Hong Kong: Tai Tong Lychee Valley

A fun little outing for our Spring Break- one that wasn't too far away- a little adventure you could say. It was only about a 30 minute drive from us as it's in the New Territories. Little Steps Asia did a good spread on all the necessary information that you can find HERE - including the number and address.

I was glad that we showed up early because there isn't a whole lot of shade for when the sun does come out. I think we arrived about 10:30ish- and after spraying our legs with bug spray and making sure we had our picnic lunch together, etc., we went in. It's a short drive (you know when you're getting close because there are signs everywhere and a nice bumpy dirt road!) from the town centre and highway- really easy to get to.

We bought our tickets at the front office- I think it was $80HK for 3 passes (you have to have a ticket to do each activity)- and there are activities from feeding the horses to picking strawberries to net fishing. Quite a lot of activities to do without tickets as well- and even though the lady at the office didn't speak a lot of English, they have handouts and maps that makes it easy enough.

Our first stop was to the horses (I think they are on break from 12-2 FYI)- where the boys went on a little ride (little yes, one lap was all they got for their "pony ride"). It was quite hysterical. Jack went first and was quite the little baby. He kept yelling at me that he wanted to get down, but I told him to hold tight and he would be fine. (We obviously haven't had much exposure around horses- imagine that!). Henry was a trooper though- even after Jack's fit on the horse, he still hopped up on there and took the ride. Then it was on to feed the horses- and that was quite funny as well because the boys have never done that either. I forget how big their heads are- gorgeous creatures though!

Then on to lunch (because of course the boys are hungry every 2 hours)- and thankfully I had packed a picnic lunch. They do have BBQ buffets and set meals you can eat there but I think we were better off with our meal. They have a few covered picnic tables by the Lotus Pond so it was nice. We fed the fish and looked at all the swimming turtles and had a nice lunch. Thankfully there were not that many people around so it was nice.

After lunch we journeyed down the path to the children's playground. I actually think the boys loved that the most- they have a HUGE climbing net course and the boys went round and round on that for at least 30 minutes. (They would have stayed longer I"m sure but the sun came out and I was boiling). Jack was a little hesitant at first (my cautious one) but Henry went right in- though I had to pull Henry out of one part, and then climb in myself (big no no I'm sure for a 35 week prego lady) to rescue him. He tends to get ahead of himself sometimes. But the boys loved it- what's more perfect for boys than a big climbing net to scamper all over!?! :)

Next down the path to feed the other animals. They did have some "ecological and educational" rooms on the way but they weren't really much of anything I'd say. The boys loved feeding the goats and bunnies- but I wasn't that impressed. There wasn't anyone actually back there so I left a ticket and got our cup of carrots anyway. The goats were tied up so I'm sure that made it easier for the boys to approach them- there was one that kept sneezing when Jack came near- made for some good laughs!

They do have quite a few trails to go down along the way (nature trails, waterfall, etc.,) but by that point I was beyond tired (yes the sun and humidity here just sucks the life out of you when your pregnant) so we wrapped it up with that.

We were there a good 2 1/2 hours so it was fun for the time we were there ( I wouldn't spend much more time there honestly) but it was a fun little outing and the boys loved it. Another fun outing to mark down in our journey here in Hong Kong! :)

Here are some pictures from our outing:

Going up! 

Little bit of a nervous face but he was a trooper! 

This is how big it was- fantastic for boys! 

Please Mom...get me down! 

The entrance to the park

The black goat at the end was the sneezer- it was too funny! 
At the lake pavilion- feeding the many coy fish that were there. 

And feeding the horses- Jack finally got the hang of it. 

And the lotus pond and lake pavillion- really quite pretty and serene. :) 


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