Henry's 6th Birthday

Yes, I hate it when I'm late but when spring break and life get in the way then that definitely means Henry's birthday blog is over a month late. That's life for me! :)

Well this was just the most epic of Birthdays- #6! ...and STAR WARS at that! I mean everything is Star Wars and Henry is absolutely obsessed with it. We went to take him and Jack this Christmas to the new one and he's hooked. Over the course of the next month or so we caught him up on all of the old ones. One of his gifts too for Christmas from the Wiltshire's in Denver were Disney Star Wars characters- so heaven for him!

I bought a lot of things early on some different party supply places...and you know...Jack had a Lego Star Wars party in Sydney and I still had some baggies and supplies left over from that! Then I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest to make light sabers out of pool noodles. Yea that was a big hit! I mean 16 boys and girls and big foam light sabers...what's not crazy about that?

I didn't get near the pictures that I wanted, of course, because I was busy with games and all the kiddos but managed to get what I could. It being winter too...I had to put the party in the middle of two basketball games so it was a crazy day all together. I know Henry absolutely loved it. I always let the kids have ONE big house party...so now that's over! I told him next one will be when he's 16!

Other than letting the kids run around, we played a pin the tale version of Star Wars, we had a balancing race with balloons on the light sabers and we had a piñata! I love a piñata at kid's birthdays- they're so much fun and the kids get oh so excited! Honestly between that and letting the kids have lunch and cake the two hours ran out so quickly that we didn't even have time to open gifts while everyone was here!

Party room- loving the big standup of Kylo Ren! My cousin found him on clearance at Wal-Mart for $5! 

I had this extra little foam board and all these cut outs so I added pictures of Henry with them! And the little cups were Valentine's day cups that I took the candy out of- aren't they cute?!

Henry with some of his besties! 

Our good friend Solomon and my niece Langley!

Bosco. Miserable in his Chewbacca outfit. Lou Lou had her yoda one- we all have our costumes for next year! 

Little action time on the Piñata! 

Doesn't he look like he's going into action here...little Jedi! 

Of course big brother had to come in and show them how it's done! 

Another beautiful birthday cake by Aunt Kathy! 

My little...but big 6 year old!

So this is my favorite part of these blogs...and also the saddest...writing about who they are at this age. I love reflecting and seeing how much they've grown but then I realize too that they just keep growing. My heart is happy though because I love who Henry is becoming.

He's obviously HUGE into Star Wars...I mean we have tons of characters and practically every library book that he brings home is some sort of Star Wars theme. We can't hide from it. He just finished up his first season of basketball and absolutely loved it. Now we are on to soccer. I think he loves finally being able to play himself...he's watched Jack for far too many years. :)

Henry is doing wonderfully at school and especially in the Chinese Immersion program that he just started this year in kindergarten. He's always saying things to me in Chinese and still lucky for me...I know it...but I know it won't be for long. His teachers tell us the same things that we know...he's very polite and sweet with all the kids, loves interacting in group time but in their individual work sometimes he's a little slower. Well that's because Henry doesn't do things like this fast. He is constantly observing other kids and taking in his surroundings. Not talking or interrupting people but taking in the world. I really wish I knew all the thoughts that were going through his head when he was doing this. He's my little thinker. Very intuitive and insightful. "That one he is!" (Yoda! ha ha)

My lil' Henry really does get along well with his brothers. Yes, him and Jack fight but what brothers don't. And he gets impatient with Phillip but who wouldn't...little brother likes to knock down his blocks and terrorize his characters while he's playing. He really is the most patient with Phillip though...I often hear Henry calling him to go play this or go do this with him and you can imagine that that is the highlight of Phillip's day. Maybe Henry understands what it's like to be a little brother and wants to show some love. (At least that's what I'm thinking!)

I have to post one last picture of Henry though! The birthday party was such a success...ending with a lost front tooth! Want to know how it came out??? Yep...Henry and Jack were playing on the trampoline and for some reason (we can only imagine what Jack did) Henry bit Jack. And his loose tooth came out! What a day! It was really quite comical!

Happy 6th Birthday my little darling William Henry!


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