End of a Season...Sports that is!

So we've wrapped up the first round of our sports for the season...which was football for Jack and soccer for Henry. (although now we are on to basketball!). I guess it never really ends does it...now I know exactly where you get the term "soccer mom".

Two weeks ago we had our last football game for Jack. Good and bad season. Great in that Jack is really starting to coming around with the game. He's learned a lot this season, has really grown passionate about the sport (which is superb bonding for him and Jason), and worked really hard. Down side, eh, they didn't win one single game. Not the end of the world, but can be a bit discouraging. Nonetheless, he had a great time and is already talking about next year!

Henry and soccer. Ha ha! Little guy seriously is too funny. I mean who isn't at this age? Little 4 year olds running around the field? There's always someone playing with the dirt, or "off in left field", or playing with the flag, or just not wanting to play at all. It's a comedy of errors really but extremely entertaining to watch.

Henry scored at least 1 goal every game and he really seems to take to sports easily. This could be because he's been watching for years already. Though he still gets easily distracted. One game we literally had to keep yelling at him because all he was focused on was trying to get this hang nail off of his finger. Nothing else seemed to matter. So at a break, Jason ran out there and jerked it off.

Oh- and no trophy for "soccer mom" here. One game I totally forgot that it was my turn to bring snacks. Yep. Realized it at half time. Yep. Thank goodness Tulsa is easy to get around and there was a grocery store just down the street. I literally made it back with snacks in hand two minutes before the game was over. Close. Call.

So I've become aware that this is our life. Sports. And I'm sure it will be for some time. I mean we have 3 boys and if we continue with these boys and their "sports", whatever they may be, we're talking for the next 18 years at least! WHAT??? Is that right? Crazy! I best be getting a pro player out of one of these boys!!! ha ha! ...or at least some scholarships!

Here are some pictures of our last games...

Jack so has it in him to just tear it up...I'm ready for it! 

And this guy...has been Jack's #1 fan for years! 

And this is how we do it...Papa and little one there to support..bottle and all! 

Serious "coach" Daddy...this is his part time job! 

And he's off...maybe in the wrong direction...but who cares! 
And my big boy with his first trophy! He was so very proud! So we're we! :) 


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