Hiking in Sai Kung- Sheung Yiu Family Walk

This is the first of many posts that have included my Mother in law's trip here with us- and we have done ALOT! I actually think we've done more in the last 3 weeks than we have in 6 months. It's funny though because we like going out and exploring around Hong Kong but we also like living a normal life- hanging out on the weekend, going to the club, sports activities, etc., So it is nice when we have visitors and we can get out and do new things. :) A little motivation...

Even though it's not ideal as I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, I thought we needed to do a Hong Kong hike. Hiking in and around Honkers is HUGE! There are trails everywhere- and books that give the low down on all the great spots. Granted we haven't done too much because Henry is really just at the age that he can tolerate a good hike.

So I found one in Sai Kung (near the water in the New Territories- only about 20 minutes from us). However, I'll say that the information we got online wasn't really exact. I wanted to go on the Mackelhose trail (that starts in the Sai Kung Country Park), but we didn't make it that far. Online I read that it was a 5 minute walk from the carpark. FALSE! We started on our walk and 15 minutes later we are still not there- and there was another HUGE hill to tackle- so because our team was already slowing down and whining we chose a trail off to the side. It read "Sheung Yiu Family Walk" so I thought that seemed reasonable and doable.

Just down from the carpark- not even on the trail yet

The end of our trail- (though this was at the beginning)

Well, I'll say once it was over we were all glad we did it but it was a LONG walk. A good hour and 15 minutes (maybe longer) and it had quite a few uphill battles for us- so you can imagine how tough it was with a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman, a 4 year old and my mother in law- but we made it!

On a positive side, it was a pretty walk and was good for the boys. Although about 30 minutes from the end, Henry stops, waves up his little arms and says, "Dad, I need a carry". It was also hilarious (not then though) because we kept seeing signs leading us down and EVERY ONE read "1/2 hour" left to go. It was like we were in some type of big joke.

Jack and I led the pack most of the way and Jack said at one point (about an hour in) that he couldn't see them...so "they must have died". Such a dramatic child.

We did make it through and were more than happy to get back in the cool air conditioned car- to follow up with a great lunch at Steamers in Sai Kung!

And here's our slow team! 

The boys always like to find their walking sticks! 

Our visitor that came through as we were having a snack break! 

The group! 

Can you see the tiredness in Jack's face? 

Lots of trails to explore in Sai Kung Country Park! 

Finally we got to the water and a flat trail


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