Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kid's Say the Darndest things....the boys views on the new Baby!

So in keeping with my pregnancy, there is no way that I can't keep memories of the funny things that Henry has said to me about the baby (have to start now- I'm sure I've already forgotten some of them). I will have to keep adding to this one as time goes along but I'm so loving this part of my pregnancy and having older boys.

When I was pregnant with Henry, Jack was just turning 3, so he did get the notion of a new baby brother, but didn't really seem to care much (what 2/3 year old does?). Both boys now like to ask me questions about what the baby is doing, or "when is he coming out", etc., etc., and it's so very entertaining to hear their precious remarks.

Of course, these are remarks that you could only get out of a child. They do so take everything literally and because they don't yet know fully about this process, their mind wanders and skips around all the different scenarios in what this baby could possibly be doing. Is the baby playing video games? Eating? Laughing? It's all too much! :)

So here are some of the funny things that Henry has said to me (and a few of Jack's):

1. One day while in the car coming home from school, Henry asked me, "Mom, what door does the baby come out of?" - my reply was nothing but laughing! How do you even answer that question to a 3 year old

2. Henry has, since the day we told him about the baby, asked me "when the baby is coming out?" But he doesn't understand time yet, so it's difficult for him. Though I've been telling him for time sake that it'll be after his birthday. But the other day he asked in such an impatient tone and I said, "Henry, not yet, he's still in there cooking" Well, you can imagine what he thought as he started chuckling. SO when Jason asked him why it was funny, he said, "he's in there cooking eggs and bacon" Really? He took it literally. Eggs and bacon it is. Where I replied, "no, the baby IS the bacon!"

3. Jack was pretty set on a baby sister- I think he doesn't want another brother to always want his toys, etc., So when I told him that we found out it was another boy, he said, "Ahhh, can't you tell your tummy to change it?" Nope son, that's not the way it works, even though we've had the discussion about God creating babies, etc.,

4. The other day Jack and I were jamming (yes we were) in the car and I told him that the baby was moving around. I said, "He must like this music". Jack said, "you think he's dancing in there" and I said, "yep, I do" then I did a little move and said that's what he was doing. Jack just thought that was the funniest thing- hysterical laughs from him so I know now he thinks the baby does little jive moves in my stomach (which by the way he's moving, he probably does).

5. Henry asked me this week (out of the blue) "Mom, does the baby come out naked?" and when I replied yes, I got more rounds of hysterical laughing from both Jack and Henry. Of course- naked bum bums to them is always funny.

6. I will tell you something Jack DOES NOT think is funny- and that's the anatomy of a pregnant women with a baby inside. I showed him some of the pictures from my BabyApp and how small the baby was and how it grows each week. It wasn't graphic- just showing the baby inside and how small it was (from the 1st trimester). Well that was too much for him- a little peanut was "grosse" to him and he's feeling much better knowing that baby brother looks like a human now. :)

7. I'm adding this- I think I put this on Facebook a few months past, but Jack said one day, "Mom, why do babies grow in your belly?" I said, well that's just where God thought the best place would be. His reply was, "wouldn't it be funny if the baby grew in your head?" Um, no Jack, it wouldn't. He then proceeded over the next few weeks to talk about how funny it would be. One day Henry even said, "then the baby would play with your brain". Well fabulous thought my two boys!

8. We've also had quite a bit of laughter over the boys name suggestions for their upcoming brother- ranging everywhere from Skylander names to names of their friends. Henry even has suggested Bosco (our dog). And Jack loves yelling the "contender" names out loud- just so he "can see what it sounds like when it's being yelled"- which of course makes sense to a seven year old.

9. Well and of course I thought this topic could be avoided but would eventually come up- breastfeeding. So I thought it only appropriate one night when Jack brought home a library book- anatomy book. We were talking about each page, and when we got to the teeth page, we started talking about the baby because I had to explain to Henry that his new littler brother wasn't going to have teeth for awhile. So then, he asked what he would eat, so I felt it was the time to tell them about breastfeeding. They both looked at me all disgusted then burst out laughing. Then you can imagine- both grabbing their bobbies and acting like they were squeezing milk out. Why? Honestly...why do boys do this? A little girl wouldn't do that! Ah- the life and mind of a boy!

I'm sure the list will grow and grow, especially the bigger my stomach gets. The boys don't give it a whole lot of attention (and not that I expect that they would- they're boys), but they do like to rub on it or give kisses and constantly like to tell me how "big my belly is growing". :) Not something a woman wants to really hear, but that's long as they don't tell me I'm swollen! :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1st Pregnancy Post: Catching up at 22 weeks

This is a little bit exciting and weird for me- this is my 3rd child and I've never really documented anything on any of my pregnancies. I have pictures yes and my memories, but that's about it. So I thought it would be fun to have a record of sorts to look back on- especially since this might (probably) be the last one. :)

This pregnancy came as a bit of a shock! Nothing like feeling like you're getting settled into your new country, then wham- here ya go! ha ha! The first part of September this year was crazy- Jack and Henry had both started new schools and we were all meeting new people and trying to get into a schedule of sorts- so my mind was otherwise occupied. Then one day it hit me- I was late-and then I just knew. I had a gut feeling (and usually those are right).

Funny thing was, I told Jason, and he said, well "make sure" then we can talk about it. So I made sure that afternoon and at dinner said, "well" and gave him a look. (He didn't know I had taken a test) so he said, "I thought there wasn't anything to discuss" and I responded, "Oh yes, there is SOMETHING to discuss". Then I get a shocked look and smirk out of Jason's face- it was classic.

Definitely not something we were planning but we are thrilled nonetheless. We had "our" timing set out, but as you know, GOD always has his perfect timing, which is often different from ours. So we welcome this little surprise with as much love as we can!

I'm now at 22 weeks- well into my 2nd trimester and things are going quite smoothly. I had a bit of a rough patch in my 1st trimester- about 3-4 weeks of nauseousness but then it quickly passed. It's often hard to get to wrapped up in it when you're running around after a 3 and 6 year old! (Not to mention all the activities I"m doing at school, bootcamp, cardio tennis, running a house, etc.,!)

I'm still working out- I didn't do a whole lot over Christmas- just running and weights. But while in HK I've been doing bootcamp once week and cardio tennis- I can't bounce a whole lot and some things I modify but overall it's been fine and I still love working I"ll do it as long as I can!

I can't say that I've had a whole lot of cravings- I still LOVE my dumplings (steamed buns and xiao long bao) from Din Tai Fung- and have to get my fix at least every 3 weeks. But other than that, I really eat the same. I do eat more bread and carbs(I usually try not to after lunch when not pregnant) and I do crave more sweets.

Little boy (yes boy #3!!!) is growing quickly and is already quite the mover. I don't remember exactly when I felt the little flutter for the first time, but it was right before we left home for the States (so around 16-17 weeks). Now I feel them ALOT during the day. He's kinda funny too- he favors the left side of my stomach so often balls up on that side. AND the lil' stinker LOVES burrowing deep on top of my bladder- so you can only imagine how many times I already have to use the restroom.

Here are a few pics from 18 weeks to this last weekend:

This was taken when I spent the night at my in-laws- (notice my cute nieces in the frame)- I was sending this to Jason (he was still in HK) and showing him how much I had grown)

This was taken a few days after Christmas- so about 20 weeks- right before I took my Dad on a run in their neighborhood. Here lil' one is sticking out and pushing out my stomach so I look alot bigger (my stomach is funny how how it fluxuates with him)

This is about 21 weeks- ha ha! Olivia and I were getting ready so I did a selfie like what she does. Cute outfit too- shirt from Express (I just got a bigger size) and black skinny jeans from Pea in a Pod!

And here I am this last weekend (when we got home, so about 22 weeks)- right before I went to go get my dumpling fix! 
I did have an appointment on Wednesday and baby is looking great. I will go once a month until I'm 34 weeks. I'm going through the public health system here (it's a trip) but the right way to go. (FYI: if you go private (which you can spend up to $10-$12k for a normal delivery) you pay for the status, but even if there is complications with the baby, they send you to public. It's been the most ridiculous process trying to figure out - but I guess everything is much more complicated here).

I did see a doctor in Central for my first 3 appointments- she did all of my initial blood work, confirmation of baby, down syndrome testing (all fine!) and gender reveal. Was a beautiful and nice clinic- and I did love her- but her office was about an hour away. Not too keen on doing that!

My doctor I saw on Wednesday looks like she's about 20 and I doubt she is (they age so well here) but I felt like Steven Martin in "Father of the Bride II" when the doctor is so young. ha ha! Then they went over all of my paperwork and discussed with me about thinking about my birth plan. I also have to get my doctors notes on my emergency c-section from Henry in Shanghai- that should be fun.

Then she told me I would have to think about what kind of delivery I wanted to do- natural or c-section. Well, I told her I wanted to do natural, but you have to sign a document stating that their could be complications (very slim- because of the scar on the uterus) and to take it home and discuss with my husband. I looked at her and said, "no I can sign it now". All 3 of them (nurse, doctor and attending physician) looked at me with wide eyes, and then she said, "are you sure you don't need to discuss with your husband?". I quickly replied, "No, Is HE the one having the baby?". More looks of shock and then a little chuckle.
NOTE: The asian/chinese women do not usually do something outside of their husband.
NOTE: They need to know that I'm going to be a little bit different from their other patients. :) And Jason laughed when I told him and totally agreed. :)

Alright- this post is long enough. Alot to catch up on for 22 weeks- next one will be much shorter!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Wrap-Up

Well, it's been about 4 weeks since we've been home (here in HK) and we are desperately trying to get over jetlag. SO- what better time to catch up on your blog than at 5:45 in the morning after you've already fed your children breakfast! ha ha!

Where do I even begin though! The 4 weeks spent in Tulsa was a bit of a whirlwind. It always is! But for some reason I felt like this was even more so. We ate out more times than I care to count (detox time!) but got to see most of our friends, all of our family, and got to enjoy the holidays in Tulsa (which will always seem like home). Not to mention the boys got their share of snow (not too much) and some ice. It was a great trip!

The flight there was uneventful-always is! Boys are troopers! And we spent about 10 days there before Jason got in. Jetlag was nonexistent- everyone was just so excited to be there. We mostly spent this time catching up with family, seeing a few friends (new babies too!) and hanging out at my parent's house. I hadn't seen my family since last Christmas so it was much needed- including time with our snuggle pup, Lou!

Add caption
Here are some pics to recap our first week or so in Tulsa!
We met Baby Faye Kindred, we ate alot of Chick-fil-A, Auntie Anne's and Andolini's Pizza, we went bowling, we met the Heinrich Twins and all snuggled up with Lou! That's alot in just 8 days!

Then Jason met us- and luckily before the ice storm rolled in! He literally arrived in about 4 p.m. (after we had a playdate with my friend Jennifer and her daughter @ BounceU) and the weather started getting bad about 7p.m. He was lucky lucky he didn't have any delays! :) 

Time always goes by some much quicker when Jason comes in- then it's not only arranging playdates with the boys, but he has his as well, and you know what that's like. It's different when your husband goes and sees his friends or lunch dates here and there, but trying to plan to see everyone in a few weeks is a bit tiring. (maybe it's just this pregnant Mama!) Plus- that's on top of shopping for Christmas, family functions and you trying to see your friends- and entertain two boys! WOOOO! Anyone tired yet? 

Here are some more pics that I took- granted- some of them (as above) are from my phone. I honestly was quite pathetic this year with taking with my camera. Totally slacked! 

A picture of the ice storm that came through, a trip to the mall (with carousel rides and new hats), pictures from Christmas morning and day, an outing with friends, and cheering on my OU Sooners! 

It's definitely hard to keep up with our friends while we're away but we so love seeing them when we come home. We managed a happy hour right before we left too- always nice to catch up! Though is quite funny how things have changed- now we aren't the only ones that need to find babysitters! 

Jason and I did manage to squeeze in one solo dinner, although I'm definitely needing another one now. Even though we get to visit with everyone else, we kinda miss out on time for just us (but we do have that year round!)

And here are some of my favorite pics (that I actually took on my camera!) from the holidays:

My cute nieces and the boys on Christmas Eve- at Nana's after church

 We missed out on a family pic because Jason was in the bedroom moaning- or passing a kidney stone (we later found out!)

Christmas Day afternoon spent at the Sullivan's house! 

Christmas night dinner - a pic with my beautiful sister and Mom!

And a trip to the lake house- puzzle time with Dad! 

And Olivia asleep on the couch at the lake- this is what she does! 

We had a great New Years- although like so many before (we're old!) we didn't stay up til midnight. :) I think Jason has gotten his fill of football though- games galore! 

This was our last Christmas in Tulsa for awhile- next year we will be here in HK- and will have a new little one celebrating with us. 

Now let's pray that these boys and I can stay in bed and I'm not up writing another blog at 5:30 in the morning! 

Found new pics I wanted to add: 
 Our annual dinner at Mahogoney's Steakhouse with Jason's family! 

 Papa reading Henry a story- every night the boys asked for Papa

Our Lady Lou- all snuggled up! 

US on Christmas day!