Phillip @ 4 Months!

Well, I'm shocked that I'm actually sitting down to write this, but I don't want to forget (even though I'm a week late!). Lil' one is growing too quickly so he gets lots of extra kisses and snuggles from his Mommy, and I will admit I'm creating a bit of a monster. I think he gets carried around a lot more than the other too. He's quite content on Mommy's hip. It's his happy place.

Lil' P turned 4 months old last Monday, and the night before he had his first roll over. Now he does it all the time, and it's good and it's bad. All of my boys (including Phillip) have slept on their tummies. So now when he rolls over when he's sleeping he freaks out. His arms shoot up like he's been electrocuted and then he cries. So you can imagine with my good sleeper how this has messed us up.

Not to mention, he cut TWO bottom teeth about a week before. So we now have two nice sharp little chompers. Not so sure how long I will continue to breast feed. So with the teething we haven't had the best nights- for the last two weeks he's been waking up twice a night. And this is rough for me considering at 6 weeks old he was sleeping entirely through the night. I know I need to let him cry it out, but he's been in our room (until a week ago) and that makes it rough. It shall pass though...

He had his appointment last week on the 22nd and is, of course, off the charts in height and weight. He's 17.1 lbs and 28 1/4 in in height. Dr. Gordon (who was my pediatrician and the all the boys) laughed and said all the boys have been this. Jason's reply to this was, "Yes were breeding them big". Excuse me. When was this ever considered "breeding"? He's one proud Daddy I suppose!

He did very well with his shots though. Poor lil' one had 3 big shots and only cried for about 30 seconds and then that was it. Over. Big smiley boy again!

So my big boy has now moved from rice cereal to oatmeal and two days ago we started in on vegetables and fruit. He had peas and pears. It went okay. He wasn't too keen on the peas at first, but he's gotten the hang of it. And quite honestly he's sleeping a lot better during the day. I think the lil' guy wasn't quite full enough. He's also had a few of the teething biscuits, though I have to assist him. He's pretty good at grasping thing, but he doesn't quite have it yet. So when that biscuit falls from his hand and out of his mouth he looses it. So I usually help him hold it or I break off little pieces and let him gum it. The funniest thing. I love babies and those teething biscuits- they get so excited over them!

Phillip has also discovered his toes! He loves them. It makes me laugh too because I've gotten into yoga and the other day we did the "Happy Baby Pose" and it's basically what he does when he's trying to nibble on his toes. He is also "ooching"...moving across the floor quite well. So he can definitely not be left by himself anymore. It's only a matter of time before he's crawling and chasing after the boys. Then things are going to get really interesting. Lord help me! :)

He also is becoming quite spoiled. He thinks that he needs to be entertained 24/7 (which most of the time he is) so when he's not he gets a bit upset. Though it is quite funny because he seems to think that Jack and Henry are just about the funniest things in this world (he clearly hasn't gotten out much!). I took a video a few weeks ago of him laughing hysterically at Henry while eating cheetos (I think it was the crunching). Then last week I asked the boys to watch Phillip while I grabbed something outside. He was in my bathroom in his little chair/swing. When I came back into the bedroom, I found that Jack had moved him. He had posted him right up facing the bed where the two oldest were in the midst of a wrestling match. I watched as Phillip wondered in amazement at these shenanigans then he would bust out hysterically laughing. This worries me...a foreshadowing of only what is to come...

Other than that, he's moved into a new home. We found a house and moved in next week so this is the 3rd home technically that P has lived in since he was born. He's napping now- is quite content listening to my "chill" music...little bit of Adele, Coldplay, Enya and Carly Simon!

Honestly...what's not to love about all of these rolls and chunkiness!?!? We were lunching with one of my besties from highschool- just fell asleep! 

Enjoying Henry's soccer game! Already the supportive little brother! 

Do we see those little choppers!?! @ his 4 month appointment

And don't judge...this was his nap time bed when we were moving in! 
And don't report us...Daddy gets the job done...lil' beer in hand and watching football! 


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