Phillip @ 3 Months

Well, I now have a 3 month old and he is much bigger than I would like him to be. When is a baby not a newborn? Sad for Mommy. And developmentally he's far passed a 3 month old so it makes it even worse. I. WANT. TIME. TO. SLOW. DOWN!

Alright- my sorrowful rant is over. My lil' one is doing just wonderfully. He's actually sitting in his Little Enstein play gym as I'm writing this. Cooing away and smiling at himself in the little mirror. He's a bit small for it but we put a blanket in the front of him so he doesn't fall forward.

Okay- back to the blog. I started writing this 5 days ago. Does that tell you anything about being a Mommy? Rarely during the day when I start something do I get to fully finish it...especially something like this.

Little friend is eating rice cereal. We started that about 2 weeks ago. He is still a bit funny with it and drives me crazy because he's constantly trying to stick his fingers in his mouth (even when I'm feeding him) you can imagine the mess I get with him. He does like it though and it makes a difference. He needs it. He's just not getting enough from me. Mommy = comfort. :) And that's okay- I like/LOVE to comfort him.

We are at the point though when I'm going to have to start letting him cry it out at night. He will wake up randomly and just wants a "hit" - eats for about 5 minutes then goes back to sleep. Little rascal. I may need to start giving him more formula during the day!

He's also almost about to roll over. He leans and pulls his head back when he's on his back. It's only a matter of time. He has such a strong neck too already- the boys start saying "tummy time" every time I put him on his stomach. Then we talk about how he looks like a little turtle.

Being the third baby he is still ridiculously fabulous- barely fusses and if he does it's just because he's being ignored (for all of 2 minutes) or wants to be picked up. He's always got someone around him or holding him and that's what he loves. Though Jason tries to tell me just to put him down. :( I know it's good for him but hard for Mommy to do!

His little bottom teeth haven't popped through yet- though I'm sure it will be soon. He's been teething for about a month- so LOTS of fun drooling and fussy fits when it bothers him. I give them another 2 weeks then I think they'll be through!

Well I think that's about it. No room yet for the little guy (were still homeless of sorts and he's still in our room) and no update from the doctor. He actually doesn't go again til 4 months...which now is in about 2 weeks!

Here are a few pictures of my lil' man recently:

Getting ready to eat- bumbo time! Notice the fingers in his mouth! 

He loves his Uncle Beau! 

First time in the lake water! 

Again- fingers in the mouth! My happy boy! 

First time at Jack's football game...passed out! 


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