Phillip @ 5 Months

Surprise! Surprise! Late again. I mean it's just going to happen. I was going to write it two weeks ago, but was preparing for my best friends wedding, so didn't happen. Then I think I needed a week to recover and sort myself last week.

Anyway- the "Pooks" is 5 1/2 months now! Big boy he is! :) And he's FINALLY sleeping again. I did it. I let him cry it out. We were gone (terrible how I missed him! and the other boys!) for 4 days so I waited a few days to "not comfort him". But now he's back on a normal sleeping pattern. He's going down about 7:30/8 at night then wakes up about 4:30/5, I nurse him for about 5 minutes then he's back down til 7:30. I need to let him cry that last one out...guess I'll do that tonight! 

I actually was thinking I would have him weaned by the time he was 5 months (before this wedding) but I just couldn't do it. I'm just not quite ready to let go...and either is he. But the time did make it easier for him to take bottles from me. So I'm just nursing before naps and bedtime. It's a compromise! He's also getting pretty good at holding his bottle...which the elder two enjoy because they don't have to hold it so long in the back seat of the car when he needs one. Oh boys!

Big boy eater too! We are still on his cereal in the morning then a veggie and fruit for lunch and dinner. He has his bottles in between. But quite impatient. When he sees his bottle being made he makes this squealing we call him our little piggy. He also LOVES his teething biscuts. I give them to him at night after his dinner...and he literally goes crosseyed when he reaches for it. And usually cries when he drops it and can't find it.

We've also got a mover on our hands. I predict that he'll be crawling by Christmas. He's rolling all over the place. I leave him in the middle of the floor under his play mat and before I know it he's all over by the couch. Watch out comes the littlest one. Then things will get really interesting I'm sure. He also is out of his baby bath because he tries to get out of it. I was literally holding his head down to keep him in.

Lil' P still loves watching his big brothers and Bosco. It's just a matter of time before he's in on the mix with them. Jason likes to take him outside with the boys. He puts him in the stroller while they skateboard or play soccer and he just loves it. Watches them forever! We like to play on the living room rug too...he sits in my lap and just flails out of my arms to get to them. Mind you I'm constantly reminding (or yelling) at the boys not to forget he's laying amongst him. All could go sour really quickly if batman went flying across the room or something...

He's quite the vocal little thing too. I love this age when they start jibber jabbering. I leave him in his crib when he wakes up too because I just adore listening to him chattering away. The boys think it's quite funny too. They all giggle at one another.

Not to mention he is quite the little ham. I cannot tell you how many people when we go out constantly tell me he's the happiest baby. And he is. He's like Jack...our "Happy Jack". Though we need to come up with a nickname for Phillip. He does smile all the time...and it's just contagious. Love all these smiles from my boys!

Well 6 month appointment is in a few weeks...then on to shots, weight and height stats! I'm sure were making progress as usual! Big boy my pookie.


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