Phillip @ 10 Months

And we're slowly creeping towards that blessed 1 year birthday...hard to believe that this time last year I was full blown with a belly and waddling around Hong Kong...oh how things have changed! I'll say that because at that point I was taking little naps in the afternoon before I picked up the boys from school...I wasn't constantly chasing around a little 10 month old that refuses to hold still!

I think it's just been so long that I've "physically" forgotten how exhausting they can be. I mean unless he's napping I'm not sitting still. And funny (and I know everyone else's child is like this as well) he has no desire for HIS toys, only for his brother's toys or everything else he's not supposed to have around the house. He loves our pantry and trying to get into the trash can (thank heaven I bought ones that lock) and these two drawers in the kitchen- they are now completely unorganized and there are random bits of his toys and things that I know he likes to play with. Whatever occupies him for a little bit!

He LOVES loves loves outside. He knows the word too. If I say, "let's go outside" he gets all excited and heads for one of the doors. Then squeals when we walk out the door. It's hysterical. We try and go on a walk in the stroller at least 3-4 times a week. And he has one of those little Step2 cars that he loves as well....he really thinks he's a big boy. Watching out of the window (especially at his brothers) is also fun for him. I know he cannot wait til he really gets to run around with them.

He's a talkative one as well. And. I. Love. It. I absolutely am just so tickled when I see him watching the world and just trying to figure out what that little brain of his is trying to say when he jibber jabbers away. He's vocal and he's also demonstrative. He wants to be heard! He will need this personality as the third boy...but God knew what he was doing. Henry and Jack just think it's hilarious. They try and get him to play peekaboo and say their names. Were definitely still with "Lou" "dada" "mama" and bits of "hi".

Still a big eater but also loves his "nuinai" (milk). We are really into rice (I mean come on- he's 1/2 asian- not really!) and noodles. Cheese, turkey bacon, toast are still a favorite. And he loves just about any fruit. Still loves his apple wheels and cheese crunchies. I haven't been making his food and he certainly doesn't like that prepackaged baby food- yuck. But quite happy with what were having, which makes it a lot easier on me!

At Jack's musical at school- checking everyone out! 

Love these chunky legs! 

Chilling a bit with Nana! 
Yes loves his little car...he's cruising! 

Doctor's appointment is this week so I will update on weight/height. (I know I'm a bit late, but busy life!) He's in 18-24 month clothes though and we don't seem to be slowing down too much. It has been nice because he has a few hand me downs from his brothers though not too many- Henry at this age was in Shanghai and it was cold! Though with this Oklahoma weather we've definitely been back and forth.

We are not walking yet but we are standing by ourselves more and more. It's only a matter of time! Henry screams at me now (which scares me) and says "Mom looks he's standing by himself! What the boys don't understand is that Phillip will really be after him when he's walking! He really loves his little walking toys and thinks he's really something. I can't take watching his fat little legs stroll around. Bring on those summer outfits that show them more! (yes I need help!)

As crazy as this little one is I'm so loving every minute of it. He has the biggest smile and it brings just a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart and I can't help but laugh or smile when I look at him. Babies and children really bring such joy to our lives and I'm so blessed to have 3 of them! I may sigh and put my feet up at night and I may crash hard when I hit my pillow but I will tell you that nothing makes me happier than raising these special boys of mine.


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