Friday, January 30, 2015

Phillip @ 8 Months

Well well does this little one keep me on my toes or what? I am now at the point that I really don't sit down ALL day. Let's just say that this month Phillip has had the most advancements in a short amount of time than I thought possible.

He went from crawling (he's now quicker than I ever could have imagined) one week, then the next he was cheekily pulling himself up on to things, to crawling up the stairs to well...what else is there except for walking (So NOT ready for that yet!). So yea he keeps me busy.

Of course you know his favorite spot to go to? The fireplace hearth. Yep. I move him away from it half way across the room and tell him no, and then he just immediately makes a beeline for it. It's terrible. I have actually resorted to getting a "cage" for the little tike. Anything to keep him safe because he gives me a heart attack every time he pulls himself up on it.

He does crack me up though. Every time he pulls himself up on to something he really thinks he's quite special. He lets out this little squeal and then grins and laughs. It's an ornery one too. He knows what he's doing to his mama!

He's also added two more teeth to the collection- we now have a total of 6. I had him at the gym one morning and the ladies asked me if he was teething. I assured them there was no way (I mean we just had the top two come in over Christmas), but sure enough he was. They are through and everyone is much happier (teething babies are never happy!). So we are adding quite a few things to his meals. He is now on 3 jars per meal. He loves ChikfilA waffle fries (no judging!), blueberries, bananas, cheerios and cheese bits. I'm slowly adding in other things and it's funny watching him try to pick them up with his fat little fingers.

And this hungry boy is also growing. He's now in 18-24 month clothes and that makes me sad. Jason continues to tell me my "baby" is growing. I won't believe it! He's getting more hair too...I mean it's not much by any stretch but it's some. I still love rubbing his little head though. It's one of my favorite things to do to him.

I'm getting ready to switch his carseat. He's outgrown the baby carrier. Just can't squeeze him into it anymore. Plus he HATES laying down in it. He only wants to be looking out the window and strains to lift up and see what his big brothers are doing. Always looking. Always curious. Always ready for the next thing. That's my baby! :)

A little downward dog..he watches mommy...or himself in the reflection of the door!

I love this little smile and these big teeth!
And here we are...constantly pulling up on things!

And this looks about right...little fun in the morning!

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's been 6 Months...Transition still in Progress!

Yes, it's been half a year since we've made our big move back to the US. Saying that we've been here for 6 months just somehow sounds so odd. Time has flown yet I don't know still how I feel about it all. And honestly part of me even feels bad for saying that because I know people think that maybe I don't love Oklahoma as much as I do, and it's not as exciting, or I'm not proud of my State. But that's not how it is at all. I've been exposed to an entirely different lifestyle and world and all are very dear to my heart. The thing is, when you've been in limbo for this many years, it's hard to find your place again.

I run into people all the time that I haven't seen in awhile (or since being back) and their first question usually is "how is it to be back?" and honestly my answer is always different. It's kinda like "how's your day going?" in that it just depends on the day. There are days that I truly miss living overseas- I miss the adventures that we used to have exploring around our cities, the interaction on a daily basis with some of the oddest circumstances, the food (ugh let's not talk about that), and really just having our own little world. Yet I love being back here. It's a fresh of breath air (literally and physically) to be near family, to go to the grocery store and know what you want will be there, the ease of shopping, the boys being involved in sports (and not just talking about soccer or futbol), having two cars, etc., I mean I could really go on about the list of pros.

It's just rather difficult coming back. Our world is not the same as it was when we first left Tulsa and I think for me, it's just truly a transition in trying to figure out exactly where we belong. However that being said and after the numerous moves that we've done, I know that it takes time. It's going to take me at least a year to feel truly comfortable here. And I know some of you are thinking I'm absolutely crazy but that's the reality of it. And truth be told. I'm okay with that. We all have periods in our lives that our "transitions" and "new beginnings" and for me I welcome it with open arms.

Our boys are in different stages and they're in activities so we're meeting new people. All of our friends we once hung out with quite often have new babies and different lives. Jason's business is totally different so that's bringing in lots of changes to us as well. So that's tough somedays really. For me I have to tell myself that our life is not what it was when we left Tulsa 7 years ago and I cannot expect it to be the same- and that includes every facet of our life. So for me, the best way I know how to work this is just to pretend like this is a new city and a new life.

Then there's me. I always ALWAYS always try and figure out my life. And I'm not just talking about being a wife and a mother. That is what I am. I never leave that role. It is who I am and is at the core of my heart. But there are areas in my life that I've still yet to explore and it's definitely been fun exploring those different avenues in other countries, and so now it's time to do the same. Again, this will take time though because as mentioned, it does take time to transition and my main priority is making sure these boys (husband as well) are firmly planted and feeling comfortable in our new "home".

I have taken on a "little" job. Fun really. I'm working part time at Williams Sonoma. I love it. (Thought I"m pretty sure my husband doesn't love the margin of what my paycheck is for what I spend there!). As much as I love my boys and I love being a mother, I think it's so fantastic to get out of the house for a bit. To do something you love- whether it be a job or a hobby or going to the gym. Making time for you is so very crucial. Many wise MEN have stated, "If Mama ain't happy then nobody is happy!". And however simple that statement may be, it's true to the core!

Now, on and forward into the New Year! 2014 was a whirlwind of changes for us and every year I swear that we will have somewhat of a "normal" year, but I"m just going to say that I"m going to welcome whatever may come our way!

Happy New Year~ and cheers to 2015!!!!
Okay yes, my heart and belly are telling me that I miss these! I want to cry! We would all just give anything for some of our delicious dim sum! 

Ha! Jason would die if he knew I was posting this! Sure don't miss those LONG LONG flights!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but I love Oklahoma sunsets! Happy to see those again!

And super happy to be back with family and football! 

And maybe not for me but I know my boys love having delicious donuts back...they're just not the same overseas!

But I do miss this- nothing beats a run down this view (and passing some old Chinese tai chi group!)

Okay another one we don't miss- especially Jason. This was his daily commute on the train! Notice he doesn't look so amused by the situation! I'm sure he enjoys having his own car now!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Phillip @ 7 Months

Well wouldn't you know I'm late again on this...but little one was 7 months on the 22nd of December...3 days before the Christmas mayhem! Then Christmas came, then New Years and all in between there 3 boys at home, sicknesses, get togethers, etc., etc., ! Day 2 of kiddos being back at school and I'm just catching up on things.

Ah my little angel is such a mover and a shaker. Literally. He was ooching and belly crawling all over the place before Christmas and then low and behold on the 29th he started full crawling. Yep. All over the place. And, of course, he loves everything that he's not supposed to be in to, including a rod iron table that I have that he likes to chew on. So weird.

Luckily, I had anticipated all of this and had the big boys move their "lego" area into the living room. NO legos are allowed in the side living room (where Phillip spends most of his time). I just can't take any chances there. He still likes to put just about everything in his mouth and I don't need a lego emergency.

Now when I say he's a mover and a shaker I'll also say that (thanks to my husband working with him) he can now pull himself up on things. Yep. Started doing that a few days ago. I put him in his bed for a nap, then went in to check on him a few minutes later. Ugh! I peered in and there he was, holding on to the bed rail fully standing up! I had to call Jason in to look at him and we just started laughing. He was so proud of himself! But you know that's a problem because we have a nice fireplace (baby proofed now with some nice padding) and all sorts of chairs and tables that he thinks he needs to pull up on now.

I say this upsets me and it does. Not because he's moving and I have to be more careful in watching him, but because he's growing too fast! :( It's heartbreaking sometimes. I mean I love all of the stages and ages of my boys, but there's that little stab in the heart when you realize that their not little babies anymore. Time slow down. Let me cherish this a bit longer. So I do. At night when he's ready for bed (and I am not nursing anymore) he has his bottle and then I rock him. I let him lay on my chest a little too long but yet not long enough. And trust me, if I could do it with the two older ones without my legs going completely numb I would!

Now on to that sickness I was talking about. It's all gone around our house over the holidays and finally little one got it. And it was bad. Terrible. He's such a happy little guy but when you've got croup and you have your top two teeth coming through it makes for a rough two weeks! Nonetheless, Phillip has two more chompers to add and he's loving them. He had his first taste of a ChickfilA fry the other day and munched til there was nothing left!

With his new teeth he's definitely enjoying his new freedom with food- little bits of strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Little bits of cheese, breads and soft crackers. He's doing well though Jack insists he's ready for a cheeseburger...all too soon my little friend!

We so loved sharing Phillip's first Christmas with him! It made it so fun to have a baby again and oh how he LOVES that Christmas tree! He would make a mad dash for it in his walker (before he was crawling) and go straight for this purple ornament I had up. He also loved pulling out these red little glittery balls that were on my swags on the stairs. Seriously.

Of course he didn't care about the "presents" but loved the wrapping paper and crawling around the boys in all the madness. He made our Christmas just more special! We couldn't imagine any more holidays without the little piker! So here's to 7 months of pure joy with this little one and many many more!
Christmas him in his little pjs!

Hanging out with his cousin Hollace on Christmas morning!