Phillip @ 7 Months

Well wouldn't you know I'm late again on this...but little one was 7 months on the 22nd of December...3 days before the Christmas mayhem! Then Christmas came, then New Years and all in between there 3 boys at home, sicknesses, get togethers, etc., etc., ! Day 2 of kiddos being back at school and I'm just catching up on things.

Ah my little angel is such a mover and a shaker. Literally. He was ooching and belly crawling all over the place before Christmas and then low and behold on the 29th he started full crawling. Yep. All over the place. And, of course, he loves everything that he's not supposed to be in to, including a rod iron table that I have that he likes to chew on. So weird.

Luckily, I had anticipated all of this and had the big boys move their "lego" area into the living room. NO legos are allowed in the side living room (where Phillip spends most of his time). I just can't take any chances there. He still likes to put just about everything in his mouth and I don't need a lego emergency.

Now when I say he's a mover and a shaker I'll also say that (thanks to my husband working with him) he can now pull himself up on things. Yep. Started doing that a few days ago. I put him in his bed for a nap, then went in to check on him a few minutes later. Ugh! I peered in and there he was, holding on to the bed rail fully standing up! I had to call Jason in to look at him and we just started laughing. He was so proud of himself! But you know that's a problem because we have a nice fireplace (baby proofed now with some nice padding) and all sorts of chairs and tables that he thinks he needs to pull up on now.

I say this upsets me and it does. Not because he's moving and I have to be more careful in watching him, but because he's growing too fast! :( It's heartbreaking sometimes. I mean I love all of the stages and ages of my boys, but there's that little stab in the heart when you realize that their not little babies anymore. Time slow down. Let me cherish this a bit longer. So I do. At night when he's ready for bed (and I am not nursing anymore) he has his bottle and then I rock him. I let him lay on my chest a little too long but yet not long enough. And trust me, if I could do it with the two older ones without my legs going completely numb I would!

Now on to that sickness I was talking about. It's all gone around our house over the holidays and finally little one got it. And it was bad. Terrible. He's such a happy little guy but when you've got croup and you have your top two teeth coming through it makes for a rough two weeks! Nonetheless, Phillip has two more chompers to add and he's loving them. He had his first taste of a ChickfilA fry the other day and munched til there was nothing left!

With his new teeth he's definitely enjoying his new freedom with food- little bits of strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Little bits of cheese, breads and soft crackers. He's doing well though Jack insists he's ready for a cheeseburger...all too soon my little friend!

We so loved sharing Phillip's first Christmas with him! It made it so fun to have a baby again and oh how he LOVES that Christmas tree! He would make a mad dash for it in his walker (before he was crawling) and go straight for this purple ornament I had up. He also loved pulling out these red little glittery balls that were on my swags on the stairs. Seriously.

Of course he didn't care about the "presents" but loved the wrapping paper and crawling around the boys in all the madness. He made our Christmas just more special! We couldn't imagine any more holidays without the little piker! So here's to 7 months of pure joy with this little one and many many more!
Christmas him in his little pjs!

Hanging out with his cousin Hollace on Christmas morning!


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