Jack's 9th Birthday

Well, I am so far behind on this but if I'm going to do a blog then I'm going to do the important moments in life. There is something both special and heartbreaking about your oldest turning 9- the last years of a single digit. It's not really the number though but just how much he has grown both physically and mentally this last year. I'm sure there will be years like this but this has been surreal.

Jack is in the 3rd grade this year and has Miss Stow. We couldn't be more happy about his teacher and the school. We love Jenks SE! I could do praises on that school all day long! He started his 2nd season of football and Dad has been a full time coach. I'm talking full time for both- games on Saturday and practices 3 nights a week. But you know what? He loves it. LOVES IT. I mean the child knows more about football than I ever even thought about having. Him and Jason watch the NFL and College games and just chat back and forth about it. And you know what? I love it. Another thing for them to bond over.

He was once again nominated for Trojan of the Week- Courageous! That's what he got last year too. He really does have such a kind spirit and most of the time will be the first one to stand up for someone. I love his sweet heart and kindness that he has for everyone. He's so lovable because he wants to be loved too- he loves entertaining, he loves being a friend and he loves being around people. I pray those traits always stay with him.

We are working on being a little more gentle and kind to the younger brother. They do tend to go round and round. It always makes Jason and I laugh though because Jack still has a tendency to get worked up at night (he's a bit of a spook) and then Henry is his best friend because he wants to sleep with him. It's hysterical. He will laugh at this one day and remember. He's happy to go upstairs as long as someone goes with him- even if that means it's just Phil.

Jack is definitely bigger and more mature and we've added on some responsibilities. He feeds Bosco almost every meal and takes out the trash (this is on top of making his bed and emptying the dishwasher). Jack really is a wonderful help. Of course he whines and complains at time but most of the time he's pretty good. I mean I love having him around as an extra hand. It makes my life so much easier. Miss Stow often tells me how he offers to help or does things on his own in the classroom too..I quickly remind him that he can do that at home as well!

We had a wonderful week of celebrations for my big boy! His birthday once again fell over Fall Break but we were able to enjoy all of it. My cousin and Aunt had been in from Arkansas so we got to go to some of his tennis tournaments. Jack loved that. This kid loves family more than anything. It's so wonderful.

He had a small sleepover with some of his besties from school and his football team. We just took them to Main Event...dinner, laser tag and games. Then malts and nonsense here at the house. What else is better? We did have them all asleep by midnight so that was good! Woo!

A nice little fall break spent around Tulsa and then that Sunday we had a family celebration. Again, Jack loves his family so that's what was important to him! We had a fun cookout and just enjoyed celebrating Jack. He got his first NFL Jersey- #99 JJ Watt (one of his favorite players) and the new KD basketball shoes. See. Funny. Before it was toys. Now it's clothes. 

Big boy with Uncle Collier and cousin Max! He even got checked out of school early one day to go watch the tournament! 

My big boy! 

Cousins galore!

His actual birthday was on a Tuesday which meant football practice, but I still got to go up to school and give cookies and treats. I think we had enough celebration that last week as it was. My mom also checked him out for lunch and then he got to pick out a special toy at ToysRUs. What was it? Legos of course! Avengers legos! He still does love legos. He had a great birthday week and we loved celebrating our first born! 


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