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Phil's 3rd Birthday!

Gosh what a hoot this kid is. There are some days I just can't even take him because he's so wise beyond his years and he's sassy. SO sassy. I can't even get upset with him though because what he says and how he says it sounds EXACTLY like me. It's kinda scary. He really is the funniest kid I know.

So you know #3 is a big one. I feel like it's the first year they actually know they what a birthday is and what it entails, so we were preparing for this one MONTHS in advance. It's all he wanted to talk about..."But when is it MY birthday?" and it's hard to explain to an almost 3 year old about waiting his turn. Everyone's birthday we celebrated before his was "HIS". So praise the day my little boys birthday FINALLY arrived!

We went BIG too and got him his very OWN bouncy castle (courtesy of grandparents too) and he was just thrilled. We did our Star Wars theme...boy leftover decorations and such from Henry's birthday p…

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