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My Thoughts & Results: Keto One Week Soup Diet

Done and done! And I'd definitely do it AGAIN! I mean not anytime soon because I most certainly got the results that I wanted but yea, it's totally doable and I was really happy with my results. And here's why... So this diet worked well for me because of a few things: One, it was short (one week is perfectly fine for me!)- I probably could have gone a few more days but let's not push it Two, I made the soup Sunday night and other than my tuna and egg salad snacks, that's all I had to do...easy! Three, I wasn't hungry! I mean yes, I had tummy rumbles a few times at night but nothing terrible Four, no headaches, no low energy and I wasn't trying to hurt anyone in my family (i.e. no anger side effects) I'll say I really loved having my meals and plans laid out for easy was that! Too bad the rest of the family didn't go alone with it as well! ha ha..yea right! So other than my results you can see with my pictures- I'll tell you t

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