Happy 5th Birthday Henry!

It's really hard to believe that my middle one has turned 5! It's such a big milestone. I think this one has been a little more difficult for me because I've looked at Henry has my "baby" for so long. I mean, he was the "baby" for 4 years. I still call him my baby and he looks at me with those stunning blue eyes and says, "Mom, I'm not your baby anymore". And EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell him that he will "always be my baby".
In Shanghai for his 1st Birthday celebration! 

My Mom was there for a visit! 

This year we decided to do it big! Big big! Big birthday party and big week long celebration. The poor little guy has pretty much been left out of the birthday shindigs. I mean we did have a nice one for his 1st Birthday in Shanghai but every year since then it's just kinda fallen in a bad time...as...

2nd birthday- we had only been in Sydney for about 4 months and he wasn't in school and the only "friends" we had were Jacks (so we just did a small one with Jason's parents- a week after his birthday)

Ah just makes me so sad thinking about how much this little guy changed in 1 year! 

A move from Shanghai to Sydney- happy all the same! 

3rd birthday- literally had arrived in Hong Kong (for our move there) the night before- so when we went out for dinner on his birthday he was asleep (literally was on Jason's shoulders passing through the HK streets and passed out on his head!).

This was after I told Jason he had passed out- had to hold him properly then! 

Ice cream sundae at California Pizza Kitchen a few days later! 
4th birthday- he had been to a little preschool but 80% were Chinese and I didn't know any parents- we did have a nice time with our neighbors and good friends though.

Celebration at home! :) 

Not the best picture- but out to lunch at our favorite dumpling spot! Always a must for the birthday boy!
SO 5th called for his first big birthday party! We had it at Lifetime Fitness and it was such a great decision (can I tell you how wonderful it is NOT to have to clean up afterwards!) And SUPERHEROES it was- he's absolutely obsessed! We had 16 kiddos (mostly from Henry's class) ranging from 4-8. Yep. It was a little bit insane but this little guy LOVED every single bit of it. I mean he laughed, giggled and ran around like a pure goon the entire 2 hours of the party and it absolutely made my day/week! I'm certainly not big on spoiling your children but I think every kid deserves a few good parties where it's just about them and they can just enjoy it. And he did! "Best party ever mom"

The kids did rock climbing, we had a bit bouncy castle, we had scooters, cake, gifts and the whole sheebang! It was his time and he loved it!

We so love this little tiger of ours, who is spunky and dramatic all in one. He's always been a bit more serious than Jack, but that's one of the things that I love about him so. As a mother I know my children, but he definitely keeps me on my toes. I'm never quite sure how he's going to react to certain situations- whether he's going to pout, or cry and leave the room, or laugh or growl like a tiger. You just never really know.

I will say one thing- he has a big heart and if you take the time (and the energy because he certainly makes you work for it) he can be the sweetest little thing. I am really proud of this little one. His greatest gift is being a good brother. He is loyal through and through to his big brother and would absolutely sacrifice anything for him and is such proving to be so for his little brother as well. However, (just like his cat like personality) you cross him too much and I tell you that big Jack doesn't have a chance! The feisty tiger wins every time!

His birthday week is over but it's been such a wonderful one celebrating this one of ours- and I'm so very excited to see the big boy that he's becoming and how he'll grow over this next year.

A few pictures from his big birthday bash! :)


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