Catching Up: March Madness

It only seems an appropriate title for our month- needless to say it's been a bit crazy and busy (this masked with being in your 3rd trimester) doesn't make for time for blogging.

Even though I have full time help, my days are full on and at the end of the day my body gives out. Sitting on the couch and watching TV, reading a book or flipping through the iPad is good for me. :) Although sadly I do have more time in the morning since I can't sleep now and have been waking quite early- 4:30 some mornings. But this "quiet time" I get is wonderful! :)

Anyway, we have had a busy month. I've got the boys in activities Monday through Wednesday- gymnastics, ArtSmart, tennis, and swimming. Then our weekends have been busy with preparing for little one- organizing the house, getting rid of things and you know, "nesting".

We've had rugby tournaments, sports day at schools, Henry's last day at his old preschool (he starts at Hong Lok the end of April), dog training sessions for Bosco and I've taken on a new job! Only part time- but still worth mentioning.

I serve on the Fundraising Committee at Jack's school and through this and that applied a few weeks ago for the Fair Coordinator position. The fair is not until November but there is ALOT of preparation - it's their biggest fundraiser of the year- so quite a big deal.

SO- that being said- I have now officially worked in all 3 countries that I have lived in. I did interior decorating/design in Shanghai, photography in Sydney (short lived) and now Event Coordination. This is one of the things I love about living abroad- you can explore and dive into all of your passions. It doesn't just have to be the same thing- you can venture out and try new things. It's a world of new experiences waiting just to be tapped into.

With all of that being said- I'm now at 34 weeks- yes, only 6 weeks to go! And yes- I'm ready! :) My mother in law, Jan, did arrive last week so that's been fun and a huge help. Henry the last month has been wanting Mommy 24/7 (as with most kids he senses he's not going to be the baby much longer) so it's been a little taxing. But having "Nana" here has taken the load off a little bit. She will be here through Easter, and then we have just 3 more weeks til little one arrives.

Here are a few pics catching up from our month of March!

Fun with our friend's the Cases- dinner at our place one Saturday night

Jack and some of his buddies at Sports Day

Jack's last rugby tournament/festival! :) 

Swimming started at Japanese International School! 

Pizza lunch followed by our 1st venture in ice skating! 

Jack & Nea at Disco Night @ Hong Lok Yuen! 

Jack @ Sports Day! 

More rugby @ King's Park! 


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