Looking for Christmas Ideas....Madd Gear Scooters!

So one of the many things that I loved about living abroad is all of the fun people that we met...and from all parts of the world. Love getting to know people and find out what we have in common, even though you wouldn't think that you would.

Upon my first day at the boys old school, Hong Lok Yuen, I met a gal that was just starting to the school as well. Her boys were just, in fact, a few grades above Jack. Come to find out, she had lived in China as well. Then we ended up being on the same committees for school AND found out that we were both having babies and only a few weeks apart! Super fun! :) Now I had someone to yack with about my pregnancy complaints and such...I wasn't alone! (Our boys...and yes we both have 3 now, were only a few weeks apart. Would have been playmates had we stayed!)

This super fun family was originally from Australia, so, of course, easy going and laid back. What's not to love? Then come to find out they had their own company that sold scooters. Yep. Perfect. We ended up buying one for Jack last year at the school fair and it's been his favorite scooter thus far.

And let me just tell you...children are perfectly fine to start getting on those scooters by the age of 4. I remember when we moved to Sydney and kids were on them EVERYWHERE! Granted most people actually walk to school and around the little "suburbs" but great exercise. Jack has been scooting around on them for years now. He was actually much more a pro on the scooter than the bike for a long time. (Scooters are smaller; bikes not so much and SPACE in Asia is everything!).

Anyway- another great thing about this company MADD GEAR is that they sell their products right here in the good ole' USofA! I know for a fact that Wal-Mart and ToysRUs carry their products so they are very easy to find. And if you go to their website then you can easily locate the nearest store. AND FOR my overseas friends...they also sell them in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, parts of Europe and the UK so search and buy buy buy!

Okay, and I have to admit, this is a little sad, but can I tell you that a highlight of these items is how easy they were to put together! And what makes it easy...the allen key they provide. As the family member that puts 99% of such items together (including all those wretched IKEA items we bought in Asia) this is awesome. I cannot stand the other ones that hurt your hands and are a complete bugger to use. This one is perfect. They should all be like this.  Easiest one to use by far! (I.E. see pic here):
Sad I know but it's the little things in life that make you have a good day sometimes! 

Apart from the ease of putting these scooters together is they are extremely durable. Jack has had his first one for a year and he's ridden it hard. It's been scratched and knocked up against concrete walls, it's been rained on (even been through a few black rain storms!) and is still in excellent condition. I also ridiculously love the super fun colors- bright neons and cool designs. The prices are also pretty comparable to the other products and I can vouch for the product so I'm always willing to pay for quality, especially with as rough as my boys can be!!! 

They have the scooters and I also saw they have this Mini Drifter, (see HERE ) at ToysRUs. It's a mini bike...looks super fun! May have to get one of those for the boys too! 

Highly recommend these for your kiddos if you are Christmas shopping...and one last thing...go for the outdoor toys instead of the electronics...get your kiddos heads out of the iPads! 

Little scooter models! 


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