Big Phil's 2nd Birthday!

Oh don't you hate when they turn two then they're no longer really a "baby"...they've officially entered into the toddler stage. Well, and trust me I have a toddler...we are no less short on the tantrums and independent personality than the books describe!

Phillip is definitely our most strong willed and independent one of the group. The other boys were independent at this age but not so dominant about it. I mean we have real struggles in this house with him- he does not give up. It's the horse personality- very stubborn! So I've had to learn how to really stay patient with him which some days is a struggle. It is really funny and cute though- I know- hard to say- but his favorite sayings now are "I do it" and "I walk" and I mean it's not politely said. It is a very domineering and forceful statement. So most of the time I let him unless I"m in a hurry or he's just not acting right. But most of the time he's really pretty good- he just likes exploring the world on his own.

I think part of it is also because he's the youngest of three brothers. He so very much wants to be a big boy- to do what they do, to play what they play and be just like them. SO how can I get that upset? He loves his brother's dearly. Actually Henry "Re Re" is his bestie. Whatever Henry says, Phillip does. They really play quite well together being 4 years apart and it is just about the sweetest thing.

His vocabulary since turning two has flourished- he repeats everything that we say and knows most of his colors, animals, fruits, etc., He says "xie xie" (thank you in mandarin) very well and now says "no xie xie" for no thank you. It's pretty funny. His favorite books right now are an animal book and his "potty" book- we read them every night before bed. He loves reading- he always tries to get me to add on multiple books too- "one more?" and gives me the saddest face. (depends on how tired this mama is!)

Okay so he's kinda a "motor" head. Not kinda but ALOT. The child loves mowers, blowers, weed eaters, cars, trucks, vacuum cleaners, tractors, dirt...well anything that makes noise. So you can imagine how are car rides go, especially with it being summer. He wants to point out every one that he sees AND he wants me to acknowledge to him that I've seen it. It's so hysterical but I'm not going to lie- I cannot wait til fall when they're aren't so many out. He literally stays outside with Jason while he mows and takes his little toy mower and does the same thing he does. Let's just say that yard work days are his favorite!

It's June now (his birthday was in May) and he is officially another Wiltshire Water boy- loves the pool! Loves the water! He has his floaties and his little Frozen (it's the only one I could find) tube and just swims his little heart away in the water- splashing around and having such a great time. Another activity for him to do and enjoy with his dad and brothers- I'm telling you- mom is no longer cool. It's all boys!

We had our 2 year appointment and everything was fabulous. He's about 34 lbs. and exactly 3' tall. He's a big boy. Big. He took his shots like a champ too- didn't even break a tear- he's really a tough little guy. (now trust me he also likes to milk it, especially to his mama!)

We had a fun birthday party for the little guy- and what else- but Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse and Kung Fu Panda are his favorite right now...obsessed)! We had a great time celebrating this spunky little guy and all that he means to us. It's hard to think that we have three boys and how different they can be sometimes and how we have such a different (yet same) love for them. He is his own personality and own person and we love every single bit of him...our family wouldn't be complete without this little guy...his little curls and all!

First time in the pool- it was still a little chilly then! 

Birthday Boy sporting his Mickey shirt! 

Still didn't get the concept of blowing out the candles but had some help! 

His bestie..."Re Re"

One of his birthday presents was a toy vacuum cleaner...let's just say it was a hit. 

There he is...won't miss a beat out there mowing with daddy

Little swimming time with Papa and  Jack...he's a water baby! 


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