Phillip @ 8 Months

Well well does this little one keep me on my toes or what? I am now at the point that I really don't sit down ALL day. Let's just say that this month Phillip has had the most advancements in a short amount of time than I thought possible.

He went from crawling (he's now quicker than I ever could have imagined) one week, then the next he was cheekily pulling himself up on to things, to crawling up the stairs to well...what else is there except for walking (So NOT ready for that yet!). So yea he keeps me busy.

Of course you know his favorite spot to go to? The fireplace hearth. Yep. I move him away from it half way across the room and tell him no, and then he just immediately makes a beeline for it. It's terrible. I have actually resorted to getting a "cage" for the little tike. Anything to keep him safe because he gives me a heart attack every time he pulls himself up on it.

He does crack me up though. Every time he pulls himself up on to something he really thinks he's quite special. He lets out this little squeal and then grins and laughs. It's an ornery one too. He knows what he's doing to his mama!

He's also added two more teeth to the collection- we now have a total of 6. I had him at the gym one morning and the ladies asked me if he was teething. I assured them there was no way (I mean we just had the top two come in over Christmas), but sure enough he was. They are through and everyone is much happier (teething babies are never happy!). So we are adding quite a few things to his meals. He is now on 3 jars per meal. He loves ChikfilA waffle fries (no judging!), blueberries, bananas, cheerios and cheese bits. I'm slowly adding in other things and it's funny watching him try to pick them up with his fat little fingers.

And this hungry boy is also growing. He's now in 18-24 month clothes and that makes me sad. Jason continues to tell me my "baby" is growing. I won't believe it! He's getting more hair too...I mean it's not much by any stretch but it's some. I still love rubbing his little head though. It's one of my favorite things to do to him.

I'm getting ready to switch his carseat. He's outgrown the baby carrier. Just can't squeeze him into it anymore. Plus he HATES laying down in it. He only wants to be looking out the window and strains to lift up and see what his big brothers are doing. Always looking. Always curious. Always ready for the next thing. That's my baby! :)

A little downward dog..he watches mommy...or himself in the reflection of the door!

I love this little smile and these big teeth!
And here we are...constantly pulling up on things!

And this looks about right...little fun in the morning!


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