Phillip @ 6 Months

Ah my little angel, how is it even possible that you are having your 1/2 Birthday!?! I love every ounce of you and even though Daddy says I have given you enough kisses, I will say that there could never be enough for your darling face!

This week marks 6 months as well as your First Thanksgiving!...too bad you don't get to have any, even though I know you would love it! We are now in this funk because I don't think little one is getting enough to eat. He is starving! We have now upped his intake to adding fruit with his oatmeal in the morning and then adding an extra vegetable at night. I think that helped because last night he didn't wake up at all (this last week he's been waking up at least once to twice a night to nurse). Yes, I"m still nursing, but I'm pretty sure it's just because I can't quite let go. Last baby and I love this special bonding that we have together. Probably time to let it go though.

We did have our 6 month appointment with Dr. Gordon (did I mention he was also my pediatrician growing up!). He's AGAIN off the charts in height and weight. Were at 19.8 lbs and 29" long. :) Big boy big boy! Poor little pookie did have to have 3 shots. :( He was not a happy camper but over and done with. He usually only cries for about 30 seconds then immediately when I pick him up it's over. No more tears and back to happy baby.
I mean what's not to love about this boy!?!? 

Thanksgiving day..hanging out with Uncle Beau and big bro Jack!

Phillip is not quite crawling yet but he can sit up pretty well on his own. I think we have that about mastered. And he's still "ooching" all over the floor, though sometimes he goes backwards when he's trying to go forward. Guess we will work on that. And that also means that I have to now start baby proofing- especially the brick fireplace that has some not so fun corners. Eh.

He has mastered his walker though! out! He's a mad man in that thing until he gets stuck. The older boys love watching him and he loves chasing after him. I can only imagine in a month or so when he gets really quick. Bosco already knows to get out of the way! However, lil' one is a mess with all my Christmas decor. He LOVES finding the swag at the stairs or the tree and pulling on them...then I have garland pieces everywhere. He's a mess!

He is really funny with his noises and his facial expressions. He starts jibber jabbering and sticks his tongue out to one side. He may be like Jack and his Daddy and stick his tongue out when he's concentrating...guess we shall see. He's also started scrunching his nose up when and sniffing (kinda like a little bunny) when he's really excited or really upset. It's hysterically cute. I have to get it on video. It's just to much for me.

He really is the best baby though. He was up for almost 5 hours on Thanksgiving day and just happily laughed and entertained everyone without so much as a peep or cry. And still loves laughing and giving goofy smiles to everyone he sees. I love it too...I just think it's hilarious and heartwarming how much joy a little baby brings people. To watch all of these individuals and how each one reacts to a smile from a's both amusing (because some of them get pretty silly with their voices or actions to Phillip) and beautiful. Warms my heart!


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