Baby Girl "W" @ 6 Months

So I keep meaning to do a post with this pregnancy but let me just tell you that having 3 boys (one being a toddler) and as many activities as we have going on...let's just say I don't have a lot of spare time, especially with it being summer now.

Yes, baby Wiltshire #4 is on the way. No, it was not "officially" planned but in some many things in life God has had this planned out whether we knew or not and it's another blessing to our family. Many of you now know too that IT'S a GIRL! Woo! I mean I think I'm over the shock now, but it's taken me a good month.

Here's the deal. I felt different. My body felt different and deep down I thought it was a girl. BUT in trying not to get my hopes up, I just kept telling myself that it was a girl. I mean odds were definitely against us, right? Either way, I would have been happy. Everyone kept asking me and honestly I think anyone only ever wants a happy baby. Part of me said, you know what, "we have boys", "it's what we know", "doesn't change much of our lifestyle", etc., But then when I would think about it I would think about a precious girl and how much I've always wanted one.

I will say this as well. I told Jason after we had Phillip that I was done. I mean the last delivery was so traumatic for me that I didn't want to ever go through that again. However, as we mothers tend to do, we forget about what happened and we yearn for that next child. And this is what I told Jason. I said I knew if we were to have another one it would be a girl...I had this gut feeling. I told him over and over that he (not me) needed a girl. I told him it would change him in ways that I never could and I wanted that for him. So when I found out I was pregnant I told him that change was coming.

A week before we found out I had a dream. In the dream I was cutting a cake (just like we had talked about doing) and I just kept pulling out all of this pink icing. Yep. I had a dream about it. Still wasn't convinced though.

Olivia, my little sister, went with me to the appointment because Jason had a big meeting. Can I just say I was beyond nervous. Butterflies, jitters, you name it. I actually told Jason that I wasn't going to tell him til dinner with everyone later- he was nonetheless pleased. I mean he got upset when he thought I was serious about it. I think he was just as nervous as I was.

So into the appointment I go and let me just tell you I have 3 of my besties and cousins that 5 minutes after my appointment time are bombarding me with texts about what it is. In what appointment do you even get checked in that quickly? Seriously.

We made it to the ultrasound room and it was so funny- the nurse came in with us too- she said she had some time and was dying to see what it was (her and the ultrasound tech knew I had 3 boys already). So the U.T. starts up and then after a minute I'm like "Well, what is it" and she says "Well, I'm pretty sure but I want to be 100% before I say anything". SO I blurt out, "Well what do you think it is?" I mean I just wanted something at that point. And baby was not cooperating very well so she was having a hard time really getting a good angle- I even had to move onto my side. SO this goes on and on for about 2 minutes and I'm just loosing it. Then my doctor walks in and goes "I know what it is" (with this dead set positive attitude- like were all crazy). I mean for the love of all things someone please tell me! "OH yea, that's a girl for sure" And then Olivia and I just looked at each other and started crying. Woo! A GIRL!

My husband had to immediately know so after the appointment I drove to his office. I told him I needed to see his face in person. He comes walking out arms crossed (work headset on and all) and I couldn't even hold a straight face- I"m sure I was just gleaming and glowing all over. He knew it. He said "It's a girl isn't it?" and I just laughed and hugged him and he just let out this huge sigh. Oh Jason- you have no idea what you are in for my love! :) (and trust me- he knows it too- that's why the big sigh).

So we're all happy-the boys couldn't be more excited. They were wanting a girl too. It will definitely be a big change in this household but something were very much looking forward to!

Now with my pregnancy- I feel great. Honestly. I've had no complaints other than the fact that I'm starting not to sleep very well- it's just my back- very hard to find a really comfortable position. BUT I will say that I couldn't be more grateful for YOGA! Game changer. I have never been into yoga but started when we moved back to Tulsa and it honestly makes a huge difference in my body and the stretches are wonderful for my back.

I still work out at least 2-3 times a week. I eat a bit more carbs than I did while not pregnant, especially on the days that I work out. I'm still running but certainly not as far or long- I would but my bladder can't take it. Dang bladder. It's awful! No big cravings that I can really think of - well, blackberries are in season now and I could eat an entire huge bowl. Oh- and the Bistro salad. HA! It's a restaurant down the street and I have Jason pick it up for me at least every two weeks- apples, walnuts, mixed greens- I don't know- I just love it and want it.

Alright that's my update for 6 months- baby girl "W"- (And no there is not a name yet!) is doing wonderfully. Next appointment I do another ultrasound and my glucose test but everything has been perfect so far. It's really gone by quickly and I know with summer and the beginning of school activities it's just going to fly. She will be here before we know it. :)

Here's my first shot- this was at about 9 weeks- and yes isn't that crazy- I was already popping (actually this was the week after I found out!) And poor Phil- he is pointing but no idea what at! ha ha! 

And here it is- IT's a GIRL! I had no idea what to look for- I just was looking for the little boy part. :)

Here's our video- it's pretty funny- clearly some excited and shocked individuals! 

And this was the bump at Olivia's graduation- about 17 weeks 
And the last one of baby girl - 20 weeks. :)


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