Phillip @ 11 Months

Okay, I've been totally putting this one off...little one (and not so little anymore) is turning 1 in just a few weeks. The party is being planned and while it's so fun it's also bittersweet. Why do they have to grow so very quickly? Just right before our very eyes.

In fact, he's such a big boy he's WALKING! Probably right at about 11 months is when he first started taking a few steps. Just here and there, then gradually over the next week that's been his progress. THEN, last week, he just started taking more and more. Now were up to about 10-12 steps before he drops. Now, this could be because he wants to, because he falls on his own or because he's getting knocked down on accident by a dog or a brother. But he's quite funny and very proud of himself. I won't lie either, I'm pretty glad. He just wants to move all the time and I hate having him crawl all around when were out.

He still just has the 8 teeth though I'm certain were getting in those 1 year molars. He intensely shoves his whole hand into his mouth and makes this awful noise. It's not fun for anyone. However, doesn't stop him from eating. We don't eat too much baby food now- maybe a little bit of vegetables and fruits, but that's it. He pretty much eats what we do- cut up chicken, eggs, hamburger, cheese, blueberries, bananas, pastas and rice. All of it. Loves his food, just like every other boy in the family. I'm sure we'll soon be on to those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are always a favorite.

Okay bad mommy of the year too- I still haven't moved him up to his actual "room". Terrible. I keep telling myself that I'm going to move his bed up (I mean his room is ready) but I just keep delaying it. I guess I should do that before he turns 1. I think I'm just having a hard time letting go of my "baby". Not to mention I totally love having him in the room right next to us. It does make it easy. Then I think...okay, do I really want him upstairs with the other two? The gameroom is right next to his room. But some days he'd be better off up there. I guess I just need to make the move!

So, mind you this is my child, but can I say what a cheesy little entertainer he already is?!? He absolutely loves any and all attention and just chuckles at himself when he does something funny. Then the more you laugh, the more he does. I mean he will go on and one for a good 2 minutes. It's hysterical. He's really big into clapping for himself, he knows how to give kisses (though they're the big open mouth kind- still love them though!), he can throw any ball pretty well, he loves taking off his shoes, he loves climbing the stairs, he loves doing anything outside and he loves pulling anything out of cabinets and drawers. Okay, on this last one, why? I mean why? With a million toys around he wants no part of them. All he wants to do is make a mess with everything he's not supposed to have? And bookshelves! Ugh. Henry was the same...all they do is just pull EVERY SINGLE book out of the bookcase. It's terrible. Ah such is life I suppose. And the phase will soon pass.

Of course it seems like my little Philly is just an angel- contrary to the belief- he's quite the little stinker at times. He has gotten to where he screams quite loudly when he's been ignored for too long - which, come on, you can only imagine is never really that long. Or when he wants out of the carseat. Ugh. That one is not fun. He just doesn't like being held down. He was also throwing food down at the dogs but now at meal times when he starts to do that we just move the dogs out of the room. He's getting better with his plates and bowls too- he likes to throw those sometimes. Maybe this will pay off someday in sports! ha ha!

Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to planning this little one's first birthday- he really is such a joy and a blessing to all of us. I will just treasure our little snuggle moments before he's too big to sit in my lap (though I truly believe they never will be!).

Always on the go...a little fun at the Jenks Foodie Truck Fair

Yes, he loves the trampoline! 

Mothers day- not the best picture but he's my baby! 

And yes...this is exactly what he likes to do. All day. Everyday. 


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