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Roasted Cauliflower Cheese Soup

So here's my recipe for that delicious soup I just made last night.

Funny story is...the first time I made it...I didn't tell Jason or Jack what was in it. Truth be because they are not huge fans of cauliflower but sometimes what they don't know doesn't hurt them, right? They know now of course and absolutely love it.

Jason was somewhat humming last night...going "this is just so good" and Jack literally jumped up and down when I told him what I was serving!

Anyone know why I cook like this? Because I LOVE to cook and I have boys that LOVE to eat! #truth

So it's actually a really quick soup once you've roasted the cauliflower (that takes about 25 minutes) so if you wanted to do it before you absolutely could. I serve ours with those scrumptious Hawaiian roll ham & cheese party sandwiches...See Here . Though I will add I do the full recipe (and I add the poppy seeds on top) more when we're having a get together or something. Last night I just d…

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