Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sydney: Nielsen's Park-Shark Beach

Another Sydney "To-Do" post! I told you, we are really working on knocking this "to-do" list out. :)

It was nice that we had a 3 day weekend- so we took Monday morning and went to Nielsen's Park. It's over the bridge and on the other side of Darling Harbour, near Vaucluse. I will say that this area has some of the most expensive houses in Sydney- and in Australia, and when you start heading up the hill (with the coast on the side) you can see why. The most amazing views of the city- you have the water views, the bridge, the Opera House and most of Sydney. It's unreal.

Anyway, this is a really small beach- it's located right next to the Sydney National Park, so you can take bush walks up from Nielsens' Park. We, however, just had a relaxing beach day- laying out, getting some sun, building some sand castles and splashing in the water.

It was probably about 75 yesterday- great weather, but the water is still freezing. This did not keep Jack out though- he is a water boy through and through. Jason got in a few times- quickly in and out and Henry splashed around about up to his knees, but that was it. I stayed clear. :)

It is funny, the beach is called "Shark" Beach, but it 's completely surrounded by nets, so guess you really won't be seeing any sharks. :) There is one small area on one side that isn't netted off. But if you've heard any of the news on shark attacks- Australia has had quite a few, although not in Sydney. Therefore, I don't go that far out.

Anyway, not a lot of beach area, but a very quiet area with tons of surrounding areas for a great picnic. They also have a restaurant and a little small diner that serves coffee, drinks and easy lunches. It's a great location and a great drive too. Plus- there was no parking fees! You learn that when you're in Sydney, you can get hit at times with ridiculous parking fees. Some up to $10 an hour. So to not have parking fees was nice. :)

A great way to end our Labour Day weekend- then came back home and had a nice relaxing evening with our boys! :)