Phillip @ 1 Year!

Well the time has come and gone- my littlest one has turned 1! What a big big boy he is. He's the quickest and most busy out of all the boys and this new one year old certainly knows how to keep his mommy busy and quick to fall asleep at night. I'm not sure who is more tired!?! AND I wouldn't have it any other way!

Big boy turned 1 on the 22nd and it was a great day. We had a fun filled birthday party, complete with our closest friends and family. He was, of course, overwhelmed but I think he had a good time. Always what they say with the 1st birthday- it's more for the mama than anyone else. Celebration of a wonderful year for Jason and I to remember and look back on. Luckily he had a wonderful LONG nap before so we were all good and he wasn't too cranky!

Here are some of the pictures from his party:

Jungle Safari Theme! And please ignore my dining room as I haven't even begun to decorate that room! 

1st Year Birthday crown- Jack had the same one. :) 

Cake by Kathy Langston- isn't it too cute! She always does my cakes and does a fabulous job! 

Okay saw this fun little project on Pinterest- cardboard 1 with photos from his 1st year! The canvas to the right was something I had made in Hong Kong. :) 

Cousin Micah and my Mom with Phillip 

Good family friend Lori Stout! 

My Uncle Nash, Aunt Dana and my dad 

Lots and lots of kids jumping on the trampoline!

The Browns and Sean!

Pa, Uncle B and Chuck

Phillip looking at the kiddos- just wishing he could join in


Aunt Joy and cousin Sage

Kelly and Phillip

Cute candid! 

He was so funny...he wanted no part of the cake

He pushed his cupcake away and I literally had to put icing in his mouth

And feed him...

...then he loved it! 

And he did NOT love his hat.... he did not! (I love this shot though!)

Ah yes...our "nuinai" (milk) makes it so much better! 

Thanks Uncle Beau for capturing some cute shots of me and my baby! 

Okay I totally felt like Lou after the party! :) 

Fun fun pictures and a fun fun party! 

Now we are still pretty much the same in terms of our progress. I still haven't taken him to his 1 year appointment- guess I should do that. I have been so caught up with his party, memorial day weekend and the last week of school (and now summer) that I've kinda forgotten. Bad mommy....

He is sleeping in a lot later, but then again he is going down later. There's just too much excitement at night. The boys have been staying up later too and we've been enjoying the outdoors. He LOVES the pool and loves the water. He just splashes around in puddles and gets himself all wet. You know...what boys do. 

We have started him on whole milk. We gradually introduced it for about a week...half formula and half milk. Now he's on just milk and loves it. He's always loved his milk. (Henry was the same way). You can't even let him see his bottle or he just goes nuts. It's actually pretty funny. Other than that, he's eating just about everything. I game him a little bit of a peanut butter sandwich but he wasn't a huge fan...maybe soon. :) 

Lil' P has quite a bit of a temper though. Woo. Woo. I mean I understand he gets tired. I mean we are on the go ALL the time. Neither one of the older boys were on the go like this. So sometimes (like this morning) he had a bit of a melt down. Granted it was noon and he was due for a meal and/or nap. I wouldn't let him go near the trash pile on the baseball fields and he lost it. Yep. Lost it. Oh that's so much fun to handle in the heat. ha ha! I just had to take him to the car and send Henry in to fetch Jack after baseball camp. Anyway, hoping it's just when he's tired and not something else. 

We are learning what it's like to have the boys home with us all day. It's been pretty interesting and I think Phillip is taking it well. He loves the boys and loves watching them so I know he's happy. It's just difficult sometimes trying to get everyone to be quiet while he naps. 

I guess now I can do 3 month increments...I'll do one at the end of the summer! I bet by then he will be running (he almost is now!). He just grows so quickly it's hard for me to take a moment and take it all in. But this blog helps me to remember just how it this time...and I love it. 

Happy Happy Birthday Phillip Hunt! We all love you dearly your spunk, your tenacity, your smile and your funny personality. You are forever a beautiful gift to us.


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