39 Weeks and counting...Baby Girl W

Well here I am again and everyone else is having their baby before me...it always happens. I apparently create a very comfortable "home" for these little babes of mine...so much that they are content staying in! It doesn't help that I'm a bit impatient but I'm so ready to meet this little angel! I'm 39 weeks + 4 days...

Honestly this pregnancy has been really wonderful. I haven't been sick ONE single time and I've continued to be pretty active. I continue yoga and was still running up til about 3 weeks ago- just too hard on my bladder. But I walk at least 4 miles a week and do exercises- even push ups. The only thing that's hard is sleeping- having to go to the bathroom every hour to hour and a half and then my legs go numb on the side when I lay on them! Oh the joys!

And I will say I've managed to make it through half of the football season- even though it's been deadly hot still (where's the cool weather!?!?). I don't sit in the stands though- those things are killer. And if we're winning by a lot then I check out. Most of Jack's games are in the afternoon. One game went into 3 overtimes...thought I was cooking her right then and there!

The boys are so ready to meet her too- they always ask when she's coming and we've got a little pool going as to who gets the date right- if anyone. They are going to be wonderful big brothers. Though not quite sure about Phillip. He's kinda up in the air- I'm sure he will take it a little bit tough at first but he's a pretty adaptable little guy. He did inform me that "baby sister sleep in my bed with me" when I told him she was sleeping in the new crib upstairs! ha ha! Yea right!

Her room isn't entirely finished but the MOST finished I've ever been. I have a few small things to order but pretty much done. I'll post pics on here later- I'm doing golds, pinks and a bit of french country blue...with fairies! :) Loving it! I mean I've loved putting the boys rooms together...I'm a sucker for superheroes and cars!...but this girl stuff is so much fun!

Jack is now at the point that he asks me every single day when she is coming. I know he's excited but it's awful having everyone ask. I told Jason it was easier overseas when we didn't see as many people because I didn't get asked as much! :) My dr. says that everything is good and we will just wait and see- he's in no hurry and apparently she isn't either. NOW that I'm wanting to do the VBAC (oh it's now called a TOLAC- Trial of Labor after Csection) I can't do more than 10 days over...well Lordy I hope not!

I have been having intense braxton hicks contractions but nothing regular. The worst is Olivia's face. My lil' sis is staying with us now and knows nothing (obviously) about pregnancy so every time I make a noise or a face she asks me if I'm going into labor. Her and Jack. Jack yells "call 911!" I just grimace through the pain and laugh at them!

I think Jason is ready. I mean he's had 39 weeks to prepare for this lil' girl. He should be ready. He said he's beginning to wrap his mind around the fact that he will soon have a little girl. I know he still doesn't know how much this lil' lady is going to change his world!

Okay so that's my story...next story will be with lil' lady in it...still not announcing the name though her initials are SRW. :)

Attaching a few pics- and some from my wonderful baby shower that my cousins and good friend threw for me at The Bistro (my favorite restaurant!)


My beautiful sis & mommy- lil' S is so blessed already! 

My wonderful hostesses! :) (minus Nancy who was sick in Austin!)

MIL & Mommy! 

My MIL and SIL! 

I'm really so much littler than I was with the boys...this was Sept 27th- t-minus 2 weeks
Final pregnancy pic- October 5th- 3 days before due date. 

On a walk...had to take a pic...he he! I know my neighbors thought I was crazy! I even jogged (joggled -jog/waddled) in the end...thought I could shake her out! 


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