Tuscan Pasta Salad

Okay, so I may have to start food blogging again- I mean (if I can squeeze in some time). But you know what- I LOVE cooking and I love sharing recipes. It's so hard sometimes to find the time to cook, but it's so important. We have had a crazy few weeks and we've eaten out ALOT, and it just starts to weigh on you (physically and mentally!)...know what I'm saying!

But I love it when I find something that is easy to make, can feed a crowd (because hello that's what I have here!) and it saves well...did I mention I love leftovers. Love. That means I cook a few nights a week but then have leftovers the other nights. Win. Win.

Anyway, so this was a recipe that I found on pinterest, but tweaked it a bit for my tastings. :) So enjoy and share away with others!

P.S. When I do recipes, I don't really follow the exact amount (except with baking because that's so vital!) so I eyeball a lot and throw in this and that to what I want.

Tuscan Pasta Salad! 
*Bow tie pasta (I used two packages), cook & run with cold water to chill
*Fresh spinach - 1-2 cups
*Shaved parmesan - to your liking (I used probably about a cup)
*Sliced black olives - 1 cup
*Sun dried tomatoes- 1 cup
*Red Pepper- one, chopped
*3/4 c. Evoo
*2T white wine vinegar
*2T water
*Salt & Pepper
*1 clove of garlic crushed
*1 tsp oregano
*1 tsp basil

Honestly I love this dressing- you could leave out the sugar if you wanted and add in a few squeezes of lemon for a bit of tart. But I love the freshness in this. I'm so over big fatty dressings. Light and refreshing- that way you can actually TASTE the goodness of these fresh veggies!

P.S.S. Let me just say that it is worth investing in good olive oil. Yes I work at Williams Sonoma and I get a discount but it makes a difference. ESPECIALLY when you use it like this. Invest in a good olive oil!

Another pic- LOVE the sun dried tomatoes. The original recipe called for grated but I love the bigger shaves.  

One of the Olive Oil's I use. Love it. Very robust and clean. And seasoning that is fab (even though the name is out there! "Slap ya Mama!"- it gives you a good kick of seasoning. And Sea Salt. Love a little flakes on top! 


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