Fall Pics: Janine Uy Photography

Okay, I saw "fall" pics and here I was putting my hot natured boys in sweaters and jeans when it was still 85 degrees out! Whoops! But you know what- that's the look I wanted and regardless of the moaning and sweating we got some great pics! :) This made Mommy happy!

I just thought I would share a few. I actually found this photographer on Hong Kong Facebook Moms and took a chance but she ended up being absolutely wonderful. She was great with the boys, really relaxed and did a fantastic job. The price was fabulous too. It's nice to have a shoot and not pay hundreds of dollars for the shoot, then more for the prints. She was a dream! She's actually not living in Hong Kong (she's from Manilla) but travels here quite often- SO we will be using her again! (in fact, my sis in law wants to use her next year when she comes in!)

Here is her website (I have put it on my blog before): Janine Uy Photography

Anywho- here are some of my favorite pics:

These were fun for me because we've never done this type of announcement! Bboy #3 on the way!

My friend Molly said this is a perfect picture for his first novel! Hilarious! 

Just love this sweet precious boy! 

And Bosco is included as one of my boys as well! 


They couldn't have my heart anymore than they do...

...and that includes this big Papa bear too! 

So book Janine the next time she's in Hong Kong- or any other Asian country she may go visit! :) Thanks again Janine for capturing our family with such special and sweet photos!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

On My Heart: "Do the Word"

I was going through a devotional book that I have, "Walk with God", the One Year Devotional, by Chris Tiegreen and found something that struck my heart. There was a passage and I wanted to share it, especially in light of the holidays.

I know how easy it is to to get wrapped up in the holiday spirits- baking, parties, shopping and planning trips, etc., We tend to loose the real idea and meaning behind Christmas- especially for those of us as Christians. When it's hardest to do is speak our words of what we know, but to follow through and show action is another.

We are quick to judge and easily condemn those for not doing exactly what we think they should do- or how we think they should live their lives. When in fact, God teaches us to "not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. DO what it says." - James 1:22

When we have those that are in needs (loved friends and family members, or strangers we may come across), it's not merely just a kind word or reminder that God is there for them, but it's our actions that they need- a VISIBLE ILLUSTRATION. I think of my boys and how that's the very thing they more likely respond to- other than a word or lecture from me- but it is in my actions that I teach the most to them. How are we to think that there are others out there (wounded and still childlike) who do not still respond the same way?


Furthermore, I believe we are called as Christians (and not just at Christmas, but 365 days a year) to continue to work towards SHOWING Christ's love, not just preaching.

As mentioned in the passage, "an unbelieving world watches too. It does not care about the intricacies of our theology...unbelievers want to see what faith looks like, and the only way to speak on those terms is to ACT."

"The Word is only ours when we have acted on it. It is only effective when we've allowed God to move it from our minds into our hearts, and then outward int our actions. Anything else will lull us into a false sense of security."

I think this passage is now more important than every- especially living in the "techno" bound world that we are encompassed in. It's too easy for us to write a kind word on facebook, or send a text in email- but it's more effective and more time to get up and go to that person that is grieving or hurting and show love. To give other's our time, our presence and our help.

We are here as Christian's to do HIS work- to be his disciples- is there anyone you know that is hurting? That needs a visit? That needs your time? Can you combine the good works with the faith that we have?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Yes, a full on Thanksgiving weekend as it's kind of difficult for us to celebrate during the week. MOST have to be reminded that Yes, Thanksgiving, is ONLY an American holiday and we don't get days off to celebrate here! (We used to in Shanghai because Jason's company was based out of the States, but not anymore!).

So we celebrated Friday evening with some good American friends! Every year we seem to do something different and my table has seen friends from all over! It's quite entertaining and very special for us. After all- Thanksgiving is all about sharing food and being thankful for those friends and family you love!

Friday was a bit crazy. Not only were we hosting Thanksgiving but it was also Year 2's (Jack's year) turn for the bake sale- so more baking! Baking Baking Baking! And it was picnic lunch at the school- so we didn't want to miss that!
Here's Henry helping- don't you know he ate more than he helped!  And sprinkles got EVERYWHERE!

My orange and greens didn't turn out right- and we had a mixture of Christmas and Thanksgiving!

Friday night we had all the goodness that goes with- although we didn't have a full turkey. The problem is here is that you only have 1 oven and it's not that big. So what and how do you cook your other stuff? You can buy them here- and already cooked- but your'e looking at spending about $150 for a cooked one! Geesh! 

So I got a turkey breast roll- that was filled with stuffing. It was actually pretty yummy and only took about an hour to cook- so that way I could cook all the other traditional food! Our friends brought some homemade cranberry sauce, yummy green beans, brownies, a delicious lemon tart and some drinks! I made pumpkin and apple pies, the stuffing, sweet potato casserole and creamed corn! Oh- the creamed corn was divine- here is the RECIPE It's definitely not the "best" for you, but that's what I told Tina (our nanny)- good thing it's only once a year! 

Here are some pics from our night:

Mini apple & pumpkin pies- along with the boys Thanksgiving craft- their hands and feet turkeys!

Mini pumpkin pies- these were the 2nd batch I had made for the week! 

My two turkeys!

My Thanksgiving table! 

Jason and Craig! And so mad- forgot to get a picture of Shauna and I! 

The lil' boys table- Henry with Liam and Grayson! 

And Jack at the big boy table! 

A great shot of Jack and I! Thanks Shauna! 

WE had a great night celebrating with our friends- and I LOVED sharing the food with Tina. She's never had a Thanksgiving meal- so creamed corn, pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole (with yummy marshmallows!) was all new to her! I love getting to share our traditions with our friends and family from abroad. :) 

Then our Sunday we went over to our old neighbor's house (they just moved! :( ) for lunch. I, of course, brought over a pumpkin pie. :) They are from New Zealand so aren't in on Thanksgiving as well, but it was nice to share with them. A big hit too! 

We had a great lunch and just reminds us of how very thankful we are for great friends that God blesses us with here in Hong Kong (and all over the world). Even though we are far from family, HE provides for us in every way we need. :) 

One last pic from Sunday- (Jordan photo bombing as usual)- and this was right before Henry busted his lip on the trampoline so then the pictures stopped! :)