Phillip @ 2 Months

Well of course I'm late on this post- by about 2 1/2 weeks! Whoops. But I have been beyond busy trying to juggle not only this lil' wee one of ours but also the other 2 boys, looking for a house, cars, enrolling in school, etc.,...shall I go on? Woo!

Oh I'm so sad as I write this! How can I already have a 2 month old? It feels like he was just born yesterday...literally. The really heartbreaking thing about it all is that he doesn't even look like a newborn anymore either. He's gotten so big! When we went 2 weeks ago to the doctor (for the elder boys checkup) he was up to 14 lbs. Big boy. Actually my Mom's friend that saw him the other day couldn't believe he was only 2 months either...she said, "Uh, Linebacker" which made me laugh. Jason loved that. I actually do have a feeling that he's going to be the biggest of all the boys. :)

Even though it's been a crazy month- we've so enjoyed watching him grow and flourish. In the last month the little guy has moved from Hong Kong to the US (which means he also had his 1st airplane ride!), he's met the majority of his family here and become quite accustomed to being pulled in and out of the car. There's no helper at home anymore for me to leave him with. That being said- he is the most adaptable baby. He could miss his big naps all day and barely make a sound- I think he knows already the kind of schedule that we have to keep and he has no choice.

Philip is really coming along with noticing people- the boys love saying his name and seeing who he's going to look at first. And he LOVES the boys- everything they do is just funny to him and he gives this massive smile. He laughed for the first time last week too- it was too cute. I just had him on the couch and was lifting up his legs while bouncing his lil' bootie up and down- I was singing some silly song and that was it. He burst out in this little laugh over and over again. I was all alone so I had no one to video it!

He is very vocal too- he likes to make his little coo noises and talk to Daddy. He has this intense little stare and goes on and on to Jason.

He's also quite happy to be held by whoever- very adaptable, but of course wants his mommy when he's really tired. I did take a quick 24 hour trip to Dallas (right when he was a few days past 2 months) and my parents said he did great. I was a bit nervous about leaving him (never left one of my babies that young before) but I was so glad I went.

We are on a little bit of a schedule of sorts (as much as you can be with 3 crazy boys). He has a bath anywhere between 8:30/9 then is fast asleep by 9/9:30, sometimes 10. Then he sleeps for the next 10 hours (and he's been sleeping that long since we got here in the States). Then he wakes up for about an hour or so, then goes back down for another 2 hours. Depending on our day he naps here and there if we are out (stroller, baby carrier, carseat, etc.,) but has one long nap during the day then another long one late afternoon/early evening. Champ of all champs! :)

I'm so late on this- so late in fact that he's about to be 3 months old. Boo! He's growing too quickly! Here are some pictures from 1 month to 2 months old:
With Titi- our old helper

Falling asleep on Daddy- because that's always what he likes to do! 

Snuggling with Nana

First plane trip- from Hong Kong to Tulsa! 


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