Friday, December 23, 2016

The Arrival of Miss Stella

Well, this is my 4th child so of course this post is definitely delayed...and combined with her 1 month update! I'm so trying to keep up with this though because I LOVE looking back at Phil's ...I wish I would have done this with the other two...ah well!

So...little Miss Stella Rosalie! didn't make her debut until October 11th! Yep...3 days baby of mine has ever been early! Needless to say I was more than ready...I felt like Rachel off of FRIENDS...miserable, mean and willing to do anything to get her out!

I think the worst this time was my sister and God love her but her and Jack were on edge every single time I made a noise or grimaced in pain (I mean come on braxton contractions are not the most comfortable- especially when they hit on your sciatic nerve). Jack would yell "call 911" when I would shout out in pain! He's a bit dramatic...I don't know where he gets it from!

So on my actual due date-October 8th (and OU/TX) we hung out. Jack and Jason actually had an away game in Edmond and I told him he couldn't go (I was so worried at how quickly Phil came that I didn't want to take that chance). We had an early morning game for Henry then watched the OU/Texas game and celebrated my MIL's birthday. Late that afternoon I did start having contractions- they were every 45 or so minutes apart and then got to about 30. They lasted all the way til 10 when I was in bed. I kept thinking it was going to happen so I was going to try and get some sleep. Then they just went away. That was it. Nothing.

Then nothing the next day. We even went to the Pumpkin Patch and had a nice family morning. Then some more started again later that afternoon and then again like the night before they just totally disappeared! SO frustrating. And each time this happened I just had Jason and Olivia staring at me. I would be in the middle of a contraction and I would look over and they would be just intently watching me. IT was a bit annoying I'll tell you.

So by Monday I had decided she wasn't coming for awhile. I had an appointment set up for Wednesday and Dr. Williamson said they would more or less strip (and try and get things moving for me), so I was just waiting on that.

Monday night comes and I started feeling them again, but wasn't counting on anything so I got in bed about 10. Jason quickly fell asleep but laying there I could feel them getting more intense and closer together, so about 11 I got out of bed. Olivia (my sister) and Mia (my cousin) had been upstairs watching a movie. They came down to find me sitting on the couch by myself. (Apparently Mia had told Olivia she needed to get out of here earlier before I went into labor- well apparently she didn't!). I was sitting on the couch with my trusty contraction timer. They come in and said "Why are you up?" to which I replied "Because I'm having contractions". SO, of course, Olivia asks me if this is really it. And not 2 minutes later my trust timer says "At this point you should probably be heading to the hospital". My contractions were about 7 minutes apart then. Yep, time to go! I'm not missing out on that epidural!

Okay so here's where I always find it gets humorous- when Jason gets involved. (rolling of the eyes here). So I go to wake him up and he's so soundly and deeply sleeping and I shake his arm and say "it's time to go the hospital", which he replies "how do you know?". I mean what? This is my 4th child and I'm pretty sure I know by now. Now I'm not in a complete panic quite yet about being there but a little bit. (some of you may not know but I had Phil naturally- not by choice I'll add- and I didn't want to have to do that again so I was very much worried about getting there in time for that wonderful epidural!).

We got dressed (though I wasn't happy with Jason's first choice and told him to change shirts- ha ha!) and then I'm ready to walk out the door! Well, Jason starts going through the pantry telling me he might want to get a little snack. At this point I kinda lost it on him because he had been poking around anyway. Then he starts rummaging in the cabinet looking for something. So apparently (and Mia & Olivia thought this was quite hysterical) I told him if he didn't get in the car and I missed my epidural I was going to "pinch his head off!" I mean I may or may not have said it.

Then! I get in the car and he starts rummaging through his dang car. I couldn't believe it. At this point I'm on the phone with my Dad and my Dad even offered to come over and get me. HE said he could get me there quicker than Jason anyway - ha ha! (even though none of this was funny at the time). I swear I was being tortured.

Finally! we arrived at St. John's at about midnight. And let me just tell you that it was a slow labor. I mean with Phillip I literally arrived at the hospital at about 7:30 and he was out by 11. Lil' Star just took her sweet time. I told my Mom that she would be out by 2 a.m. Nope. We got checked in and sorted and moved to our room ( I was only dilated to like a 3). So we sat and sat and then I got my epidural- thank the Lord! I was a-okay after that! (and anyone that has had a baby naturally knows what I"m talking about!)

Now remember that part earlier when I said Jason was looking for food. Well the nurse tells us that things are going really slow and that if we wanted to rest now was a good time. So I told Jason to leave and go get something to eat. He came back and I dozed in and out of sleep for a few hours. I mean she was in no hurry. 4 a.m. passed so did 6 a.m. and NOTHING. I mean I had texted all my cousins and besties and family and I still had no news to give them by 8 a.m.

Finally they came in and broke my water and it kinda helped but not as quickly as I thought. I'm telling you I laugh because Phillip was so much like his birth- fast and furious. So I'm guessing lil' Star will be like her birth- sweet and on her own lil' time!

Then family starts arriving- still no baby! So one of the nurses tells me they're going to use a peanut ball to induce labor. I was very confused especially when they brought it in. It literally looks like a peanut. Very odd. So by this time it's about 10:00 and no baby. My Dad is there, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mom and brother, my in-law's, my cousin..all there! So they scoot everyone out of the room and put the silly ball in between my legs. And that was it. I didn't do anything (I mean technically I couldn't- my legs were nice and numb) but lay there on my side with them in between my legs. I did that for about 10 minutes on one side then the other. Then all of a sudden the doctor comes in and says "where's your husband, we need to get him in here" and I was so confused but apparently the magic peanut ball had worked and I was ready to deliver! Of course Jason was down the hallway chatting so I had to send Olivia to get him. Olivia, Jason and my sis-in-law, Amy, were all in the room when I delivered her.

And it was FAST! The nurses all came in and prepped the room and we got ready and I literally pushed 3 times. That was it and lil' princess was out! I mean I cry every time with my babies and this was just as special- our lil' girl had finally entered this world! Sweet Stella! Ah we were so in love the minute we laid eyes on her. Giving birth and then having your lil' one put on your chest is one of the most amazing experiences. I just tear up thinking about it. There are so many emotions running through you- it's still even hard to write about- you're thinking about their arrival and how you've been anticipating this very moment. You examine every little inch of their little bodies and their little faces. You think of your relationship and their life and your life together and how truly blessed you really are. It's just a blessing. One of the greatest gifts that God gives us as women and I've been so fortunate to have this 4 times. (No more though!).

She was 6 lbs, 11 oz. and came at 11:09 a.m. Then the rest of the family joined in on meeting the lil' princess! This was definitely a different experience (I mean all of my babies have been). There were so many friends and family that it was really fun. I mean the last two babies it's just been Jason and I. Everyone is examining her and wanting to know who she looks like and what features she has that resemble the boys or us. It's all pretty amusing- and LOTS of pictures- of course!

Well, that's it. Stella and I were in the hospital for 48 hours ( though I didn't have a c-section I tested positive for the Group B so they had to monitor Stella). She dropped a bit of weight- she was 6'3 when we left the hospital. And honestly it wasn't because she didn't eat well- she took to breastfeeding really quickly- she just slept a TON! I'm pretty sure the labor wore her out as well!

And then we got to go home! To our family of 6! :)
The day after my due date- pumpkin Patch and last picture as a family of 5! 

Oh sweet girl! 

Nothing sweeter! 

Isn't the hat cute? Our darling nurse made it for her! 

That's my baby girl I've been waiting for! 

And here are her big brothers- Phil's first words were "no see baby" 

I think she has Livvy's lips! 

Some super proud family- and honestly Henry is the most proud-still is and you can see it on his darling face! 

But none tops this Daddy and his lil' lady! 

Leaving to go home! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

39 Weeks and counting...Baby Girl W

Well here I am again and everyone else is having their baby before always happens. I apparently create a very comfortable "home" for these little babes of much that they are content staying in! It doesn't help that I'm a bit impatient but I'm so ready to meet this little angel! I'm 39 weeks + 4 days...

Honestly this pregnancy has been really wonderful. I haven't been sick ONE single time and I've continued to be pretty active. I continue yoga and was still running up til about 3 weeks ago- just too hard on my bladder. But I walk at least 4 miles a week and do exercises- even push ups. The only thing that's hard is sleeping- having to go to the bathroom every hour to hour and a half and then my legs go numb on the side when I lay on them! Oh the joys!

And I will say I've managed to make it through half of the football season- even though it's been deadly hot still (where's the cool weather!?!?). I don't sit in the stands though- those things are killer. And if we're winning by a lot then I check out. Most of Jack's games are in the afternoon. One game went into 3 overtimes...thought I was cooking her right then and there!

The boys are so ready to meet her too- they always ask when she's coming and we've got a little pool going as to who gets the date right- if anyone. They are going to be wonderful big brothers. Though not quite sure about Phillip. He's kinda up in the air- I'm sure he will take it a little bit tough at first but he's a pretty adaptable little guy. He did inform me that "baby sister sleep in my bed with me" when I told him she was sleeping in the new crib upstairs! ha ha! Yea right!

Her room isn't entirely finished but the MOST finished I've ever been. I have a few small things to order but pretty much done. I'll post pics on here later- I'm doing golds, pinks and a bit of french country blue...with fairies! :) Loving it! I mean I've loved putting the boys rooms together...I'm a sucker for superheroes and cars!...but this girl stuff is so much fun!

Jack is now at the point that he asks me every single day when she is coming. I know he's excited but it's awful having everyone ask. I told Jason it was easier overseas when we didn't see as many people because I didn't get asked as much! :) My dr. says that everything is good and we will just wait and see- he's in no hurry and apparently she isn't either. NOW that I'm wanting to do the VBAC (oh it's now called a TOLAC- Trial of Labor after Csection) I can't do more than 10 days over...well Lordy I hope not!

I have been having intense braxton hicks contractions but nothing regular. The worst is Olivia's face. My lil' sis is staying with us now and knows nothing (obviously) about pregnancy so every time I make a noise or a face she asks me if I'm going into labor. Her and Jack. Jack yells "call 911!" I just grimace through the pain and laugh at them!

I think Jason is ready. I mean he's had 39 weeks to prepare for this lil' girl. He should be ready. He said he's beginning to wrap his mind around the fact that he will soon have a little girl. I know he still doesn't know how much this lil' lady is going to change his world!

Okay so that's my story will be with lil' lady in it...still not announcing the name though her initials are SRW. :)

Attaching a few pics- and some from my wonderful baby shower that my cousins and good friend threw for me at The Bistro (my favorite restaurant!)


My beautiful sis & mommy- lil' S is so blessed already! 

My wonderful hostesses! :) (minus Nancy who was sick in Austin!)

MIL & Mommy! 

My MIL and SIL! 

I'm really so much littler than I was with the boys...this was Sept 27th- t-minus 2 weeks
Final pregnancy pic- October 5th- 3 days before due date. 

On a walk...had to take a pic...he he! I know my neighbors thought I was crazy! I even jogged (joggled -jog/waddled) in the end...thought I could shake her out! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baby Girl "W" @ 6 Months

So I keep meaning to do a post with this pregnancy but let me just tell you that having 3 boys (one being a toddler) and as many activities as we have going on...let's just say I don't have a lot of spare time, especially with it being summer now.

Yes, baby Wiltshire #4 is on the way. No, it was not "officially" planned but in some many things in life God has had this planned out whether we knew or not and it's another blessing to our family. Many of you now know too that IT'S a GIRL! Woo! I mean I think I'm over the shock now, but it's taken me a good month.

Here's the deal. I felt different. My body felt different and deep down I thought it was a girl. BUT in trying not to get my hopes up, I just kept telling myself that it was a girl. I mean odds were definitely against us, right? Either way, I would have been happy. Everyone kept asking me and honestly I think anyone only ever wants a happy baby. Part of me said, you know what, "we have boys", "it's what we know", "doesn't change much of our lifestyle", etc., But then when I would think about it I would think about a precious girl and how much I've always wanted one.

I will say this as well. I told Jason after we had Phillip that I was done. I mean the last delivery was so traumatic for me that I didn't want to ever go through that again. However, as we mothers tend to do, we forget about what happened and we yearn for that next child. And this is what I told Jason. I said I knew if we were to have another one it would be a girl...I had this gut feeling. I told him over and over that he (not me) needed a girl. I told him it would change him in ways that I never could and I wanted that for him. So when I found out I was pregnant I told him that change was coming.

A week before we found out I had a dream. In the dream I was cutting a cake (just like we had talked about doing) and I just kept pulling out all of this pink icing. Yep. I had a dream about it. Still wasn't convinced though.

Olivia, my little sister, went with me to the appointment because Jason had a big meeting. Can I just say I was beyond nervous. Butterflies, jitters, you name it. I actually told Jason that I wasn't going to tell him til dinner with everyone later- he was nonetheless pleased. I mean he got upset when he thought I was serious about it. I think he was just as nervous as I was.

So into the appointment I go and let me just tell you I have 3 of my besties and cousins that 5 minutes after my appointment time are bombarding me with texts about what it is. In what appointment do you even get checked in that quickly? Seriously.

We made it to the ultrasound room and it was so funny- the nurse came in with us too- she said she had some time and was dying to see what it was (her and the ultrasound tech knew I had 3 boys already). So the U.T. starts up and then after a minute I'm like "Well, what is it" and she says "Well, I'm pretty sure but I want to be 100% before I say anything". SO I blurt out, "Well what do you think it is?" I mean I just wanted something at that point. And baby was not cooperating very well so she was having a hard time really getting a good angle- I even had to move onto my side. SO this goes on and on for about 2 minutes and I'm just loosing it. Then my doctor walks in and goes "I know what it is" (with this dead set positive attitude- like were all crazy). I mean for the love of all things someone please tell me! "OH yea, that's a girl for sure" And then Olivia and I just looked at each other and started crying. Woo! A GIRL!

My husband had to immediately know so after the appointment I drove to his office. I told him I needed to see his face in person. He comes walking out arms crossed (work headset on and all) and I couldn't even hold a straight face- I"m sure I was just gleaming and glowing all over. He knew it. He said "It's a girl isn't it?" and I just laughed and hugged him and he just let out this huge sigh. Oh Jason- you have no idea what you are in for my love! :) (and trust me- he knows it too- that's why the big sigh).

So we're all happy-the boys couldn't be more excited. They were wanting a girl too. It will definitely be a big change in this household but something were very much looking forward to!

Now with my pregnancy- I feel great. Honestly. I've had no complaints other than the fact that I'm starting not to sleep very well- it's just my back- very hard to find a really comfortable position. BUT I will say that I couldn't be more grateful for YOGA! Game changer. I have never been into yoga but started when we moved back to Tulsa and it honestly makes a huge difference in my body and the stretches are wonderful for my back.

I still work out at least 2-3 times a week. I eat a bit more carbs than I did while not pregnant, especially on the days that I work out. I'm still running but certainly not as far or long- I would but my bladder can't take it. Dang bladder. It's awful! No big cravings that I can really think of - well, blackberries are in season now and I could eat an entire huge bowl. Oh- and the Bistro salad. HA! It's a restaurant down the street and I have Jason pick it up for me at least every two weeks- apples, walnuts, mixed greens- I don't know- I just love it and want it.

Alright that's my update for 6 months- baby girl "W"- (And no there is not a name yet!) is doing wonderfully. Next appointment I do another ultrasound and my glucose test but everything has been perfect so far. It's really gone by quickly and I know with summer and the beginning of school activities it's just going to fly. She will be here before we know it. :)

Here's my first shot- this was at about 9 weeks- and yes isn't that crazy- I was already popping (actually this was the week after I found out!) And poor Phil- he is pointing but no idea what at! ha ha! 

And here it is- IT's a GIRL! I had no idea what to look for- I just was looking for the little boy part. :)


Here's our video- it's pretty funny- clearly some excited and shocked individuals! 

And this was the bump at Olivia's graduation- about 17 weeks 
And the last one of baby girl - 20 weeks. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Phil's 2nd Birthday!

Oh don't you hate when they turn two then they're no longer really a "baby"...they've officially entered into the toddler stage. Well, and trust me I have a toddler...we are no less short on the tantrums and independent personality than the books describe!

Phillip is definitely our most strong willed and independent one of the group. The other boys were independent at this age but not so dominant about it. I mean we have real struggles in this house with him- he does not give up. It's the horse personality- very stubborn! So I've had to learn how to really stay patient with him which some days is a struggle. It is really funny and cute though- I know- hard to say- but his favorite sayings now are "I do it" and "I walk" and I mean it's not politely said. It is a very domineering and forceful statement. So most of the time I let him unless I"m in a hurry or he's just not acting right. But most of the time he's really pretty good- he just likes exploring the world on his own.

I think part of it is also because he's the youngest of three brothers. He so very much wants to be a big boy- to do what they do, to play what they play and be just like them. SO how can I get that upset? He loves his brother's dearly. Actually Henry "Re Re" is his bestie. Whatever Henry says, Phillip does. They really play quite well together being 4 years apart and it is just about the sweetest thing.

His vocabulary since turning two has flourished- he repeats everything that we say and knows most of his colors, animals, fruits, etc., He says "xie xie" (thank you in mandarin) very well and now says "no xie xie" for no thank you. It's pretty funny. His favorite books right now are an animal book and his "potty" book- we read them every night before bed. He loves reading- he always tries to get me to add on multiple books too- "one more?" and gives me the saddest face. (depends on how tired this mama is!)

Okay so he's kinda a "motor" head. Not kinda but ALOT. The child loves mowers, blowers, weed eaters, cars, trucks, vacuum cleaners, tractors, dirt...well anything that makes noise. So you can imagine how are car rides go, especially with it being summer. He wants to point out every one that he sees AND he wants me to acknowledge to him that I've seen it. It's so hysterical but I'm not going to lie- I cannot wait til fall when they're aren't so many out. He literally stays outside with Jason while he mows and takes his little toy mower and does the same thing he does. Let's just say that yard work days are his favorite!

It's June now (his birthday was in May) and he is officially another Wiltshire Water boy- loves the pool! Loves the water! He has his floaties and his little Frozen (it's the only one I could find) tube and just swims his little heart away in the water- splashing around and having such a great time. Another activity for him to do and enjoy with his dad and brothers- I'm telling you- mom is no longer cool. It's all boys!

We had our 2 year appointment and everything was fabulous. He's about 34 lbs. and exactly 3' tall. He's a big boy. Big. He took his shots like a champ too- didn't even break a tear- he's really a tough little guy. (now trust me he also likes to milk it, especially to his mama!)

We had a fun birthday party for the little guy- and what else- but Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse and Kung Fu Panda are his favorite right now...obsessed)! We had a great time celebrating this spunky little guy and all that he means to us. It's hard to think that we have three boys and how different they can be sometimes and how we have such a different (yet same) love for them. He is his own personality and own person and we love every single bit of him...our family wouldn't be complete without this little guy...his little curls and all!

First time in the pool- it was still a little chilly then! 

Birthday Boy sporting his Mickey shirt! 

Still didn't get the concept of blowing out the candles but had some help! 

His bestie..."Re Re"

One of his birthday presents was a toy vacuum cleaner...let's just say it was a hit. 

There he is...won't miss a beat out there mowing with daddy

Little swimming time with Papa and  Jack...he's a water baby! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Henry's 6th Birthday

Yes, I hate it when I'm late but when spring break and life get in the way then that definitely means Henry's birthday blog is over a month late. That's life for me! :)

Well this was just the most epic of Birthdays- #6! ...and STAR WARS at that! I mean everything is Star Wars and Henry is absolutely obsessed with it. We went to take him and Jack this Christmas to the new one and he's hooked. Over the course of the next month or so we caught him up on all of the old ones. One of his gifts too for Christmas from the Wiltshire's in Denver were Disney Star Wars characters- so heaven for him!

I bought a lot of things early on some different party supply places...and you know...Jack had a Lego Star Wars party in Sydney and I still had some baggies and supplies left over from that! Then I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest to make light sabers out of pool noodles. Yea that was a big hit! I mean 16 boys and girls and big foam light sabers...what's not crazy about that?

I didn't get near the pictures that I wanted, of course, because I was busy with games and all the kiddos but managed to get what I could. It being winter too...I had to put the party in the middle of two basketball games so it was a crazy day all together. I know Henry absolutely loved it. I always let the kids have ONE big house now that's over! I told him next one will be when he's 16!

Other than letting the kids run around, we played a pin the tale version of Star Wars, we had a balancing race with balloons on the light sabers and we had a piñata! I love a piñata at kid's birthdays- they're so much fun and the kids get oh so excited! Honestly between that and letting the kids have lunch and cake the two hours ran out so quickly that we didn't even have time to open gifts while everyone was here!

Party room- loving the big standup of Kylo Ren! My cousin found him on clearance at Wal-Mart for $5! 

I had this extra little foam board and all these cut outs so I added pictures of Henry with them! And the little cups were Valentine's day cups that I took the candy out of- aren't they cute?!

Henry with some of his besties! 

Our good friend Solomon and my niece Langley!

Bosco. Miserable in his Chewbacca outfit. Lou Lou had her yoda one- we all have our costumes for next year! 

Little action time on the Piñata! 

Doesn't he look like he's going into action here...little Jedi! 

Of course big brother had to come in and show them how it's done! 

Another beautiful birthday cake by Aunt Kathy! 

My little...but big 6 year old!

So this is my favorite part of these blogs...and also the saddest...writing about who they are at this age. I love reflecting and seeing how much they've grown but then I realize too that they just keep growing. My heart is happy though because I love who Henry is becoming.

He's obviously HUGE into Star Wars...I mean we have tons of characters and practically every library book that he brings home is some sort of Star Wars theme. We can't hide from it. He just finished up his first season of basketball and absolutely loved it. Now we are on to soccer. I think he loves finally being able to play himself...he's watched Jack for far too many years. :)

Henry is doing wonderfully at school and especially in the Chinese Immersion program that he just started this year in kindergarten. He's always saying things to me in Chinese and still lucky for me...I know it...but I know it won't be for long. His teachers tell us the same things that we know...he's very polite and sweet with all the kids, loves interacting in group time but in their individual work sometimes he's a little slower. Well that's because Henry doesn't do things like this fast. He is constantly observing other kids and taking in his surroundings. Not talking or interrupting people but taking in the world. I really wish I knew all the thoughts that were going through his head when he was doing this. He's my little thinker. Very intuitive and insightful. "That one he is!" (Yoda! ha ha)

My lil' Henry really does get along well with his brothers. Yes, him and Jack fight but what brothers don't. And he gets impatient with Phillip but who wouldn't...little brother likes to knock down his blocks and terrorize his characters while he's playing. He really is the most patient with Phillip though...I often hear Henry calling him to go play this or go do this with him and you can imagine that that is the highlight of Phillip's day. Maybe Henry understands what it's like to be a little brother and wants to show some love. (At least that's what I'm thinking!)

I have to post one last picture of Henry though! The birthday party was such a success...ending with a lost front tooth! Want to know how it came out??? Yep...Henry and Jack were playing on the trampoline and for some reason (we can only imagine what Jack did) Henry bit Jack. And his loose tooth came out! What a day! It was really quite comical!

Happy 6th Birthday my little darling William Henry!