Back to School...the good & the bad!

Isn't it just such that nothing is ever perfect! I keep thinking about this as I want to think about all the things I love about the boys new schools and all the things that bother me. As is such, and you know I would have experience in this as this is now Jack's 8th school that he's been too (seriously!?!?). Actually I might have to have a little giggle thinking at all of the school experiences we've been through...although I must say that I'm thrilled that everyone I've come in contact with speaks ENGLISH! (Note: one school in Shanghai he had to have a blood and urine sample- do you know how fun that was for a 4 year old!?! Not to mention I had to get this sample in a squatty potty bathroom).

With that said, the boys are loving Jenks! Jack is in 2nd grade and Henry is doing full day Pre-K. They are in the SouthEast campus and are thrilled with their new teachers and their new friends. They start tomorrow with their third week and are quite in a schedule already. Am I? Probably not, but we are getting there. :)

Enrolling the boys was ridiculously easy. Some shot records, birth certificates, etc., and we were done! I laughed when the girl said that was it. Seriously? It took me all of about 15 minutes. The boys didn't have to do an interview and we didn't have to fill out an application, or pay a deposit, or application fee, etc., ??? Really?? Easy. Easy. So one Yea! for the schools here!

Now, the hard part about getting the boys ready for school is deciding about clothes! Ugh. I have boys too...can't even imagine with girls. Honestly every school that the boys have been to, they've had uniforms and can I tell you that I LOVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS! I want them back now!!! Do you know how easy it is for your children to know exactly what they are supposed to wear the next day? No arguing over outfits, no questions, no nothing. Honestly, it's also a lot cheaper. I know parents spend a bloody fortune buying back to school clothes. When I have time, I may have to do a full push in the school system to get uniforms! (Another day...another task!)

So with that being said, I gave the boys some rules. I have plain khaki shorts I've bought them and plain polos (some striped). They get to wear those Monday through Thursday and Friday they can choose what they want to wear. Easy. And I refuse to spend massive amounts of $$$ on clothes- Gap polos were $9 and shorts were about $12! None of these Under Armour outfits that cost $50+. (No judgement for those that want to do that though!). Obviously this is a No! for the schools!

And while I"m on the subject of No!'s, I'll put in my other issue. School cafeteria food. Honestly. It is no wonder that the children of America are having so many health and obese issues. Steak fingers, popcorn children, cheesy flat bread. Fried, cheese and more fried. Where's Jamie Oliver's school food campaign in Oklahoma??? Needless to say Jack will probably not be eating in the cafeteria but bringing his lunch! Actually the majority of schools that Jack has gone too (all but the American school) didn't even have cafeterias with offered school lunches. I also understand the need for children to have "cheap" school lunches because it can be expensive for parents to pack lunches for their kids (or even have food available) but I'm definitely thinking that you can also do cheap and healthy. Just saying...

Now back to the Yea!'s. LOVE that I can pick up the boys and not have to get out of the car. The easiest thing- especially with having a baby. Granted I did love walking into the school most of the time and getting Jack from his teacher but in bad weather and sometimes just being in a hurry did make it a bit of a task. We have a little tag for the car (that hangs on the rearview mirror) and they know when I'm coming and the boys are ready to hop in the car.

I also have volunteered to be Jack's Homeroom Mom (I'll do Henry next year!) and am really impressed by the parent involvement here at Jenks SE. There seems to be a great group of parents and I'm looking forward to meeting some new Mom's. AND a big plus- Jack's teacher is wonderful and to top it off- she was Jason's 1st grade teacher. So that has made it extra special for Jack. :)

It is funny though seeing the different kids in the boys classes- as in the majority of them are Americans. And we are obviously not used to it. Jack was one of 2 Americans in his last class. There are also "normal" names. I still laugh when I think of Jack coming home and trying to tell me some of the kids names from his classes- especially when some of the names were hard even for myself to pronounce. This one is actually a good and a bad because I loved having the boys exposed to different cultures and different lifestyles. I'm hoping they don't forget their overseas experiences.

With that being said, I'm really excited for the boys year. We have back to school night next week so we'll be getting more information on their projects and activities for the year and what to expect out of us. Because you know, parents still have lots to keep up with their little ones and school.

Yea! for a new school year and HOPEFULLY we can be here for a few years!
Jack's 1st day of 2nd Grade! 

Henry's 1st day of Pre-K

Of course this is what I get when I ask them to hug each other! 


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