Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jack's 8th Birthday Celebrations

I cannot believe that my first born just turned 8 (last week actually!). Ah where has the time gone! I just picked up a shirt for him in San Diego and got AGAIN a size too small. I told my husband that I'm pretty sure my brain is in constant denial about how big he is. There is no way to me that he can possibly be a kids Large...because that means he's almost in the Mens' sizes. NOT POSSIBLE. I guess I will just continue to buy him too small of shirts and make him look goofy. ha ha!

This is actually the first year that Jack hasn't had a big blowout party. After last year, I told him he could just have a few friends over for a sleepover. So that's what we did! No pinterest, over the top, glorified party...just a few boys, little bowling, eating, staying up late and boys' sheenanigans. He loved it!

We did it over fall break so it was fantastic- perfect time! He just had 3 boys. All of which are either on his football team or friends at school. We took them bowling, then to play arcade games. Jason came back the "coolest Dad" because apparently he hit the jackpot spinning for tickets. So all the boys got to pick out a prize...including those little spin tops that spin up in the air (those only caused a few accidents!). Fed them chik-fil-a, then off to watch a movie. Jack was funny, he said they all tried to stay up all night and just couldn't do it. I honestly think they fell asleep about 11....didn't even make it to midnight. (although I know that this won't always be the case!)

We wrapped up fall break and his birthday celebrations (because YES, we do BIRTHDAY weeks!) with a trip to Jason's grandparent's lake house- a place we love!- and then a family birthday party.

We also took a small trip to the pumpkin patch...we hadn't been since right before Jack turned one. And this was when I looked over and my 11 month old had literally picked up a wheelbarrow and was walking with it. Seriously? That tells you about him...brute strength...doesn't ever know it either! Now..I'm sure some will get a little heated about my "opinion" on the pumpkin patch but I'm pretty sure we will be skipping it for a few years. I mean HONESTLY...the soiree of people just there to take pictures of their kids in front of the pumpkins! Yes...we were there too...and that part was miserable. Of course I love doing anything with my boys but I can't take people forcing their children to pose and making them and everyone else truly miserable in the process! BOO! However, the boys did LOVE picking out their pumpkins and trying to lift them...hilarious. And Henry loved his camel ride...he he...even though it was literally a minute jaunt. Gosh. And $80 for pumpkins...at least we got a slew of them...better than the $50 I paid in HK last year for the 3 tiniest things I've ever seen!

The birthday celebration! 
Okay, back to JACK! Jack did get some pretty neat gifts and he just loved this being the first year (since he was 1) that he got to celebrate his birthday with all of his family. Right now family is the world to him and that just was the icing on the cake! And the big lego set and electric scooter! This boy is set!

Just wrapping up with some of our pictures from his Birthday week!

Ah yes...asleep on the golf cart ride! 

This is what we got folks! 

Okay no pinterest party...but pinterest Rice Krispie Cupcakes...add in a little yellow cake mix and you have the BEST rice krispies ever! 

Ha! Family photo time with the birthday boy! 

And this is my snuggler....he's so happy with his little stuffed animals he got! Still my "little" boy! 
I should have added this on there but I wanted to "note" what Jack is in to now and what's going on with him. Shall I mention that he's 92 lbs. and in a boys size L shirt. I think I mentioned above how big he's getting and I'm still in denial.

He's still my little cuddle bug. He comes down every morning and wants a hug, which melts my heart. Though all my dancing that was once "cool" is now not. When I sing and dance in the car he says "that's just weird". So then I torture him a bit. I told him for Halloween I was going to have music outside and dance around singing "I'm Jack's Mom", "I'm Jack's Mom". Oh the worst. I guess we've entered into that stage. But I will say it's not too bad. He enjoys me going up to school and always gives me a hug.

He's really a good help with Phillip. He picks him up when he's crying and entertains him when I need a few extra minutes. Him and Henry continue to fight. Jack loves to aggravate his middle brother. 

School is excellent. His reading has improved profoundly, especially when he's not rushing through. We read 15-20 minutes every night. He really doesn't have too much homework during the week, but he does it well and is pretty responsible about it, but of course, we still have whining about it here and there. 

We start basketball tonight (one more week of football too). Jack has never played so this should be fun! I hope he likes it. 

I finally picked up our Wii from my parents house and Jack has been into "Just Dance". He is actually pretty good. It's hysterical to watch him. He loves dancing. I mean it's a talent to watch and copy moves...not everyone can do it. We all enjoy watching him. 

We just love this boy...and excited to see how he evolves and the "big boy" he's becoming...

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Place to Call "Home"

Well, we finally have a place of our own! Hard to believe after nearly 3 months of living at my parents house. And God thank them...I know it was not easy having 3 kids (including a baby), a big dog and 2 extra adults. I know they loved having us, but there is a reason I believe that your kids one day move out and move on. ha ha!

We are just renting right now. It actually seems almost comical, because if I was looking for houses in HK or Sydney, I would have loved any that we would have come across in Tulsa. I mean, laundry rooms (those don't really exist), big kitchens, yards (seriously?), closets (do you know that our last house had NONE!). BUT when you're buying and not renting, I think you tend to be a little bit more picky and we just haven't found anything that we're truly crazy about.

I wish I would have taken a picture of all the boxes that we had in our garage. But mental image if you will- we have a 3 car garage and once I got unfinished unpacking them all- our entire garage was full- and to the top. Terrible. Do you know that when we made our first move to Shanghai we took our master king bed and about 15 boxes? Now we ended up with rooms filled with furniture and about 250 boxes.

My mother in law was asking how I get it unpacked and done so quickly. Well, do you know how many moves I've had in the last 7 years? Out it goes. Now it's not all in it's place and I still have quite a bit of work to do, but everything is out of the boxes. Not to mention I tend to be a little OCD so it more or less has to be done so I don't see the boxes. No rest until that's done!

The house is great and who knows...we could make it our own! We have tons of space- but you know how children are, they want to be right where you are. So the whole upstairs with their massive bedrooms and a huge game room are virtually unused. Not to mention my little Jack is now scared to go up there by himself. He slyly cons Henry into always going upstairs with him.

AND we LOVE our neighbors. Couldn't be more nice and friendly. It's a great neighborhood so we are really blessed. Does make us miss our fabulous neighbors we had in Hong Kong though too- sometimes you find the greatest friends just next door.

One downside of moving this much is the cost. I mean when you move into a new house you usually have to buy a few new things (to fit the house because not every house is the same) but I'm talking over and above now. Meaning we have had to buy new electronics in EVERY place we have lived. And yes, we've done a few used purchases online, etc., but think about how much one uses- TV's, VCR's, coffee machines, blenders, hair dryers!, lamps,...the list goes on and on. Why in the world do we not all have the same voltage and watts. Kills me. It will take some time to get all those electronics that we need. It would be a fortune to buy it all at once!

This house more and more is becoming our "home" though I've always told the boys that our "HOME" is just where our family lies. A "house" has just been an object for us over the last 7 years...a place to put our things, a place to make memories, a place to lay our head at night after our adventures, a place to welcome new friends and family and eventually a place we end up leaving to find anew!

Who knows how long we will be here, but for the moment and time we are quite happy with this new place...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Phillip @ 4 Months!

Well, I'm shocked that I'm actually sitting down to write this, but I don't want to forget (even though I'm a week late!). Lil' one is growing too quickly so he gets lots of extra kisses and snuggles from his Mommy, and I will admit I'm creating a bit of a monster. I think he gets carried around a lot more than the other too. He's quite content on Mommy's hip. It's his happy place.

Lil' P turned 4 months old last Monday, and the night before he had his first roll over. Now he does it all the time, and it's good and it's bad. All of my boys (including Phillip) have slept on their tummies. So now when he rolls over when he's sleeping he freaks out. His arms shoot up like he's been electrocuted and then he cries. So you can imagine with my good sleeper how this has messed us up.

Not to mention, he cut TWO bottom teeth about a week before. So we now have two nice sharp little chompers. Not so sure how long I will continue to breast feed. So with the teething we haven't had the best nights- for the last two weeks he's been waking up twice a night. And this is rough for me considering at 6 weeks old he was sleeping entirely through the night. I know I need to let him cry it out, but he's been in our room (until a week ago) and that makes it rough. It shall pass though...

He had his appointment last week on the 22nd and is, of course, off the charts in height and weight. He's 17.1 lbs and 28 1/4 in in height. Dr. Gordon (who was my pediatrician and the all the boys) laughed and said all the boys have been this. Jason's reply to this was, "Yes were breeding them big". Excuse me. When was this ever considered "breeding"? He's one proud Daddy I suppose!

He did very well with his shots though. Poor lil' one had 3 big shots and only cried for about 30 seconds and then that was it. Over. Big smiley boy again!

So my big boy has now moved from rice cereal to oatmeal and two days ago we started in on vegetables and fruit. He had peas and pears. It went okay. He wasn't too keen on the peas at first, but he's gotten the hang of it. And quite honestly he's sleeping a lot better during the day. I think the lil' guy wasn't quite full enough. He's also had a few of the teething biscuits, though I have to assist him. He's pretty good at grasping thing, but he doesn't quite have it yet. So when that biscuit falls from his hand and out of his mouth he looses it. So I usually help him hold it or I break off little pieces and let him gum it. The funniest thing. I love babies and those teething biscuits- they get so excited over them!

Phillip has also discovered his toes! He loves them. It makes me laugh too because I've gotten into yoga and the other day we did the "Happy Baby Pose" and it's basically what he does when he's trying to nibble on his toes. He is also "ooching"...moving across the floor quite well. So he can definitely not be left by himself anymore. It's only a matter of time before he's crawling and chasing after the boys. Then things are going to get really interesting. Lord help me! :)

He also is becoming quite spoiled. He thinks that he needs to be entertained 24/7 (which most of the time he is) so when he's not he gets a bit upset. Though it is quite funny because he seems to think that Jack and Henry are just about the funniest things in this world (he clearly hasn't gotten out much!). I took a video a few weeks ago of him laughing hysterically at Henry while eating cheetos (I think it was the crunching). Then last week I asked the boys to watch Phillip while I grabbed something outside. He was in my bathroom in his little chair/swing. When I came back into the bedroom, I found that Jack had moved him. He had posted him right up facing the bed where the two oldest were in the midst of a wrestling match. I watched as Phillip wondered in amazement at these shenanigans then he would bust out hysterically laughing. This worries me...a foreshadowing of only what is to come...

Other than that, he's moved into a new home. We found a house and moved in next week so this is the 3rd home technically that P has lived in since he was born. He's napping now- is quite content listening to my "chill" music...little bit of Adele, Coldplay, Enya and Carly Simon!

Honestly...what's not to love about all of these rolls and chunkiness!?!? We were lunching with one of my besties from highschool- just fell asleep! 

Enjoying Henry's soccer game! Already the supportive little brother! 

Do we see those little choppers!?! @ his 4 month appointment

And don't judge...this was his nap time bed when we were moving in! 
And don't report us...Daddy gets the job done...lil' beer in hand and watching football!